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Foda Bett's Ultramarines

Unit Photos

Chapter Command:

Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition Calgars

4th Edition Calgar. I replaced his head because if I had to paint another screaming face I would scream.

4th Edition Calgar's back

Master of Sanctity - Chaplain Cassius:

Master Librarian Tigurius:

Chapter standard:

Chapter champion - swords replaced with cocktail skewers:

First Company:

My first company is based around the Deathwing rules.

Commander Belial based on Lysander:


Squad 1 - Acting escort for characters when the characters are attached to other companies:

Close up of squad 1's assault cannons - one of the models is armed with a pre-heresy version:

The Beginnings of squad 2:

Second Company:

My second company uses the traits "Heed the wisdom of the ancients" and "Clense and purify." This allows me to take 6 dreadnoughts and 2 special weapons in each tactical squad. All of my dreadnoughts have magnetized arms, torsos, and back banners. I originally fielded the tactical squads as 6 marines but I decided to expand the squads to 10 men after reading about the 5th edition marine codex changes.

Cheapo chappy - Nothing like a chaplain with just a bolt pistol to take up that HQ slot:

2nd Company's Champion - This model was the test for my 4th edition repaint:

3 Venerable Dreadnoughts (numbered 1 - 3) - Their venerable status is denoted by the 1/2 U symbol cast from an Ultramarines pin.

3 Normal Dreadnoughts (numbered 4 - 6):

A close up of the magnetic back banner:

Squad 1 provides covering fire - this squad is equipped with double melta guns:

Squad 2 protects a downed rhino - this squad is equipped with double melta guns:

Squad 3 mans an AA battery - this squad is equipped with double melta guns:


The entire second company is mounted in 12 scratch built drop pods:

Why I Started This Army

After I read the 3rd Edition Space Marine codex and liked the Ultramarines fluff and special characters so I started painting my models in the original blue and yellow scheme. With the release of the 4th edition codex and many improvements in my painting skills I decided it was time to redo my army. I went with a scheme that was darker than the stock GW one. I am slowly adding to this army each month, I have a backlog of over 7,000 points of Space Marines I need to get done.

I am about 1/2 way through painting the 8th company and I will get pictures of them later.


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