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Necron Kill Team: Trazyn's Treasure Hunters

This kill team is one among dozens generated by Trazyn the Infinite to scour the galaxy for the Solemnace Galleries. These treasure hunting teams operate more as scouts more than actual collectors of relics or other items worthy for the galleries. However, that doesn't mean these don't bring back loot for Trazyn to decide if it is worthy or not to add to his collection. This kill team in particular possess a strange dark sentience seemingly more intelligent than most less necron, but the advantage of reason also comes with the flaw of emotion.

Immortals and Deathmarks

These necrons serve as the leadership and primary specialist elements of the kill team. The team's leader an Immortal by the name of Zanatek the Unliving. The Unliving is a morbid joke among the rest of the team as Zanatek is deluded its belief that it still lives and breathes fighting in the War in Heaven. Zanatek cannot be brought to the truth and has been known to fly into a rage is someone attempts to convince him otherwise. One of the Deathmarks is Tomek acting as the team's Comm Specialist and Strategist. The other Deathmark is the the team's sniper named Oberek who has a macabre fascination with the effect of Necron weaponry on the other species of the galaxy.


While they are often the backbone of the kill team, there is little of note about these necrons.

Feral (Flayed) Ones

This team of Necron regularly raids other Necron dynastic tombs. Particularly the ones that don't appear they activate on their own. Not to waste potintal necrons, the team has several control coffins to install into these new would-be allies. By placing the control coffin in the chest of the necron the team can manage to create a strange unlife to living metal. These necrons can't fully reanimate via protocols and often have to replace parts from junk, scrap and even the components of fallen enemies usually taking the shape of dangerous melee weapons. Even then, their bodies are covered in rust that the team has long since gave up trying to prevent. It is unknown if the coffin controllers or the fact that these necrons should have never been reactivated, but the minds of these hijacked warriors is little more than animistic rage. Often uncontrollable even for the kill team. To placate the 'Feral' ones, the kill team use a viscous liquid that is sprayed into the eyes of the feral one leaving a blue stain of the golden face plate of the necron.

Canoptek Scarabs

These devices do not serve in combat roles within the kill team. Instead they mapping equipment, advance scouts, information collection, equipment/loot transport or any other utility function required by the team. The can be compared somewhat to Imperial C.A.T units in many respects.


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