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Templecon 2009 Eternal War Format
Originally posted by Hacksaw76 on the Privateer Press Boards. [1]

Eternal War

Eternal War (EW) is an “open play” event for TempleCon 2009. Registering for this event makes your friendly games during TempleCon count towards qualifying for the TempleCon Championship Tournament on Sunday. We hope that this provides an enjoyable alternative for players that would like to compete for the big trophies, but do not want to be stuck in tournaments all weekend. Additionally, there will be a separate prize pool for EW players this year for those that do not want to participate in the Championship on Sunday – hopefully this will motivate you to play EW until the bitter end!


Each player registered for EW tracks the details of his games on the EW record sheet included in this packet and submits them to the organizers at the end of the play period – there is no schedule, just play as many EW games as you can during the weekend! EW players receive two (2) copies of an EW army sheet in this packet. Legibly print your army lists on each copy and present them to the EW Press Gangers on duty for review.

EW games may be played at the 500, 750 or 1000 point level. Players may create one list for each point level used in this event. All lists must be from the same Warmachine or Hordes faction and conform to all force creation rules. Mercenary players may use different contracts in each list and Skorne and Epic Magnus combinations will be allowed at the 1000 point level. These lists may not be altered during the event. Players are not required to field a list for each level of play but this may limit their prospective opponents.

Players must return one copy of their EW army sheet to the EW Press Gangers on duty before their first game. Keep the second copy and your EW record sheet for reference and the recording of results during the play period.

There will be plenty of tables set up for EW matches but players must find their own EW opponents. One of the easiest ways to do this is the EW button! EW buttons are available to all EW players for the low cost of $2 at the registration table. These buttons serve as an advertisement that you are looking for EW games and are a nice memento when the convention is over. If you can’t find an EW player you can also play against an EW Press Ganger wearing a RINGER button. These PGs are willing to play you but may be called away at times for rules clarifications, etc. Games against RINGERs do count although the RINGERs themselves are not competing for prizes or a chance to play in the Championships.

EW players must mutually agree upon the point level to be played – if they cannot agree the choice falls to the player with the lower War Point (WP) total.


All EW games will last for no more than six (6) rounds. During games each player’s turns will be timed according to the level of the game as follows:

Point Level Time per turn (minutes) Once per game time extension (minutes) 500 10 5 750 15 10 1000 20 15

Any time you interrupt your opponent’s turn (shadow shift, placing risen, etc.) your opponent may stop his turn clock, re-starting it when your action is complete. If both players agree, they may remove the timed turns requirement before the start of the match.

Victory Conditions

There are three ways to end the game:

  1. Scenario Victory – A player satisfies the scenario win condition. The scenario for all EW games is included at the end of this rules packet.
  2. Warcaster/Warlock kill – A player destroys all his opponent’s warcasters/warlocks.
  3. Game Time – Neither player has won by Scenario or Warcaster/Warlock kill by the end of round number six (6).


Players that wish to be considered for the Sunday finals must turn in their record sheets before 2200 on Saturday. The WARMACHINE and HORDES! players with the highest positive WP total will qualify for the TempleCon Championship Tournament. Ties will be broken via a 500 point EW game between the tied players. WPs are scored as follows:

Point level WPs scored for Win WPs scored for Loss WPs scored for Tie

Points 500 Win 2 Loss -1 Tie -2

Points 750 Win 3 Loss -1 Tie -2

Points 1000 Win 4 Loss -1 Tie -2

As you can see a player’s final score in EW is primarily based on a consistent winning record with a secondary focus on the size of games played.

Remember that you cannot play the same person twice in a row – you can play him again, but not until you’ve played against at least one other opponent. Secondly, you cannot play on the same table twice in a row.


There will be random prizes awarded throughout Friday and Saturday as well as prizes given to the top remaining WARMACHINE and HORDES EW players that did not qualify for or opted out of the Sunday finals. If a player turned in his EW score sheet on Saturday and did not qualify for the Sunday finals he should see the Press Gangers on duty to retrieve his score sheet and keep playing EW games until the final EW prize cutoff time on Sunday at 1600. Remember, above all, that EW is supposed to be a fun alternative to tournament play. You are not forced to play a particular opponent, nor is he forced to play you. Please keep the games fun and sporting for your opponent and be sure to report any unsporting conduct or cheating to the Press Gangers on duty right away if it should occur.

Eternal War Scenario – Providence

“I have foreseen our victory!” - Hierarch Garrick Voyle, deceased


Armies must have faith that their leaders are chosen by the gods and have the foresight to predict their enemy’s actions and counter them without mercy!

Special Rules

Place two (2) flags 14" from each player’s table edge, one 14" from the eastern table edge and the other 14" from the western table edge. Flags may not be placed within rough or impassable terrain, adjust terrain if necessary.

A flag is represented by a narrow flagpole mounted on a small base (30mm). No model can end its activation on a flag stand but models can move across it without penalty, including charging or slamming, as long as the model has enough movement to completely move past the flag stand’s base. Models may not end their movement or otherwise be placed so that any part of their base overlaps any part of the flag stand. Models affected by a “place” effect such as shifting stones teleport or soul gate cannot be placed within 2” of a flag stand.

A slammed or thrown model does not stop if it is slammed or thrown across a flag stand. However if there is not enough space on the other side of the flag stand to place its base, the model is placed in base contact with the flag stand as if it were an obstruction. Flag stands do not block line of sight.

After the deployment roll, but before deployment begins, each player secretly selects a flag on his own side of the table, this is his “chosen flag”. The “chosen flag” is the key to victory, the other is a decoy. After deployment is complete both players reveal their chosen flag to their opponent. Remove the other flags from the table.

Victory Condition

A player wins the game as soon as he destroys his opponent’s last remaining warcaster/warlock. A player may also win the game by controlling his opponent’s “chosen flag”.

Starting on the first player’s third turn, check at the end of each player’s turn to see if he controls his opponent’s “chosen flag”. A player controls a “chosen flag” when a friendly warjack, warbeast or warrior model (with CMD higher than 0), is in base to base contact with the flag while no enemy models are within 2” of the flag. Disabled Warjacks, Wild or Frenzied Warbeasts and fleeing models may not control a “chosen flag”.

If neither player has won by the end of the 6th round of play then the player with the most VPs worth of models within 6” of his opponent’s flag wins. Disabled, Wild and fleeing models do not count towards the VP count.

When counting VPs for the tiebreaker all remaining members of a unit must be within 6” of the flag to count. If a unit is at 50% or less of its starting size the unit has suffered attrition and is worth 1 VP, however if any part of a unit attachment remains add 1 VP to the attritioned unit’s VP count.


  1. 1 Hacksaw76 http://www.privateerpressforums.com/index.php?showtopic=167771


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