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All Hail Lothar!
Ancient Glory
At-43 Kolossus Re-paint
Claymore Troop Transport
Crassus Assault Carrier Scratch Build
Da Komanda!
Destroyed And Forgotten Rhino
Dkok My First Trooper
Downed Flyer
Estoc Assault Carrier
Forward To Victory
Gregor Bahnerman
Hercules Arrives
hold the line!
IG Objective Marker
IG Rhino, First Completed Model
Imperial Steam Tanks
In A Galaxy Where Things Take A Long Long Long Time To Finish!
Krieg Macharius Scratch Build
Loer 14 Make The Ordinary Extra Ordinary
Loer Comp.... The Wall
Ol' Toothless
Painting Experiments
Papa Nurgle's Rhino
Red Command Dust Ssu
Road Blocked
Scratch Building.... A First Adventure Into The Unknown....
Terrain Competition (accomodation)
the cursed front