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Alpha Legion
Alpha Legion Wip
Awesome photos taken by my good friend Andrey Mishuta (M.A.K.)
Beastmen Wip / completed
Black Legion Possesed Wip / completed
Chaos cultists wip
Chaos Forsaken wip / completed
Chaos Heavy Support Wip / completed
Chaos Marauders wip / completed
Cultists of Khorne WIP / Completed
Cultists of Nurgle WIP / completed
Cultists of Slaanesh Wip/ completed
Cultists of Tzeentch WIP/ completed
Dark Eldar
Dark mechanicus and chaos servitors wip / completed
Death Guard Marines
Death Guard Wip
Emperor`s Children
Emperor`s Children Wip
Glottkin Wip / completed
Iron Warriors Wip
Iron Warriors legion
Khorne Bloodbound wip / completed
New Year's Project
Night Lords Warbands
Night Lords Wip
Pack Of Blood Wolves Of Khorne
Pack Of Blood Wolves Of Khorne wip
Random Wips
Skaven horde wip/ completed
Tehnolog Wip
Terrain Wip / Completed
Thousand Sons
Thousand Sons wip
Traitor Guard Wip
Word Bearers Legion
Word Bearers Wip
World Eaters Legion
World Eaters Wip