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Army List Building Software



Army Builder

Battlescribe (Note - Needs a data file repository. Google it and you will find lots.


Easy AT-43

Flames of War



  • tcgplayer.com
    • Go to ARMY DATABASE and select SUBMIT YOUR ARMY from the dropdown menu.

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer Fantasy

  • General's Secretary IPad only
  • ArmyRoster.com
    • An online list building software. Registration gives you the ability to create and store up to five army lists for Warhammer Fantasy.
    • Army Roster has been taken down and its future is currently uncertain.
  • HeadQuarters Web application and army list storage
  • ArmyCreator Official army creation toolkit of WarhammerCE

Warmachine and Hordes

  • Armies of Immoren
    • Reported as problematic with Macs.
    • Will not be supported when Warmachine upgrades editions to Mark II.
    • Authors has stopped development and points to Tabletop Commander hoping an import in it for AoI files.
  • Forward Kommander
    • Updated for MKII
    • Strictly Web-based
  • Ibodger is an application for the iphone/ipod touch and Android.
    • Switch between Mark I and Mark II point values by hitting the "i" key on starting.
    • Viewing units provides a link to the Battlecollege.
  • Warmachine & Hordes List Builder
    • Web based army builder


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