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How the Bots were destroyed

On 1-9-16, Korean Spam-Bots spammed Dakka. All of their posts were deleted, but IGtR= told an epic tale of how it happened. I'll tell mine (Badrukk's) first.

KaptinBadrukk wrote:

I woke up pretty early yesterday morning (4AM, IIRC), and went onto Dakka. I saw this thread, clicked on it, and read it. Then, I saw a bunch of other threads written in another language (Supposedly Korean). I reported all of them I saw. It subsided for a few hours, and then it ramped back up again before subsiding for good.

Now, here's IGtR='s Epic Tale version

IGtR= wrote:

What a tale! It's the way you tell 'em that gets me.

First I was all rooting for KaptinBadrukk as the hero of our tale, just an ordinary baker/peasant/angry ork/ child/ wargamer who awoke in the middle of the night (details sketchy) who just jollily skipped onto Dakka for a cheeky wee look.

BAM!! Attack of the evil invaders who were besieging his beloved wargaming site with stuff that he didn't understand. And lo dakka was fill'd with stuff wot nobody understood. But I was kinda rootin' for these Koreans at this point. Maybe they were just trying to enjoy wargaming too?

Indeed it turns out that perhaps many of them were not even Koreans and were just labelled as such to be slandered with the alleged bots.

Enter Mods who viciously struck down these new-comers. Our great overlords who cannot police off-topic mercilessly destroyed this attempt at Asian communication about modelling and the beautiful writing of the maybe-Koreans was expunged from Dakka, obliteratedwith the swift and terrible actions of the Mods.

There was a return of the Koreans at some time, fighting with hope and some anger, that their peaceful existence on the Dakka site may continued with greater understanding and hope. But like that big tree wot got blowed up in avatar the mods went HAM and wiped that gak out. Not a bot survived.

Bye Koreans, oh you hopeful masses. Exit pursued by a bear.

Oh its a all quiet now Badrukk noticed, feeling all sleepyfull. Glad that it was over he returned to a thread about the terrible battle and gave his striking eyewitness account.

For the record, I friended IGtR= and exalted his post. Epic storytelling!


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