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ArbitorIan's Very Simple Craters

So, we've been finding my lack of craters annoying recently. When vehicles blow up, you can replace them with a crater, which gives the models who were inside a cover save. But only if you've GOT craters. I could buy the GW craters, but they have a rather large footprint, which means you end up moving other bits of terrain to fit your huge crater in whenever a vehicle blows up. Rubbish.

So, I decided to make my own craters with a bit of polystyrene and some CDs. A CD is roughly that same footprint as a load of 40k tanks, so it should work wonderfully. Here's the tutorial.

Things You Will Need

  • Polystyrene sheeting, any color.
  • Some old useless CDs.
  • A big sharp Stanley knife.
  • PVA Glue.
  • A marker pen.

First, I traced around the CDs onto some polystyrene sheeting with the marker. Actually, i didn't have a marker, so I used a fineliner. Fineliners are rubbish, you should use a marker.

Then, I cut out the circles with the Stanley knife. Use something quite long for this. A stanley knife blade is quite thick, so it won't bend too much when fully extended. Also, there's a bit of an orange streak on the circles because my knife is a bit rusty (it's been in my basement for ages). Try not to use a rusty knife, as you'll almost certainly cut yourself, and then you'll get Nurgle's Rot and die. But hey, terrain is IMPORTANT, right?

Next, bevel the edge of your circle with the knife.

Then cut a hole in the middle, and expand this hole with a notch in the side of the crater.

Then, extend your knife to full and, using the notch as a starting point, cut a shallow diagonal line around the inside of the circle. This is the bit where you cut yourself with your knife. Make sure you don't die!

Now, for a bit of extra detail, I make more little notches in the side of the crater.

Then, take your CDs and cover up the middle area with masking tape. I cover up the whole middle area, not just the hole, as the masking tape sticks to paint better...

And glue the craters to the CDs with lots of lovely PVA glue. Don't worry if you get the PVA glue all over yourself, you can pull it off later and pretend it's your skin flaking off because you gave yourself Nurgle's Rot when you cut yourself with that rusty knife.

EASY. Now I'm off to paint them. This entire process took about half an hour to make six craters. I imagine painting won't take that much longer. An easy morning's project....


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