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'nids And Chaos. The Shrouded Lord And Lucien The Weeping.
A Few Questions About Modeling A Heirophant
An Experiment Gone Right, Or Is It Wrong?
Chaos Spawn (number 1 Of 15)
Colour Test Of A Friend's Marines.
Destroyed Warhound Titan
First Attempt At True Scaling.
Green Stuffing Riot Shield
He Shrouded Lord's 'nids.
Looking For Critique On Conversion - The Chrono Gladiator.
My Failure At A Luna Wolf.
My Necrons
Need Opinions On Necron Scheme.
Need Opinions On This Titan Design
Realy Simple Terminator Conversion (hybrid Cataphactii-ignatious)
scout themed tactical marines
Scratch Building A Chaos Spawn - Legs Done.
Simple Dv Sergeant Cenversion.
Space Marine With Missile Luncher, Finished But For A Purity Seal.
Splinter Fleet Andromeda - I'm Back!
Splinter Fleet Andromeda - Lets Start With A Hive Tyrant!
Splinter Fleet Andromeda - The Swarm Begins.
Splinter Fleet Andromeda - Tyrant Guard And A Trygon.
Terminators With Chaos Heads- Will They Look Too Chaos?
Tyranid Colour Scheme Test Models
Tyrant Guard, Hive Fleet Andromeda.
Which Scheme For My Friend's Marines
Why Cant I Find A Necron Colour Scheme I Like?
Wtf? Khorne's Had A Good Day!