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1993 (2nd Ed.) Hive Tyrant And Zoanthrope With A 2012 Paint Job!
A Few Eldar Models I'm Trying The Colors On! Opinions/critiques Welcome!
Alternative Killa Kan Close Combat Weapons
An Almost Finished Farseer!
An Eldar Guardian Color Test. Feedback Please!
Behold! Gurzog The Undefeated!! Painted Bad Moon Nob For Critique!
My Typhus In The Works!
Necron Ccb Overlord (first Shot At 'crons)
Orks And A Chaos Dreadnought. What Do You Think?
What's The Easiest To Paint Space Marine Chapter?
Word Bearer's Dark Apostle For Critique!! So, Come On In!
Word Bearers
Word Bearers Army Pics! Wow!