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2nd Flesh Tearers Tac Squad Finally Done
Black Templar Initiate 1 Down Too Many To Go. Any Advice On How I Can Improve Would Be Appreciated
Black Templar Shoulder Pads - Advice Please
Chaos Space Marines - Warriors Of Mayhem
Chaos Space Marines Spell Familiar
Csm Terminator Power Lances - Which Looks Best?
Csm Tzeentch Icon - What's Your Colour Scheme?
Devastator Squad Decals Question
Device For Batch Painting Vehicles, Sunday Well Spent!
Finally Finished My Csm Warriors Of Mayhem Predator
First Go At Painting An Active Power Sword Advice Needed.
First Go At Sniper Scouts Squad - Flesh Tearers
Flesh Tearers
Flesh Tearers Chaplain Oop Pewter Model
Flesh Tearers Red - Advice Needed.
Flesh Tearers Tactical Squad - Finally Finished My First Squad, Tips For Improvement Please!
My 2nd Attempt (minor Progress)
My 3rd Attempt At Painting A Space Marine - Flesh Tearer's
My First Painted Model. Constructive Criticism Required!
Necrons Weapons Painting Method Question.
New Citadel Spray Cans - I Have A Problem!
Nurgle Plague Bearers - Painting Advice Required.
Secret Weapon Washes - Tested Complete Washes On Black Space Marine Backpacks
Space Marine Accessories Question (what Is This Bit?)
Terrain Design And Painting Question.