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Protectorate of Menoth 2010 Mk2 Faction Deck

When Privateer Press released Warmachine Mk2, they updated the rules for the entire existing model range simultaneously through the use of faction decks. These decks differ from an earlier product in that the earlier mk2 decks that were released had errata cards for Mk1. You can differentiate these cards because they have "2010" on the front cover.

Product codes and models included in the decks are listed below.

The image above shows you how the box cover should look.

Product Code

  • PIP 91047 $18.99

Contents of the Protectorate of Menoth Faction Deck

Protectorate of Menoth Warcasters

Protectorate of Menoth Warjacks

Heavy Warjacks

Light Warjacks

Character Warjacks

Protectorate of Menoth Units

Regular Units

Allied Units

Character Units

Protectorate of Menoth Solos

Regular Solos

Character Solos


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