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Constance Blaize, Knight Of The Prophet
Cygnar Stormwall With Led Lights
Eldar Wraithlord --skull Face !
Harbinger Protectorate Of Menoth
Imperial Guard Valkyrie Twins
Infinity Aleph Starter Boxes
Infinity Ariadna With Custom Tartans--clan Buchanan
Led Lit Demon Prince--eyes....
Legion Of Everblight
Mercenary Stormwall Led Lit
My First Vehicle Attempt...lit Dakkajet "the White Baron"
Necron Nightshrode Bomber Lit
Retribution Of Scyrah
Retribution Of Scyrah Tron Theme
Second Starter Box Of Infinity Ariadna
Slaanesh Exalted Chariot----so Many Spikey Bits Ouch!!
The Scariest Eldar Avatar In The Universe! He's A Clown!
Thunder, Thunder, Thunderbolt :)
Tomb Guardians Dwarves, Female Dwarves And Monsters
Trygon Prime
Vampire Counts Vampire Lord
Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince Of Umbrey Charity Auction Piece
Vladimir, The Dark Prince Of Umbrey
Voluptuous Dwarf With Attitude
White Goff Morkanaut