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The beginning of something great


This story is essentially the background to the planet that my Scion Kill Team (as of yet, unnamed and without a colour scheme) is in service to. It is a series of data entries that a Commissar has entered into the Imperial Databases regarding the planet in question. Later on, I plan to create individual character stories for each member of my Kill Team, and create a background for the team itself. Maybe one day I'll create a Knight House for them too! If any of you folks have constructive criticism for me, (or even if you somehow enjoyed it!) don't be afraid to PM me or leave a comment - I'm no professional writer, but I do enjoy creative writing, and it is something I would like to become good at some day, especially in the Warhammer universe!

The beginning of something great.

++Beginning Data Transmission++.... Loading....Log:T6:276/07-1A....Complete.... Requesting Access to Log:T6:276/07-1A....Transcript Access.... Granted.... Praise the Emperor.... ++++Log:T6:276/07-1A++++ Commissar Ulydan's Brief Notes regarding the investigation on Ishraq

Whilst proceeding into the investigation regarding the status of Imperial Citizens, Imperial Nobles and the Garrison stationed upon Ishraq, several interesting discoveries were made, most notably upon first contact with the inhabitants of the planet. See log [T6:276/07-2B] and [T6:276/07-3C]. For thousands of years, the Ministorum and Militarum placed the status of the world in great peril due to both Chaos corruption and in somewhat minor circumstances, revolution. Nevertheless,as time progressed, the higher powers have decided that Ishraq was to be kept under a close watch until recently, due to the high value of the infrastructure contained within. This investigation is what caused the status of Ishraq to change, and thus is now designated as 'safe' by the Imperium, with somewhat satisfactory rates of daily worship to the God-Emperor, high taint rates, and low numbers of daily sacrifices made directly in his blessed's name. With these statistics, the people of Ishraq are to be kept under constant observation and their numbers, along with their activities are to be recorded at all times.

Emperor be praised. ++++Log:T6:276/07-1A++++ Closing Log:T6:276/07-1A.... Execution....Complete.... Praise the Emperor.... ++End Data Transmission++....

++Beginning Data Transmission++.... Loading....Log:T6276/07-2B....Complete.... Requesting Access to Log:T6:276/07-2B....Transcript Access.... Granted.... Praise the Emperor.... ++++Log:T6:276/07-2B++++

Commissar Ulydan's Report regarding initial contact and interaction with the 'inhabitants' upon landing on the planet designated: Ishraq

Upon first glance, the people who greeted us amongst our landing pad appeared to be gaunt, weak and downright pathetic beings. They appeared starving, and their gold-trimmed garb informed me that these were the nobles of Ishraq - at that moment, my mind was cast forward to think of the state of the lower classes, and how they exist in comparison. As the first of the group of three came closer, it was evident that the Chaos taint, whilst dimishished - or possibly, dormant - had weakened the inhabitants of Ishraq to levels most commonly seen associated with those afflicted with Mortlock's Disease. How the inhabitants survived and repopulated was discovered at a later time in the investigation, detailed in Log:T6:276/07-2B. After being invited by the noble "Hektor" to visit their Grand Administratum and thusly, the "Council of Three", it was explained to me, albeit vaguely, how Ishraq had succumbed to the ruinous powers and the planet had been thrust into a Civil War, with the victors wishing to serve the Emperor once more. I believe this to be somewhat of a tale rather than the complete truth however - further investigation is needed to determine an accurate depiction of events. The people of Ishraq are 'governed' by the "Council of Three", who act effectively as a three way dictatorship, with two of the three members needing to agree upon an action before it is deemed appropriate to be executed. There is no voting system, or an apparent way of changing the governing powers, which is guaranteed to cause issues when the council members begin to pass. The appearance of the council are later detailed. The "Council of Three" refused an interview, as 'more pressing matters were afoot', but "Hektor" was requisitioned and questioned regarding the state of Ishraq, and where their alliegance lies. The council members are unnamed, and so will be referred to as council member one, two and three in this report, respective of their positions as was viewed by myself.

Council member one wore an open helmet ornamented with the Imperial Aquila, trimmed with bright gold, with a single antenna on the right side. His face was mostly concealed by what appeared to be a respirator and a cacophony of oxygen and electical pipes and wires. What skin was visible appeared yellow in colour, and anemic. He donned a long leather trenchcoat with what is presumed to be the traditional officer garb of the planet. Member one is presumed to be of a military occupation.

Council member two was a young woman clad in off-white ceremonial robes, with numerous symbols, relics and fine golden threadwork apparent throughout. Her robes did not mimic the common style, however. She was standing behind what I deciphered to be [DATA MOVED]. Her face [DATA MOVED]. Even from a distance, it appeared that she had [DATA MOVED]. Unlike member one, member two may [DATA MOVED]. She is [DATA REDACTED].

Council member three was seated, apparently permanently, upon a chair adorned with various runes and markings, and appeared to be made out of solid gold. Member three was visibly decrepid to the point of decay. The old man's jaw was hanging free from the right side of his face, and the skin of his left arm which laid upon the chair's arm rest rested upon his bones - veins and tendons were visible. He was missing his right arm. From below the third member's chest were a mess of unknown cables leading to the marble wall behind him, many trailing off onto the tiled floor. Like member one, what skin he had was also anemic.

