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Mathius' War

Author Information

User:grey death is a longtime member of the Dakka community who currently resides in Maryland with his wife and two dogs.


Mathius' War

Damn this wretched place. Damn the orkish hoards. Damn it all.

We came here a full 2 months ago to the distress call from the High Lord Militant of the sector. By the time we got here the planet was all but taken. All sorts of races have been drawn here by the fighting. Even those bastard marines of chaos have made their way here.

Upon arrival into the system we were immediately engaged by a fleet of orks sitting just outside our jump point. We lost half a company in the battle. Bless their souls and may the Emperor watch over them.

When we were finally in orbit we began our decent straight into the heart of the conflict around Hive Hesperus. The orks were making a quick advance on the hive defenses, which proved less than satisfactory for the job. One of our thunderhawks went down after dropping its cargo, crushing a rhino and it’s payload in the process. Too many brothers died merely getting to the planet. These green skins would pay dearly.

The attack was swift and unwavering. We had caught them off guard and unbalanced them. The insuring slaughter was our payback for all of our fallen brothers. By the end of the battle, the drop site was pooling with ork blood. I still can’t get over the fact that they bleed red.

After the attack we regrouped and began preparing for the next assault. The local PDF and Imperial guard regiments made contact at once to find out how they could help. Their hope rekindled upon our arrival.

From a series of victories came a series of hard fought defeats as the orks numbers proved overwhelming in some sectors. We tried to redeploy to the areas but they were already over run. Pushed back into the hive we knew the only choice we had was to wait.

The urban battle soon there after was intense. Buildings became fortresses, and in each one dozens threw down their lives. We lost many brothers during the fighting, though each took his toll on the advancing hoard. Suddenly the orks halted their advance and dug in. It had become a figurative trench war. The street was a no mans land in a matter of mere hours.

We took to the sewers and began making lightning raids from behind their lines, crashing in from below them only to dive back down a few minutes later. Many took our lead and began springing surprise attacks on the ork supply lines, which turned out to be more reinforcements for their line. It was working though, as the orks began to succumb and their numbers dwindled. At this weakness we launched a final repulsive attack, pushing them back past the hive walls.

After the push came the storms. The orks withdrew their forces to hiding northwest of the hive. We took shelter within the hive and began rebuilding and planning our defense.

Now we wait. Damn the waiting. It makes me uneasy and restless. But with our losses we have no other choice. When the storms reside and die away, we will be ready for them. By my honor as one of the Emperors chosen warriors we will give them hell and take their lives for those they have extinguished here. It’s only a matter of time.

-Brother Marine Mathius

3rd Armageddon War

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