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Dakka Modeling FAQ: Misc Modeling Issues

Miscellaneous Modeling Issues

Written by Scarab

How do I strip paint off models?

Assuming the model was painted with standard acrylic modeling paint, the paint can be removed with various chemicals. I have seen brake fluid and a product called Simplegreen endorsed for this purpose, but do not have personal experience with these materials. I personally use Castrol Superclean, which can be found in the automotive section of department stores. If you use this cleaner, simply soak the models overnight in a glass container. Rinse the models thoroughly in water and then take off the paint with an old toothbrush. Remember than any of these materials that are able to strip paint can also damage you. Read the manufacturers? warnings and take appropriate precautions. Obviously, this is not an appropriate activity for children. Also remember to dispose of your stripping materials responsibly - some materials may need to be taken to a friendly mechanic or other person with access to proper disposal equipment.

Dettol, an antibiotic fluid used for bathroom/kitchen/baby item disinfecting can be also used. Make sure any modelling clay is removed, however (especially uncured modelling clay) before use as it can make an evil smelling gunk. - Amen Brick.

What scale is Warhammer?

Games Workshop miniatures are generally accepted to be 28mm. Over the years, however, they have grown somewhat, so they're only nominally this scale. In any case, they are rarely true 28mm because they are sculpted in a style that can only be described as 'chunky', with oversized hands, heads, weapons and other details. This style, which began with Jes Goodwin, is intended to make them more dramatic as models, and easier to paint.

Games Workshop vehicles are slightly undersized when compared to the miniatures, and also tend to be somewhat 'chunky' (the guns and hatches are usually too big). The closest 'official' scale is 1:48, however you'll find they're more compatible with the larger 1:35 scale models. This is actually a good thing, because there is a vast range of 1:35 scale military models, which are relatively cheap and are an endless source of spare parts and even substitute models.


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