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20180512 Finished Miniature
Air Wing Marine Trooper
First Warhammer Models
G-1a Starfighter
Jaffamaster's Complete Y-wing Repaint And Modification
Jaffamaster's completed projects as of 20170120
Jaffamaster's E-wing modification and repaint
Jaffamaster's Neimoidian Shuttle Repaint And Modification
Jaffamaster's Tie Advanced Prototype
Jaffamaster's Various Repaints Or Modifications
Jaffamaster's X-Wing repaint
Jaffamaster's Y-wing Modification And Repaint
Jaffamaster's Z-95 Repaint And Modification
Jaffamaster?s ARC-170 modification and repaint
Jaffamaster?s HWK-290 rebuild and paint
Land Speeder "Pop's Arm."
Rocket Space Marine
Weathered Space Marine with flamethrower