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( Commision ) Iron Hands Sicarian Venerator
Adding The Tentaclids
Betsy - Scale 75 Wip
Burt Jebsen - Malifaux
Celtic Space Marine
Completed Harpy ( Except Base )
Completed Tau Xv-25
Conrad Curze - ' The Guy You Wish You Never Met '
Conrad Curze - Wip
Crimson Fist Termies Wip
Crimson Fists
Dark Strider
Devilfish Almost Done
Devilfish Complete
F Thanatar
First Model Of My Tyranid Army
Harpy - Wip
Models From 4 Years Ago - Necrons - Horde Diorama - Pic Heavy
Old Rusty Thanatar - Wip
Pigment Qustion
Some Of My Nids
Space Girl -wip
Start Of The R'varna
Starting Tau Army Devilfish Wip
Tau Xv 24 Team Wip
Tyranid Brood Warriors Complete
Vorax - Bug Scheme
Wip Vyper - Before And After Weathering
Wraithblade Commision Ulthwe - Complete
Wraithblade Commision Ulthwe - Wip
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