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Dungeons and Dragons carrying case

Dungeons and dragons carrying case

Have you ever wished to be able to keep your miniatures together in one case? Then you are reading the right article. Tabletop and board games are smart hobbies. They force you to be focused, concentrated and predict your opponent's next movements. They also require you to maintain real-life meetings and socialize with other players. When you are a newbie in this world, you might find a lot of interesting ways to start your adventure with gaming.

What is Dungeons and Dragons?

The game was designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules (TSR). It is an RPG (role-playing game). It is associated with wargaming that has become more and more popular in the US. DnD has earned its well-known brand by allowing the players to create their own characters to play. It has been the best selling wargame since 2004. The game itself is open-ended. It is usually played indoors and the players seat around a table. There are rulebooks that explain all the regulations that need to be followed when playing D&D. As a player, you take part in adventures and campaigns. An adventure is equivalent to one story, while campaigns are more complicated to explain in one sentence. Miniature figures came back to Dungeons and Dragons in 2001. It has been obligatory to use miniatures since that time.

What are miniature cases?

While you are getting more into a wargame, you are going to collect a lot of miniatures. Some people do not even play or do not take part in tournaments. This kind of person buys or creates miniatures just to collect them. Either way, you are gonna think about storage. Across the time you may find out that your night table is not big enough to accommodate all your treasures. When you reach this point, it will be a great idea to think about a miniature case. They all are specially designed to protect your minis from any danger that could happen to them. There are many manufacturers who produce slightly different types of cases. The design depends as well on the wargame that the cases are dedicated to. RPG adventurer's minis differ from each other in sizes, thus it is a challenging task to design a bag that would fit all the miniatures regardless of their differences, such as size and shape.

What are the most important features of a miniature bag?

Since you do not want your minis to get damaged or scratched, the bag should be solid and resistant. Most of the manufacturers bear in mind that the carrying case could be used as a travel bag and not only be used as storage. A good miniature case allows you to travel with your figures all over the world. Frequently, airlines accept miniature bags to be registered as traveling luggage. It should be made from a steel frame that allows keeping the entire construction stable. Inside you should find foam that directly protects your miniatures. You do not have to think about a box or a few boxes to store your minis anymore. The best mini bags have it all!

Why is A-case so revolutionary?

A-case is a company that came up with a brilliant idea of storing figures. The innovatory idea of transportation is based on many years of experience in the minis industry. A-case implemented steel shelves into the frame that immobilize the minis thanks to small magnetic bases. Having your figures protected in this way, you do not need additional protection. The bag is water-resistant and very handy. It was designed with dedication for the players who collect a different kind of minis. RPG requires flexibility when transporting figurines so the foam is not always a good solution. Once you cut out the shape, you can only make it bigger, so you are limited to the miniatures you already own. A-case designed a few kinds of carrying cases. They have different capacities and sizes, depending on the number of minis you own. Also, all of them can be used as a travel bag. Detailed information about every bag can be found on the website: https://shop.army-case.com/carry-case/dungeons-and-dragons/. No doubt, every RPG player is able to find a bag that will best suit their needs, regardless of the number of miniatures. Stop thinking about storage for your hobby's staff! The only solution you need is the right miniature carrying case. Get to know the A-case's system. Provide your miniatures with the conditions they deserve.


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