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Baseworks Contest Entry
Black Box Dark Eldar
Black Knights
Converted And Painted Storm Boyz
Endzone Tourney
Geek Garage Beastman
Khorne Wolves
Meph's Wip Thread (updated 4/17 Russ Design And Wm Squire)
Meph's Wip Thread (updated 4/20 Cygnar Hammersmith)
Meph's Wip Thread (updated 4/8 Tunnel Sniper!)
Meph's Wip Thread (updated 5/5 Painted Hammersmith And Squire + Trench Terrain Project)
Mephs Dark Eldar
Mephs Dust
Mephs Fow
Mephs Legion
Mephs Orcs(killa Kans And Deff Dreds Wip's Added)
Mephs Orkuisition
Painting Contest
Some Of My Orc Vehicles(go Past The Stormboyz)
Tentacle Tide Evolving Wip's *updated W New Pics 11/9
Tentacle Tide Evolving Wip's *updated W New Pics 12/18
Tzeentch Has A Plan . . .(finished Terminators)
Tzeentch Has A Plan . . .(finished Terminators+new Wip)
Tzeentch Has A Plan . . .(tac Squad And Term Squad Painting Update)
Updating My Dark Elves (pic Heavy)