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Industrial Terrain by Tazok

by Tazok

For about half a year now I've been in a mini-painting rutt, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Over the past few months I've been dedicating most of my hobby time to working on terrain. More specifically industrial/necromunda dedicated terrain.

Original Layout

Okay, so many months ago I started building some towers and gantries with the tehnolog hexagon kits. This was the layout a came up.

Elevated sections

I was fairly happy with the towers, but not with the floor area. It was too flat and boring and really didn't give the feel I wanted for the board I invisioned in my mind, so I thought what if I made raised and lowered sections out of "egg-crate" light grating?

So I worked out roughly a third of the board. It's hard to see from the picture, but I designed the elevated section to be connected by piping.

Hangar bay area

With the rough concept of a third of the board done, I started work on the other sections. I didn't have a full concept yet, but I knew I wanted a hanger-bay like area so I could place some vehicles on the board. From the hanger bay I added some ramps up to the next level.

And then another level.

The board takes further shape, though it's still a long way from being finished.


With a lot of the major construction done, now its time to start working on more details for the various sections.

I'll be using a number of resin pieces to flesh the board out, like these two generators from JR Miniatures.

And plastic extras from my 40K bitz box (like this little side-hatch.

Number of kits

Well as far as how many hexagon kits I used, that's a more difficult question than what you would initially think because I bought something like 20 or 25 boxes, but I made a lot of other stuff too, most notably a very large fortress (see crappy picture below). Note the cadian dude on the fortress for scale purposes. I'll be showing additional photos of the fortress after I get my zuzzy mats in to put underneath it, but that will likely be a while yet.


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