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After Market Resin Reviews

Zinge Industries

Zinge Industries is a relatively new company started by Dakka's own "zinge". Their motto is:

I design, innovate, develop and manufacture accessories and bits for wargaming. I find new uses for existing materials and methods, develop and introduce new materials. I create specialist bits for models I am making and then offer the results up sale.
Zinge Industries Home Page

5 Flexible Resin Power Cables

Power Cable

This set includes:
P1 - Bundle of cables - 75mm long, 2.9mm Diameter.
P2 - Spiral Bound - 65mm long, 2mm Diameter.
P3 - Knurled cable - 65mm long, 1.5mm Diameter.
P4 - Armoured Cable - 65mm long, 2.1mm Diameter.
P5 - Segmented Cable - 60mm long, 2mm Diameter.

This was probably the worst of my sets as far as flash is concerned. The Knurled cable looks more like braided cord. This cable in particular had a large chunk of resin on the opposite end from the sprue. The sprue end had part of the metal guide wire sticking out making nearly 1cm of my cable totally useless. The Spiral bound cable's mold must have been misaligned as the bottom 1/3 of my cable's end does not match up well. The best cable in this set is the "Bundle of cables" and only has a few small air bubbles.


Quality: 2/5 Usefulness: 4/5

5 Flexible Resin Small Ammo Belts

Small Ammo Belts

This set includes:
SA1 - 50mm long, 3.3mm x 1.5mm - 1mm dia bullets - feed
SA2 - 50mm long, 3.5mm x 2mm - 1.4mm dia bullets - feed
SA3 - 50mm long, 3.8mm x 1.5mm - 0.7mm dia bullets - feed
SA4 - 50mm long, 4.5mm x 1.3mm - 0,7mm dia bullets - bandolier
SA5 - 50mm long, 2.7mm x 1.2mm - 0.7mm dia bullets - bandolier

This was the worst set as far as defects go. As you can see from the second picture my .7mm bullet feed has about 6 air bubbles all clustered closely together which will prove difficult to fill and remain flexible. The Bandolier style bullets have no points to them so they are useless as a bandolier. My 1mm bullet feed has several air bubbles that are so large they actually take bullets out of the feed.

NOTE: Those hoping to use these to replace the new clips on the plastic grey knights should know that they are all slightly bigger than the ammo feeds on the metal miniatures. I do no know how they will fit with the new plastics as I have not been able to get my hands on them. However, you should note that the belt on the metal minis closely resembles the Y segment belt in the "Large ammo belt" set, that belt is nearly twice as large as the metal mini's belt though.


Quality: 1/5 Usefulness: 2/5

5 Flexible Resin Large Ammo Belts

Large Ammo Belts

This set includes:
1 - Large Bullet belt - 5 shells per 10mm - 5.6mm x 2.5mm x 75mm
2 - Small Bullet belt - 7 shells per 10mm - 4.8mm x 2.2mm x 75mm
3 - "Y" Segment belt - 4.2mm x 1.7mm x 75mm
4 - Minigun Style belt - 4.8mm x 2mm x 75mm
5 - Linked Block belt - 4.2mm x 2.1mm x 75mm

Both the Large and small bullet belts come to a slight point, more like a .45acp round than a .50cal machine gun round. The Y segment belt is useful for lengthening the heavy bolter feeds on Land Raiders and Razorbacks, it is an exact match and will work great for that. The minigun belt is styled off of the belt seen in Predator and T2 and would make a welcome addition to any military scale model. The linked Block belt looks very much like belt feeds pictured on anime robots or even an expensive watch band. I can see it being useful to the Gundam crowd.


Quality: 4/5 Usefulness: 4/5

Overall impressions

As I was one of the companies first orders I hope the flaws I have pointed out are being corrected or will be worked out in the future. Many of my belts had their metal guide wire right up against the edge (where resin should be). This means they will require careful painting and prep-work so this does not show. All air bubbles will have to be filled after the cable is glued into place and basically I will have to pray that no one moves the part with the filler.

Their free shipping on orders over 15 GPB is nice as that allows you to get 3 sets and not have to invest anymore in shipping. Their packing however is simply a bubble envelope with the sprues thrown into a small zip-lock bag. Since the resin is flexible the damage that can be caused is minimal, but if on repeatedly bends a piece there is the possibility it could break. Since one of my pieces has the inner metal piece exposed I was able to take a look at it and it appears to be the same metal found in twist ties. This will allow it to bend multiple times but it is not invulnerable.

Overall Ratings:

Quality: 3/5 Usefulness: 3/5


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