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Operation: Clandestine Cupidity

This Skitarii kill team does not exist according to any Adeptus Mechanicus document as to allow plausible deniability for their operations. Their purpose is that of explorator operations often of heretical xeno or worst relics. They are the truth of the accusation whispers other Imperials speak of when the forge world Stygies VIII is mentioned. This kill team seeks out technology that if ever discovered in their possession means death or worst. The team is managed by a tech priest dominus low position but high aspiration. She is more than willing to commit some 'minor heresy' in the pursuit of greater standing and the betterment of the Imperium of Man. She understands the risks of her mission but is blinded to the promise of the rewards should she succeed.

Skitarii Vanguard

This unit makes up the bulk of most kill team compositions. It also include the the overall field leader with its Alpha: Alb-666/2, a believer autopuritanical ballistics, or he believes each munition is a sacred and thus should be placed with lethal optimization. This demeanor has served the team well as other teams would have long since ran out resources on many of the teams longer, unsupported (and unsanctioned) missions. Another long time explorator is the Plasma Caliver operator: Xixos-089 who specializes in xeno biology for the express purpose of knowing how best to dispatch said alien.

Skitarii Rangers

The Ranger unit serve more often as an auxiliary/support element to the kill team more than being deployed in actual missions. At least not the missions where combat has a high statistical probability. Where enemies are not expected the ranger often perform most of the scouting, but only a few are called upon for active combat missions. The rangers are led by Rax-802 who often is deployed as the secondary leader when Alb-666/2 is unavailable. Rax-802 is a fervorant believer in the mission and is fully prepared to sacrifice everything in the defense of the holy works of the Omnissiah. The meticulously observant communication specialist Dox-656 equipped with an omnispex is often deployed for maximized coordination Often she works with, Kor--110100 the team's primary sniper with his powerful transuranic arquebus.


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