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Malfred's Borka Kegslayer Trollblood force

Borka Kegslayer follows the World Ender willingly, seeking the battles that Rathrok attracts to Chieftain Madrak.

For when the world ends for the Trollbloods, Borka Kegslayer will be there with his band of Champions and Heroes, filling themselves with liquid courage and dealing death to their enemies.

The Army

Borka and his crew overlook the battlefield.


Borka Kegslayer and the Keg Carrier bring a lot to an infantry heavy force. Borka gives his army some board control with his spell Mosh Pit and Barroom Blitz, while the Keg Carrier's Liquid Courage can enhance the line or even an important solo by preventing it from being knocked down.

On top of that, he can deal Brain Damage with his club (appropriately named Trauma).


The Dire Troll Blitzer and the Troll Impaler do well together, and give some range to a hand-to-hand fighting force. The Impaler, or even Borka, can use Far Strike on either warbeast in order to increase their range.

That doesn't make the Blitzer overly reliable as a ranged threat, however. His presence in the list should rely on his melee capabilities and use the Pyg Ace as an afterthought (especially since it can fire every turn anyway). The inability to boost ranged shots hampers its effectiveness even with Far Strike.

Instead, you're relying on its Animus, Repulsion, to keep it and Borka alive. If Borka has Mosh Pit active, then anything that moves within melee range of his models in his control area gets moved 1" away after they finish their action. Repulsion can move those models even further away, such that even a Reach model can be prevented from gettings its freestrike (provided they were not in base to base contact to start with).


Trollkin Champions come with the Fell Caller to make for a swifter force than Borka would otherwise have access to. Fell Calls give the Champions an additional threat, and Mosh Pit keep them relatively safe from being tied down.


My two solos are there to support and be supported by my Champions. They are both meant to be Heroes. One is the standard model, while the one on the right is the convention model the Trollkin Kilt Lifter.

I'm still getting the hang of these two, but basically they flank the Champions and give me options to move them out from the force, if need be, or to stay in tight and stand with the line.

Altering the Force

I'd like to be able to try out a force with the Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes or maybe a Pyre Troll or two.

Expanding the Force

750 point army

This list switches out the Impaler in recognition of its limited viability due to the Blitzer's limited ranged abilities. In its place I'd like to have the Pyre Troll to add some "flaming punch" to the army. Though its animus cannot be used on an entire unit, between Borka and itself they can probably increase the POW of up to 3 models.

Horthol and the Long Riders are expensive, both dollar and points wise, but they add some much needed mobility to the list. I don't know if their Slam stacks with Borka's feat, but it can't be all bad to slam at will. Horthol simply makes them even nastier.

And finally, I'd be adding the much feared Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes to the list.


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