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A Bunch Of Finished Stuffs.
Big Barry Work In Progress
Blood Angels -tartaros Variant Of The Terminator Armour. Wip
Blood For The Blood God!
Carcharodons Astra
Crimson Fist Test
Crimson Fists Tactical Squad
Dark Talon Wip
Death Spectres Army Thread (pic Heavy)
Death Strike Chapter
Dreadknight Commission
Indys Finished Models Thread
James' Eagle Warriors Picture Thread.
Marines Errant Test
Nephilim Fighter
Never Ending Cultists!
Paint Test
Some Spacemarines
Tau Riptide
Ultramarine Captain Wip
Ultramarine Razorback + Combat Squad
Ultramarine Razorback + Combat Squad (new Photos Added)
Ultramarine Veteran Sergeant.
Wifes First Model
Work In Progress 30k Ultramarines Egionary Test Scheme.