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Craig's Trollbloods


Craig Gallant, of The D6 Generation, recently finished his troll blood force which includes quite a few neat conversions. I've taken some photos of his stuff and have posted it here for posterity.


Borka Kegslayer

Craig's current favorite 'lock, Borka brings his "A" game to every battle, along with a full keg of ale and a large pair of brass ones.

Grim Angus

Grim's teather gun function is a bit more obvious with this conversion.

Madrake Ironhide

A big arse axe that can return to the thrower's hand? And you thought Thor was cool.



The Earthborn was converted from a Dire Troll Extreme Sculpt. The addition of the Khador jack arm and coloring in the arm and feet imply the beasts ability to absorb skills.

Winter Troll

The winter troll's combat skills, esp. his ability to freeze the enemy, are exceptional. However not everyone loves the 'official' winter troll model.

This winter troll was converted from the Iron Kingdoms "Bridge Troll" miniature.


Get hit by a boosted throw from that spear and you've got a decent chance of being knocked sprawling to the ground.

Pyre Troll

Flame on, the pyre troll breaths devestating area of effect blasts of fire as well as flaming fists in hand to hand.

Units & Solo's


The fearsome Champions are considered one of the Trollblood's best units and Craig's force rarely enteres the fray without them, esp. with Borka's "Mosh Pit" spell.

Long Riders

Some of the toughest, hardest hitting cav in the Iron Kingoms.

Fell Caller

While not always music to their enemy's ears, the sound of the various fell calls inspire Trollkin warriors to great acts.


Totem Hunter

The unique abilities of the Totem Hunter, not the least of which is his extreme speed, can be of great use to a Troll horde.

Swamp Gobbers

The swamp gobbers smoke generating bellows screens the trolls from enemy fire while they advance.


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