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Men of Dakka Paint to Glory

I reworked the words of Men of Harlech (go watch Zulu if you've no idea what I'm on about) to inspire all Dakkanauts to feats of painting glory.

Men of Dakka, Paint to Glory

Men of Dakka, paint to glory

Tournaments are hov'ring o'er ye,

Unpainted minis stand before ye,

Hear ye not their call?

At your sloth they seem to wonder;

Rend the plastic sprues asunder,

Let the rattle-can's deaf'ning thunder

Stir your very soul

Sharp knives brightly gleaming

Flash and mould lines cleaning

Released from sprue and set with glue

A mammoth task it seems

Squads from every side assailing,

Forward press with heart unfailing ,

'Till miniatures learn with quailing,

Dakka ne'er can yield

Thou, who noble Dakka wrongest,

Know that hobby's cause is strongest

Painting lists may last the longest,

Ending but with death!

Dakka countless hosts can ready

Dakka holding paintbrush steady

Dakka no detail too petty

Gaming is in her breath.

See, they now are painted

Varnished lest the job be tainted

In cases pack'd foam layers stack'd

Our work to wear denying.

With long and hard earned cash we bought them

We have in time by toil wrought them

For love of gaming hither brought them

Dakka wins the field.


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