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Back From No Painting, New Project: Age Of Sigmar Orruks
Boat/dock Base
First Attempt Greater Unclean One (very Much W.i.p)
First Death Guard Armor Feedback
Gettting Into Nurgle (again ?)
Khorne Demands More Hightlights !
My First Failcast Eeeh... Finecast Model
My First Unit Is Finally Finished
New Painter Necron Army Extravaganza
Novice Painter 500 Points Daemon Army
Paint Sceme For Night Haunt
Painting Bone And Orc Skin, Need Tips And Tricks
Thousand Sons Plog
Two Best Friends Work In Process (woc)
Tyranid Warrior Finished
Weirdnob Wip
Weirdnob Wip (could Use Some Feedback/tips)
Which Gauss Conversion To Go For