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How to: Cheap and Easy Bunkers

An article by rotarygod

I have been making these little bunkers for many years. I had plenty of the blister packs left over and figured I could use them for something, then one late night while high on mountain dew and 40+ hours of no sleep it hit me....BUNKERS! So here's a really simple how to for transforming your blisters into terrain.

Start with marking a line and then cutting the blister as shown. I use sharp medical scissors.

Next flip the cut out piece and glue it to the main piece with superglue.

Next superglue it all down to a base. I used regular cardboard because it's all I had hand but you should use 1 ply card stock (it looks better) Then paint it. I used cheap acrylic grey.

Lastly add details like flocking and maybe some bullet holes. I also made barbed wire using aluminum gutter mesh cut into strips and twisted , then super glued into place. My flocking job looks like crap here because my flock is 10 yrs old and clumpy :(

And here's what it looks like with ragnar in it.

These things can be slapped together in under 10 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Now for the barbed wire how to.

Here is the gutter screen I used. It's very cheap. This roll cost me $6.99

Here's a piece cut off the roll for easy viewing. This cut is 6x2 inches.

Now cut a thin strip with barbs sticking out just like this. You can use side cutters,scissors or a hobby knife, This stuff is very easy to cut.

Last give it approx 1/4 twist between each barb. You can do more or less depending on personal preference.

Hope you liked my first tutorial here. Thanks for reading.


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