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Blight Drone - Lots Of Pics
Bombur The Dwarf
Bombur The Dwarf (and Friends)
Bombur The Dwarf (and Friends) And Gandalf
Cadre Fireblade
Circuit Base
Circuit Base [attempt 2]
Commission Painting
Converted Nurgle Herald
Criticism And Advice For Golden Daemon
D&d Wizard
Daemon Prince Of Tzeentch
Daemon Projects
Dark Eldar Wyches First Models
Festus The Leechlord Finally Finished
Finished Airbrush List For Christmas.
Finished Great Unclean One For Local Conpetition
First Attempts At Nmm
First Attempts At Nmm (gold)
Flamer Of Tzeentch (oop)
Forgeworld Daemon Prince Of Nurgle (mamon)
Girlfriend's Models (and My Occasional Contribution)
Great Unclean One For Painting Competition - Feedback Wanted
Harlequin Wraithguard
Herald Of Khorne On Bloodcrusher Mount
Herald Of Nurgle Speedpaint
Hey Pukeface, Catch!
Khorne Exalted Deathbringer
Lighting / Colour Theory Questions
Local Painting Competition Possible Entries
Looking For A Wizard Miniature
Lotr Legolas
Messy Nurgle Plague Toad
More Nurgle Goodness
My Incoherent Plaguebearer Unit
My Individual Plaguebearers Unit
My New Nurglings
My Painted Chaos Daemons (picture Heavy)
New Games Workshop Plaguebearer Model
Nmm On Tricky Shapes???
Nurgle Banner Advice
Nurgle Daemon Prince
Nurgle Forgeworld Plaguehulk
Nurgle Lord
Nurgle Lord / Herald
Olim's Commisions - Cadre Firebalde (page 2)
Olim's First Commision - Tau Riptide
Olim's Painting - Anvil Industry Models (page 3)
Olim's Painting - Anvil Tox Troopers / Daemons (page 4)
Olim's Painting - Blue Eldar (page 3)
Olim's Painting - Eldar Spiritseer (page 2)
Olim's Painting - Ethereal + Nurgle Bloodthirster (page 2)
Olim's Painting - Finished Nurgle Army (page 2)
Olim's Painting - Fire Warriors (page 2)
Olim's Painting - New Stuff (page 3)
Olim's Painting - Nurgle (page 3)
Olim's Painting - Nurgle Lord - Golden Daemon Entry (page 2)
Olim's Painting - Nurgle Lord / Herald (page 2)
Olim's Painting - Pusthirster (finished Page 3)
Olim's Painting - Pusthirster (page 2)
Olim's Painting - Scottish Guardsmen Commision (page 3)
Ongoing Wip Pyromancer
Oop Great Unclean One Speed Paint
Ork Big Mek
Painting Scratches In Black
Photographing Miniatures
Photography Focus Help Needed
Plaguebearer Schemes
Plaguedrone - First Model Using Airbrush
Plagueridden Standard Bearer
Purple Plaguebearers
Pusthirster (nurgle Possessed Bloodthirster)
Reaper D&d Party
Reaper Gnome
Rotring Artist Colours
Scottish Guardsmen Commision
Speed Painted Plaguebearer
Splattered Blood
Tau Ethereal
Tau Riptide - First Commission- Lots Of Pics
To Tutorial Or Not To Tutorial
Tyranid Hive Tyrant Commission
Ultra Casual Commisioning
Vampire Counts Necromancer
What To Write
Which Is Best Do You Think?
Wip Ultramarine Armour
[commission] Imperial Summoned Daemon Detachment
[commission] Tox Troopers As Imperial Summoned Lesser Daemons