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Black Ops:Codename Hades.

Decoding Transcript...message begins. :Inquisitor: Agent Hades you have been activated your mission kill the traitor rotius,a plague marine currently using his powers of corruption to breed an army of poxwalkers deep within the city streets on Helltrax-IV, As always the mission is covert several caches have been hidden for you near the mission area with the supplies you will need to complete your mission,good luck,and may the emperor be with you.

Chapter.1. The Valkyrie hovers over the streets of helltrax and with a thump,agent Hades enters the mission area,a large gray street filled with deserted and dust blown ruins,a sickly aura of decay masks the distance in an unnatural haze,Looking around for a place to see the surroundings agent Hades sees an old hab block with a intact and climbable second floor,agent Hades moves towards his new objective while moving quietly,climbing the crumbling staircase within and looking beyond the glassless window,in an alley in between the building opposite a single zombie shambles about,unarmed Hades ducks and slowly moves to the only other standing wall of the hab block below a L shaped formation of sandbags the weapons cache thought agent Hades,now with two new objectives stay out of sight and get to the supplies.

Slip "thump" while climbing down the crumbling stair it gives way in a slow collapse alerting the nearby foe,scratched up but uninjured agent Hades runs for it hoping to make it to the sandbags around the side of the building before the zombie hits the street having heard the noise,reaching the sandbags agent Hades loads up and takes a look at the abomination,unmoved from it's previous position apparently not hearing the fumbling's of Hades,moving into firing range near the doorway of the ruined hab block,firing several bursts of needle thin red beams of light,all finding there mark one hitting home burning out the brain-case of Hades's foe,moving into the fallen foes previous position agent Hades,sets the binoculars to IR mode and peers up the street into the gloom.

Several forms come into view with many more in the distance,this is not going to be easy thought the agent,remembering the mission briefing "army of poxwalkers" hoping the mission objective lies close agent Hades advances into the haze losing the hab block behind,Taking up an aggressive stance behind a now revealed wreck of a recently destroyed sentinel walker still warm from whatever hell it had been exposed to,another agent? though Hades,as he begins taking time to aim his lasgun from behind the wreck half a dozen zombies turn,alerted by the downwind smell of fresh meat,firing into the first the imperial agent again hits home and kills the creature,the others come,but this time the lasbolts find no purchase on the bloated flesh of Rotius's army now at close range,pulling a pin on one of the two frag grenades and throwing it from the cover of the downed sentinel,it explodes,limbs bone and blood shower the now bloody & charred street the remaining handful of poxwalkers reduced to nothing more than a wet stain among patches of cracked concrete,Hades takes a moment to equip his gas mask the smell of rot now overpowering in the extreme needed to be addressed before the mission could continue.

Chapter.2. The smell now gone Hades looks upon a figure in the gloom taking form from an thick green gas,the hulking slime and gore slicked rotius harboring the pox plague within,firing two massive bolt rounds from within the cloud,impacting and detonating on the sentinel walkers cabin narrowly missing agent Hades,still in cover behind the wreck,in retaliation firing several lasbolts into the gas cloud at the end of the street,rotius within the gas sees the bright red lasers cut though the gas giving away the position now ripe for more punishment,rotius moves from cover into the open fearing not the lasbolts that will surely follow,taking a blight grenade from his belt,throwing true at the sentinel exploding in a shower of rot&bone,to rotius's surprise the imperial loyalist remains in cover,unknown to the traitor agent Hades had been issued a gas mask to protect from nurgles plague of rot,Hades alive but dazed elects to stay within cover knowing fully well the flak armor he has will not take a single bolt round.

Firing from behind the cabin to the now exposed rotius two bolts hit home,absorbed effortlessly by the bloated and cracked adamantium plates,rotius notices but nor feels nor fears any internal damage,now in the open rotius calls forth yet another hoard of poxwalkers silently directing them to there quarry,they shamble towards the Hades in cover behind the wreck,"crackle crackle" the vox within the wreck somehow sparks into life,a short message repeats,Helltraxia fallen cleanse orders now in effect,knowing fully well what it meant,burn everything to dust,leaving cover with the hoard in pursuit running for the alley near the hab block which leads to the next sector,seeing the earlier fallen walker,at the end of the alley a large partially damaged motor pool,upon entering the building another cache presents itself just within the mangled excuse for a door.

The distinctive L formation telling Hades this was the key to executing the cleanse order,behind the sandbags lie a flamer with enough extra fuel to burn every trace of plague still left,accompanied by a welcome cluster of krak grenades,outside the poxwalkers now advanced beyond the alley,Hades igniting the flamer from the cover of the sandbags sets alight 3 of the walkers that then burst into flame slowing to a crawl before falling feet from the motor pool door,the others now at close range charge scratching biting and clawing at the agent,firing point blank with the flamer killing the final walkers,with a burst of fire from the flamer,as the last walker falls rotius finally lumbers around the alley letting lose a burst from his boltgun,the shot obliterating the lasgun that "was" resting on the sandbags,in a display of uncanny accuracy from long range,Hades loses his primary weapon seemed useless anyway thought Hades.

Pulling the pin on a frag grenade in retaliation,falling short of its mark and bouncing off the concrete alley out of range,Rotius now closing the distance returns the gesture his grenade also bouncing short of its mark,but showering Hades with shrapnel cutting a deep grove in the jet black helmet Hades is wearing,now close enough to flame rotius takes the remaining tank of flamer fuel,boiling flesh and charring armor cracking with sharp crunch sounds,rotius feels it a number of organs now external thanks to the cracks in his plate,damaged but still unfazed Rotius fires back now inaccurate due to injury the bolts fly wide.

Surprised at the toughness of the traitor Hades pulls the pin on a krak grenade,this time slowly rolling it on the floor towards rotius,with a massive deep "thump" the implosion eats 60% of the traitor marine,still twitching from its delayed nerve response,Hades exchanges the flamer canister for a fresh one,and moves from cover back to the alley burning the poxwalker there to ashes,stalking back into the haze once more the sentinel wreck the radio still broadcasting,emptying the last of the promethium tank into the street,destroying the scattered limbs of a previously fragged hoard of walkers,and with that finally completing the last mission objective,climbing into the cabin of the sentinel wreck Hades picks up the vox and calls for extraction,before walking back down the flaming street to the mission starting area to wait for the Valkyrie..silent and unwanting the imperial agent boards the aircraft to await the next mission.

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