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A Different Kind Of Diorama - Dark Angels Vs Xenos
Da Mortis Dread - Something Is Missing...
Dakkaperiment: Help Me Become A Better Painter
Dark Angel Mortis Pattern Dreadnought
Dark Angel Snipers
Dark Angels Assault Squad
Dark Angels Predator Annihilator-pattern [pic Heavy]
Dark Angels Techmarine
Dark Angels Vindicator
Dark Vengeance: Company Master Balthasa (still Novice!)
Deathwing Apothecary
Feedback For Basic Airbrushing
Fw Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought And Lucius Drop Pod
General Painting Help
I Can Haz C&c And Helpings Pls? (kataphron Breachers)
Lucius Pattern Drop Pod - Bend Fins
My First Conversion
Oil Wash Looks Splotchy/uneven - Cause?
Oil Washes? What Went Wrong?
Ravenwing Bike Wip - Level Novice
Ravenwing Venerated Standard - Wip Help
Saving Dark Angel Rhinos That Got Turned Into Salamanders
Shade Brightening The Model?
The Quest For Alternative Servitors....
Wip: Rw Black Knights - Next Steps?