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10 Ashigaru Finished
20 Archers Complete I Can Check That Off My List.
28mm Civilians For Feudal Japan
4 Out Of 20 Samurai.
52pts Test Of Honour.
57th Armored Corp Is Done , For Now !
57th Armored Corp Of Animunda Wip
57th Armored Corp Of Animunda Wip Im Back With This One Again .
701st Skyborn ( Steel Legion )
95th Rifles Chosen Men.
A Few Shanty Town Homes For A Friend .
A Forest Base I Made
A Small Photo Set .
Added A Few More Pulp Figures Polar Explorers.
Added More Pulp Figures Polar Explorers.
Animunda 57th Armored Corp. Command Tank
Animunda Baneblade Update
Animunda Baneblade Update #2
Archers For My Takeda Samurai Army
Based Up My Haqqislam For The Jungle .
Basilisk Tank Hunter Update
Chipping The Battle Master Using A Brush
Did Some Painting As Well As Distress Work On The Battle Master.
Finished My Mongol's For Kings Of War.
Finished The Last Of My Haqqislam For Infinity .
Got Some More Paint On The Abomination
How I Am Building My Converted Baslisk Tank.
How I Am Converting A Baslisk Into A Tank Hunter The New Cannon
I Finished Some Samurai Archers Today.
I Have Finished Takeda's Samurai Army.
Imperial Guard Ogyrn
Infinity Guhlam Infantry For My Haqqislam Force.
Infinity Tank Hunters And Some Pulp Figures
Magnus The Warlord For Warmachine
Miniature Basing 101 Video Part 2 Just Added.
More 57th On The Way .
More Jungle Bases And How I Made Them .
More Steps On How To Build A Small Photo Set . 3/1/2012
My 20 Samurai Block Is Finished.
My Covered Baneblade. Start To Finish Pic Heavy.
My Driller Wip
My Mongol Test Piece
My Mountain King Conversion
My New Ig Sentinel .
My New Ig Sentinel Wip , Is Now Finished !
My Ruhlic Color Scheme For Forge Guard .
My Test Of Honour Samurai Retinue
Ninja Head Swap With Masked Men For Test Of Honour
Ogrun Assault Corp
Old Growth Tree For My Jungle Table.
Painting Journals
Rhulic Driller Warjack
Rhulic Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps
Rhulic Warjacks Grundback Gunner & Blaster
Samurai Cavalry For Takeda
Samurai For Test Of Honour
Samurai Monks
Samurai Monks Squad Done .
Shipping Containers .
Showing Off My Shimazu Clan For Test Of Honour.
Sisters Of Battle Bane Blade.
Slow-dri From Liquitex
Some Samurai I Have Been Working On For Kow
Tactical Arcanist Leader Is Done
Taker's Ashigaru For My Kingdom Of Men Army For Kings Of War.
Tank Traps And A Cool Toy .
Tank Traps Are Finished ,
The Abomination Continues . . .
The Abomination Continues Pt2 Teeth & Guts .
The Abomination Gets Stitches .
The Abomination Is Complete .
The Adventures Of Pulp Figures Polar Explorers.
The Animunda Pattern Tank Hunter Is Finished .
The Battle Master A Colossal For Magnus The Traitor. Lots Of Pics
The Battle Master Is Ready For Paint.
The Rhulic Earthbreaker For Warmachine. Pic Heavy.
The Rhulic Horgenhold Artillery Corps For The Game Warmachine
The Start Of My Haqqislam Starter Box .
This Is How I Make My Ferns.
Two More Palanquins Finished
Warmachine And Hordes .
Warmachine Mercenaries Gorten Grundback
Warmachine Mercenaries Warcaster Durgen Madhammer .
Warmachine/ Hordes Mammoth Undead Skin Tone ?
Warrior Monk For Test Of Honour
Wip 57th Armor Corp . Starting To Paint .
Wip 57th Armor Corp . Almost There .
Wip 57th Armor Corp Antenna And Bits .
Wip 57th Armor Corp Antenna Bits, And Turret Storage .
Wip 57th Armor Corp Antenna's