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A Few Circle Orboros Commissions.
Adurot's Angry Elves - Retribution Of Scyrah
Adurot's Wilding - Circle Orboros.
Bartolo Montador Aka Broadsides Bart Aka Davy Jones
Cassius And Wurmwood Trophy And Forest.
Circle Of Orboros Plastic War Wolf Conversion.
Deathjack Aka Deathwraith Aka Wacky Wavy Arms Deathjack!
Godtear - Winter Is Coming
He'd Like To Be A Tree...
Lich Lord Asphyxious And Kayazi Assassins
Lich Lord Asyphxious, Cryx Warcaster.
Megalith Is A Sapling.
Monsterpocalypse Protector Forces.
Orruk Bloodtoof Ironjawz
Plastic (mostly) Beast 09 Wip
Rise Of The Necryx
Salamanders Space Marines.
Skorne Mammoth Of The Midway.
Warmachine Terrain