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3 Land Raiders, Custom, Magnetised
Am/ig Veteran
Converted Sternguard Vets.
Custom Crimson Fists
Dakka's Opinion On Dipping.
Dynamic Bases, How Should I Do Them Without Altering Gameplay?
Fallout Nv Vet Raners Comversion Of Ig Guard.
Green Stuff Thin, How To Harden? Tips For My Cloaks?
Grey Stuff Combi Melta, How Is It? Would You Let Me Play It In A Tournament At Your Flgs
Ig Valkyrie Inside. Criticism, Critique, Compliments. How To Improve?
Keep Color Scheme Or Change To Crimson Fists?
My First Ultramarine
Stormtalon Model Questions
Tried My Hand At Washes. Which Is Better? How To Improve?
Very First Draft On This Dnd Sorceress.
Weathering, Goodbad? How Can I Improve? Is The Base Good Or Should I Change It?
What Do You Think Of My Cloaks? *space Marines*
What Do You Think Of My Cloaks? *space Marines* New Pics
What Missiles For Manticore Conversion?
Where To Place An Electrical Switch On An Ig Valkyrie?
Which Crimson Fists Drop Pod/ Vehicle Color Scheme Do You Like?
Which Vet Looks Better? Sm, White Helmet, Blue Laurel Vs Black Helmet, White Laurel.