This concludes my report, with additional details in Log:T6:276/07-2B. Emperor be praised. ++++Log:T6:276/07-2B++++ Closing Log:T6:276/07-2B.... Execution...Complete.... Praise the Emperor.... ++End Data Transmission++

++Beginning Data Transmission++.... Loading....Log:T6276/07-3C....Complete.... Requesting Access to Log:T6:276/07-3C....Transcript Access.... Denied....Please enter authorisation code....JN4/FII/A88.... Denied....Please obtain authorisation rights from Administratum T6:200... Praise the Emperor.... ++End Data Transmission++....

++Beginning Data Transmission++.... Loading....Log:T6276/07-3C....Complete.... Requesting Access to Log:T6:276/07-3C....Transcript Access.... Denied....Please enter authorisation code....JN4/FII/A88.... Granted....Administratum T6:200 has been notified of Transcript Access... Praise the Emperor.... ++++Log:T6:276/07-3C++++

Commissar Ulydan's Report regarding the rise of the Ishraqian people

"Hektor" lead me to a private room in which this interview took place. It will be recounted in this report as it was told and developed, with both parties having their speech recorded by Imperial Servo Skull #840/455/90, which is my personal Servo Skull.

Commissar Ulydan:"Hektor. I am Commissar Ulydan. From this point onwards, my servo skull will be recording this interview. You will speak the truth, or may the Emperor have mercy on your soul. You will answer my questions, and speak only when spoken to. Under which circumstances did Ishraq manage to rid itself of Chaos?".

Noble "Hektor":"I-uh.. I've told you this alr-".

Commissar Ulydan:"This is for Imperial records. Do not recount the tale that you have already told me once before."

Noble "Hektor":"Okay, but I will only be able to say what I have been told, I have not been around for a century."

Commissar Ulydan:"Do you think of me as a fool, noble?"

Noble "Hektor":"N-no, not at all. My apologies. In M39, Ishraq was a relatively new yet prospering hive world. However, after what was coined the "Founder's Day Massacre", the general state of Ishraq swiftly started to decline..."

Commissar Ulydan:"Before you continue, what was this massacre you speak of? Was it a Chaos rebellion?"

Noble "Hektor":"Effectively, yes. At the time of the rebellion, the government was organised as a democracy, named the House of the Council. All decisions were made by public voting, and members of the council would enact the desired moves. A group of chaos worshippers, on the day the new manufactorum was founded, massacred the House of the Council. With no leaders, people panicked, and started to take... precautionary measures."

Commissar Ulydan:"And what were these measures?"

Noble "Hektor":"I do not wish to speak of them. The panic spread through the different layers of the hive - groups formed. Those who wanted no part in any of them were... Well, killed. These groups ended up being the new military powers, and did what they could, whenever they could in order to push their agenda. People started to [DATA REDACTED] for Emperor's sake! Who even are [DATA REDACTED]?

Commissar Ulydan:"That is enough. Do not speak of them again. Continue."

Noble "Hektor":"They.. they were in power for so long.. I was not alive until their numbers began to wither, but I remember what life was like living with them. It was hor-"

Commissar Ulydan:"Noble. Let me make this clear. I do not care for your personal struggles, nor your feelings. Do not incessantly moan and whine."

Noble "Hektor":"...A militia was made. They fought them, they won. After the fight ended, those who survived were too weak. People were giving birth to already dead children - few lived. The number of children was incredibly low, and all of our numbers, even today, are still that low.

Commissar Ulydan:"If you are lying, noble, the Inq-"

Noble "Hektor":"NO! That is all I know.. please. Can we finish this?"

Commissar Ulydan:"Interrupt me again noble and I will execute you myself without hesitation. We will finish when I say so. I have some questions about the Council. How old are all of the members?"

++[There is a moment of silence]++

Noble "Hektor":"The member on the left.. I don't know. No one does. Except maybe the member on the right. I do know that he used to fight in the militia however. The member in the center, she is [DATA MOVED]. The right-most member may know, as he is rumoured to have been from those dark times. That means he is around [DATA MOVED]. No one but he knows how or why.

Commissar Ulydan:"Thank you noble. I have one last question. Is she [DATA MOVED]? She is [DATA REDACTED]."

Noble "Hektor":"Yes, she is [DATA MOVED]."

The noble's last response is where the interview ended. After he stopped talking, I left and returned to Terra. It appears as though a resistance to the chaos taint is being developed through the kin of those who can breed successfully, but further evidence is needed to support this. The [DATA MOVED] seems [DATA MOVED]. She is [DATA REDACTED].

Commissar Ulydan has since been placed in holding for voluntary reconditioning. See addendum T6:276/07-3C/1 for further details ++++Log:T6:276/07-3C++++ Closing Log:T6:276/07-2B.... Execution...Complete.... Praise the Emperor.... ++End Data Transmission++

++Beginning Data Transmission++.... Loading....Addendum:T6:276/07-3C/1....Complete.... Requesting Access to Addendum:T6:276/07-3C/1....Transcript Access.... Denied....Please enter authorisation code....JN4/FII/A88.... Denied....Inquisition access only.... Praise the Emperor.... ++End Data Transmission++


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