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The Arms of Corax

The Arms of Corax

Army Overview

The Arms of Corax are a Warden of the Eye of Terror chapter, 2nd generation chapter from the Raven Guard. More fluff and a photo of my minis so far to come.

Unit Photos

So far, my only completed unit is my Chaplain (see below). Uploading photo in a bit.

Army List


Chaplain Combi Melta Jump Pack =130

Tactical Squad +5 marines +meltagun +multimelta -Sergeant +combi melta +power sword -Razorback +Lascannon =275

Scout Squad +3 shotguns +heavy bolter -Sergeant +combi flamer =95

___________________ 500 ___________________


Chapter Master +Artificer Armor (I'm going to green-stuff) +combi-melta +lightning claw +jump pack (hellz yea) Honor Guard (with Chapter Master) +7 Guards ( ) +3 relic blades +Standard Champion +Combat Blade (relic + combat) +digital weapons =620

Scout Squad +5 scouts +5 shotguns +Rocket Launcher Sergeant +Combi flamer =150

Tactical Squad +5 marines +meltagun +multimelta Sergeant (It's legal to have two combi's, right? Otherwise I'll just have flamer) +combi melta +combi flamer Razorback +Lascannons =270

Tactical Squad +5 marines +Plasma gun +Plasma cannon Sergeant +power sword +plasma pistol Razorback +Lascannons =290

Tactical Squad +5 marines +plasmagun +lascannon Sergeant (can I have another non-CC weapon? Like a plasma pistol? Wouldn't the storm bolter be on the Power fist?) +Storm bolter +power fist Razorback with lascannons =305

Terminator Assault Squad +5 terminators +3 thunder hammer/storm shields Land Raider Crusader with Multimelta =660

Terminator Assault Squad +5 terminators +7 thunder hammer/storm shields =400

Sternguard Veteran Squad <3 +5 veterans +4 combi-flamers +2 combi-meltas +1 combi-plasma +melta gun +heavy flamer Sergeant +lightning claw +power sword Drop Pod =365º I mean points

___________________ 500+2895=3395 ___________________


Assault Squad +5 marines +2 plasma pistols Sergeant +lightning claws =250

Assault Squad +5 marines +2 plasma pistols Sergeant +lightning claws =250

Vanguard Veteran Squad <3 +5 veterans +10 lightning claws +3 plasma pistols +jump packs Sergeant +Relic Blade =400

Predator +Heavy Bolter sponsons +twin lascannons +storm bolter =140

Whirlwind +storm bolter =95

Vindicator +extra armor (I plan on putting spare plates from various vehicles on the sides et cetera) =130

___________________ 500+2895+1265=4660 ___________________

Why I Started This Army

I've always loved Warhammer and kind of just done things randomly, but I really want to do this army right, in fact, if you want to follow the process of the creation of my chapter, I have a topic up (I'll post a link later).


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