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1st Squadron
1st Squadron 1st platoon red
1st Squadron 2nd Platoon white
1st Squadron 3rd Platoon blue
1st Squadron 4th Platoon green
1st Squadron heavy weapon squad
1st Squadron Special Weapon Team
2nd Squadron
2nd Squadron 1st Platoon
2nd Squadron 2nd Platoon
3rd Squadron
3rd Squadron 1st Platoon
3rd Squadron 2nd Platoon
3rd Squadron Heavy Weapon(s)
Black And White
chaos undead traitor guard (plague)
Chem Dogs
Fast Attack Attack Aircraft
Fast Attack Sentinel Squadron(s)
Fast Attack Valkerie Squadron(s)
Heavy Support Hydra Squadron
Heavy Support Tank squadron(s)
My Regiment Ig
Objective Marker
Regimental HQ and advisors
Sept Squad