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Bob's Conversion And Kitbashes (5/12/17 It's Spaceships Now.)
Bob's Conversion And Kitbashes (5/8/19 Star Trek Kitbashes, Page 6)
Bob's Conversion And Kitbashes (6/8/19 Star Trek Painted Ships, Page 6)
Bob's Conversion And Kitbashes (jets And Spaceship Nov 2nd)
Bob's Conversion And Kitbashes (space Marines! Provisional Chapter Master Oct 11th)
Bob's Conversions (10/23/19 Dropfleet Spaceships And Space Marine Conversions, Page7)
Bob's Conversions (10/8/19 Dropfleet Kitbashes, Battlecruiser And Battleship Conversions, Page 6)
Bob's Conversions (may 2020: Dropfleet Spaceships Again, Page7)
Bob's New Project Log. (star Wars Terrain 10/26)
Conversions, Conversation, And Drawings (new Stuff Nov 2nd)
Grimdark Conversions, Dimgak Drawings (new Stuff Dec 12)
What Are The Closest Equivalents To The Old Gw Inks? (esp. Flesh Wash)
What Is He Fastest Method For Painting Star Wars Terrain And Helmets?