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How to Paint a Savage Orc

Step 00 - Locate a Savage Orc model.

Step 01 - Prime your Orc with Grey. I use Rustoleum Flat Grey Automotive Primer

Step 02 - Base coat your Orc's skin with Orchide Shade

Step 03 - Dry brush Knarloc Green over the skin to start bringing out detail.

Step 04 - Use Scab red to color the eyes, and very lightly dry brush the edge of the lips.

Step 05 - Thakka Green Wash all over the skin.

Step 06 - Because this is a Savage Orc, you'll need to add Tattoos, I find Ultramarine Blue works best for this. Depending on how Old of a Savage Orc you want you may wish to leave this step till later, as future steps in this tutorial will begin to wash out the Tattoo and make the Orc look older.

Step 07 - Devlan Mud Wash.

Step 08 - Skull White on the Teeth.

Step 09 - P3's Hammerfall Khaki on the Tunic.

Step 10 - Vermin Brown Over the Scales on the Tunic.

Step 11 - Vallejo's US Field Drab over the wood parts of the weapons.

Step 12 - Adeptus Battlegrey over the stone part of the weapon.

Step 13 - Fortress Grey dry brushed over the stone part of the weapon.

Step 14 - Ogryn Flesh wash over the Tunic

Step 15 - Badab Black over the weapons

Step 16 - Scab Red over the Ornaments. Why wasn't this done before? When dealing with various squads of similar models, I find it best to give a uniform color to one part of all of the models in that squad. So for my Savage Orcs its the color of their armbands, and this will be Red Team.

Step 17 - Devlan Mud Wash #2. Savage Orcs are Friggen Dirty.

This same basic process can be used for any Orc or Ork.

Should you go for a younger Savage Orc and not want to have the tattoos look worn out, paint them on before the second Mud Wash.


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