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KC's Kustom Killas

"Alright ya puny lil Oomie! Time ta be blown ta Zog!"

The war worn warboss said with a smug grin. He raised his arm to the sky with swagger only a Warboss could get from tasting victory. He glanced over to KC da Kustom Killa and his Gits, smiled once more and then dropped his hand, signaling to the Kustom Killas to do what they were paid for, but then nothing, the air was still. The Warbosses boyz looked around at each other with confusion.

"Oi! I dropped me arm, ya gunz empty er sumfing?" The boss said with a puzzled look.

KC just hocked and spit down into the valley the Warboss and his boyz were standing, awaiting to execute the Governor Militant on Sycroos IV. Then KC grinned a golden toofed grin. "Well, we'z taught about dat dere Boss, 'N da problem is uhh....." KC looked around at his FlashGitz, they all looked at him with cold blooded stares "See do's teef ya promised us?"

The Warboss looked up at them with anger covering his face "YA?! WUT ABOUT DEM TEEF?!?" He said, his green skin slowly turning red with anger

"Ya well, dat dere Oomie? Well he not only gave us plenty O gunz and bullets and whatsits, but he also promised us yers" And with that, the Kustom Killas let loose a deafening volley of fire from their Snazzguns, blowing gapping holes in the Warboss and his crew, leaving craters in bodies as well as the cavern floor beneath them.

KC as he is known, leads a group of mercenary FlashGits called da Kustom Killas, with his runt Dud. They are cold blooded killers with only two simple things on their mind, lots of teef, and better gunz. Little is known about KC himself, his rag tag group just started becoming the stuff of legend being mentioned from space port to space port. They are one of the few groups of Orks that dont fight just to fight, they fight to get rich. Currently WAAAGH! DAKKA is their WAAAGH! of choice, its not clear just what Warboss Yak is paying them, but any Ork can bet its not cheap

The Unit

Da Kustom Killas are lead by KingCracker, and are made up of any MOD or DCM crazy enough to join them. Da Kustom Killas uses the "FlashGits" entry in Codex Orks. Members of this unit must show the "Shootier" and the "More DAKKA" upgrades, and so the guns must look customized with bits and bobs and have 2 barrels as well. The unit will consist of a maximum of 9 FlashGits(Including KC) a Painboy, and 3 ammo runts (including Dud)

The units colors are Black, yellow and grey.


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