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2nd Ed. Zoanthrope Rescue(?) Questions Galore, Please Help!
666th Post! Fav Army! Orks! Waaaaaaagh!!!!
Acolyte Iconward C+c Please!
Black Templar On Horseback (proxy/counts As Biker)
C+c/advice For Highlight Colour For My Wip Dark Eldar
Colour Reccomendations For Painting Dark/tanned Skin?
Converting A Chaplain Into A Standard Bearer, Looking For Some Advice.
D.A.K. 16.10.16. The Carpathian Tin Ghosts
First Dark Eldar Kabalite Finished! Custom Scheme - Kabal Of (i Haven't Chosen A Name Yet) C+c Pls
Genestealer Cults Colour Scheme Wip
Greenstuff C+c Nurgle/renegade Cultist/enforcer/something?
Painting Ww2-era German Camo Patterns "platanenmuster"?
Pinning Imperial Sector Kits
Poser Mcbogus's Admech - D.a.k. 16.10.16 'the Carpathian Tin Ghosts'
Poser Mcbogus's Inquistion
Poser Mcbogus's Unnamed Dark Eldar Kabal And Friends!
Posermcbogus Genestealer Cults (and Maybe Tyranids Too One Day)
Posermcbogus' Black Templars 'warband Of The Pilgrim Saint'
Putting Typhus Corrosion On A Terminator
Test Industrial Snow Base C+c Wanted!
Tyranid Test Scheme, C+c Pls
What's Gone Wrong With My White?
[excommunicae Tratoris] The Moorendar 3rd Volunteers - A Nurgle R+h Blog (chaos Marines Coming Soon)
??????? - The Kishiwada Black Crows - A Necromunda Project