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Mixing vallejo paint without pain

The Problem

As anybody who has them is aware, the high pigment content of vallejo paints will separate if you even walk out of the room, and after a few weeks of sitting on their side, you will end up with something like this:

The Idea

I started getting very tired of shaking paints by hand and thought... hmmm I wonder how machines could do this for me. Then it hit me, I could use $250 worth of lego mindstorms NXT robotics kit to shake my paints, saving me a few moments and minor effort. Hurray!

After a few test versions, the device looked like this:

And vallejo paints can be loaded in as follows:

But how does it work? Simple engineering, converting a rotating motion into a push/pull motion:

The Result

And the conclusion of my efforts? The small unmixed patch on the paint pot seems to be stained permanently - the actual paint was mixed to a perfect consistency inside.



Some searching on youtube reveals I am not the first person to have this idea. Check out the following videos of other zany paint mixers for vallejo and citadel paints...

A tower style mixer:

A mixer like mine but better (I didnt have enough parts to do it to this level though, and $250 is enough for mixing paint!):


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