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Grogskull's Union Local

Grogskull is a bit of a quirky ork boss. He was convinced by some of the more clever gretchin that greenskin slavery is wrong after the grots went on strike and refused to serve the rest of the tiny warband. It is uncertain how the warband learned how to unionize most say it was a grot idea (but then how did they come up with it?) but none really care. What is important is being a union warband each member is able to air their grievances to their union rep who then goes to the boss negotiate a sort of contract before committing to anything from a series of raids to a full campaign. Most contracts are fairly simple consisting of the chance to do some krumpin', killin' and lootin'. Pretty much everything the orks would have done anyways. Even the grot contract seems like a waste of time as often up to half their number are allowed to killed if an ork gets angry, annoyed or bored with further stipulations that the grots all can be used a food, fighting or ammo source should the boss decide that is a good idea. In any case it makes the grots happy.

Boss Grogskull

He is a minor warband boss that really doesn't have any ambitions to lead a bigger group of boys or any group of boys for that matter. He just wants to krump and get teef and doesn't really care about tellin' other orks what to do. So much so that he often leaves that adminin' and logistin' to the grots. He actually seems happy enough to let gretchin do the math to figure out how get the most carnage and loot. As he says, "De's grots ain't the boss. I am. Buts I ain't gots no time be tellin' you boyz how to be killin' when I gots a perfectly good grot 'ere to hide in the back and figure that out for me."

The Burna Boyz

The boyz hold are the master craftsmen of destruction in the band, or shop as they like call it, and are well repected for their ability to krump.

The Loota Boyz

The boyz are the 'tech geniuses' of the shop. They are more than happy to try out all manner of experimental or new weapons just to see what happens. They often like to add a stipulation in their contract to attempt to trade weapon tech with those the orks happen to be fighting. Grogskull is more than happy to agree since to date no one has ever agreed to the offer to trade teef for weapons.

The Choppa Boyz

These boyz make up the bulk of the shop and technically have the most voting power in the union. The problem is most just want to do the same thing as Grogskull. Notable members include Feng and Minty.

The Shoota Boyz

They are fairly unremarkable bunch that often catch more shots than they manage to hit. They do love their dakka though.

The Grots

They are definitively more cunningly clever than the average group of gretchin. They are often the 'leaders' of the shop in in that they point out where the enemy are to the rest. They also have some the more quirky personalities of the shop.


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