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Starting with the Khador Battlebox

Khador is an imperialistic power with troops and warjacks that are as tough as her country. What they lack in technology, they make up for in strength, conviction, and independence. Some of their special effects include stationary effects and Cold Immunity.

One way to start Khador is by buying the Battlebox and playing small games using only a warcaster and the two heavy warjacks that come with her.

What to Order

Two Battleboxes were produced for Khador. The first was all metal, and you will know that it's metal because the warcaster, Kommander Sorscha, looks like this:

Product Code: PIP 24001

In the plastic boxed set, Kommander Sorscha appears like this:

Product Code: PIP 33064


Whichever Khador boxed set you start with, they come with the same model types, just different sculpts and materials.

Kommander Sorscha

Sorscha protects and enhances her army while making it difficult for an enemy to pin her down. She casts her Wind Rush Spell to keep her DEF high and difficult to hit. She upkeeps the Fog of War Spell to protect herself and her army from shooting attacks. Both together bring her DEF up to 18 against most ranged and magic attacks.

That is all just the cake to Sorscha's icing. Her Icy Gaze Feat to be exact. If she can see you and if you don't have the Cold Immunity then you're going to become stationary. On top of that, she can then use Wind Rush to be right on top of you, hitting you automatically with Frostfang and beating you down with extra focus. And that's just before her warjacks activate.


The Juggernaut exemplifies Khadoran Warjacks. It's slow, easy to hit, difficult to damage, and if it reaches you and hits you you're probably dead. The juggernaut can probably find a place in many Khador lists whenever something heavy and hard hitting is needed for cheap.


The Destroyer adds some ranged attacks to your game. Its Arcing Fire Ability means targeting models even when you don't have Line of Sight to them. And who cares if it's inaccurate? With a range of 14" you're pretty much guaranteed the opportunity to stand still and aim.

Tactics with the Khador Battlebox

17" Assassination

While not much of a subtle move, you can certainly surprise your opponent when Sorscha zooms across 17" to hit the enemy 'caster. Preferably, you should try to weaken your opponent's warcaster/warlock with the Destroyer, as it does have Arcing Fire. Either way, the 17" assassination begins with Sorscha keeping all of her focus (preferably, since she's the one who's going to need to do the most damage), casting Wind Rush to get within 11" of the enemy 'caster/lock (Note that for this part to work, she'll need a charge lane, as she'll be charging), then feating before the charge (keeping in mind to keep the enemy warcaster in LOS to Sorscha), then charging the enemy Warcaster/Warlock and putting out 3 attacks, all of which have boosted damage.

Beyond the Battlebox

Depending on what your playstyle is, Khador tends to have many slow, heavily armored units, and you can certainly build your list around this theme. Man O Wars are great if you decide that you want more heavy-hitters, while units like Kayazy Assassins and Widowmakers can be great for infantry removal. All around units exist as well, with units like Winter Guard and Iron Fang Pikemen being great for a general all-purpose units. In particular, Winter Guard and the Kayazy benefit enormously from their Unit Attachments. Solos are dependent on your list, but Manhunters and Man O War Kovniks/Drakhuns are great all-rounders, and are serious threats when fielded properly.


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