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The tale of Blunder the Wonder-Grot

There once was a grot known as Blunder

whose tale is a legend of wonder.

His blunderbuss shots

could floor a Bull-Grox

and even rend armour asunder.

One thing that the Ork Mind can do

is to make what they think to come true.

And the more that believe

the more power they receive

and that's how the grot's power grew.

A blunderbuss, so it was told

that could blast with a power ten fold,

Stupendously shot

by a wonderous grot

was truly a sight to behold.

Orks from all over da Waaagh

heard tell of this rising green star.

They came to his side

from far and from wide

to witness his Blundering power.

The more that attended the show

the greater his power would grow.

Each target they stood

got blasted real good.

There was nothing that grot couldn't blow.

And so began Blunder's adventures.

Though battlefields, buildings and trenches.

His blunderful buss

caused such a big fuss

and attracted a lot of attention.

Now the tanks of the Imperial Guard

though their armour be ever so hard.

They seemed to just melt

when his power they felt.

Like a knife through a slab of Squig-lard.

As the Blunder-Waaagh gathered momentum

the humans just could not prevent them

from blowing to bits

all their tanks and their ships.

He blasted whatever they sent him.

But alas came a terrible day,

when a Titan came stomping his way,

took a shot to the head

and fell down like the dead

and squashed him beneath where it lay.

And so ends the legend of Blunder,

whose blunderbuss echoed like thunder.

Gork-damn, what a Grot!

And a zogging good shot.

A mighty peculiar Grot-wonder

The End:


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