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Easy/cheap way to remove paint from miniatures

Recently I wanted to remove some embarrassingly unprofessional paint jobs from some of my space marines so I did the obvious thing which is search for the answer on the Internet. What I found was 50 different but equally disturbing tutorials on how to melt miniatures and severely burn your skin.

As I am partially sane, I new that none of these methods suited me. My mind then shot to the listerine (mouth wash) commercial where the cleaning capabilities literally make your mouth explode. With this in mind, and also the assumption that it wouldn't damage skin as you use it in your mouth, I decided to soak my miniatures in it for a while and see what happened (at least 5 hours).

The result was excellent( i will admit that there is still some paint on it as I am very impatient and could not wait for more then a couple of hours. The miniature (a dreadnought in this case) was undamaged and the paint was easily scrubbed off (most of it) with a stiff toothbrush, even the primer was removed without to much difficulty. The glue was was also unaffected. (The crap on top of the arms is that camouflage mesh stuff and for some reason I glued some of that on and couldn't get most of it off).

So the point of this article is to inform everyone that you don't have to use acid to strip paint from your miniatures, I hope this helps anyone who tries it.

And if you have bothered to read this far, I will try to remember to upload an image of the cleaned dreadnought ASAP, although on wouldn't count on it.



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