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Tyranid Psychic Powers Tactica


This is Deadshot's take on Tyranid Psychic Powers in 5th Edituion.

Hive Tyrant Powers

The Hive Tyrant has 4 powers to choose form. This will help you choose which 2 it should take.

The Horror, when successfully used, is a 12" ranged PSA that automatically hits. Not as good as it sounds, 'cause all of the Tyrant's powers do that. The Horror causes a single non-vehicle to take a morale test. With the amount of high Ld MEQ out there, or the number of Fearless units, this is a bad choice.

Leech Essence

Like The Horror, it is an autio-hitting PSA with a range of 12". However, this one deals D3 Str 3, AP 2 hits on the opponent. While that may not sound great,. it is one of the few AP 2 weapons Tyranids have, and is useful for units with 2+ saves, and ignores Ferel No Pain! Not only that, but the Tyrant using it gains back a wound for evey one that it inflicts with this! This is a good choice.


Like the other 2 mentioned, it is an auto hitting, 12" range, PSDA. Upon usage. The target unit has its WS and BS reduced to 1 untill the Tyrant's next turn. Perfect for cutting untios down to size before an assault. Even Kaldor Draigo and his Paladins aren't so scary when they need 5+ to hit you, while you are hitting on 3+( Hopefully with an Old Adversary's Preferred Enemy). Thsi is a good choice.

Psychic Scream

This is an auto-hitting PSa, but unlike the others, it has a range of 2D6". This means it has an average range of 7". It can also affect every unit in range. Upon usage, every unit within range must take a Ld test. If they fail, they take a wound for every point failed by, no armour saves( and therefore no FNP). However, the ruduction in range is a problem for shooty Tyrants. But you should never have a shooty tyrant anyway. This power can even affect Fearless units. Howver, it is easily overshadowed by theusefulness of Paraxysm and Leech essence. This is a moderate choice.

A note on the Swarmlord...

The Swarmlord comes with all 4 of the powers above and can use 2 per turn, so is doubly useful!

Tervigon Powers

The Tervigon comes with with just 1 power, Dominion, but can be upgraded with either Catalyst or Onslaught for 15pts each.


Thios increases the Tervigon's synapse range to 18" untill the beginning of the next friendly turn. While this seems good, the gribblies will still have to take Instinctive behaviuor tests, becuase they do so if they are out of synapse range at the beginning of the turn. That is when the extra range runs out. Also note that if playing a team game, it runs out on your patner's turn, so be careful about wasting your 1 powerper turn. I would say it is a moderate choice.


For 15pts, you can give the Tervigon the Catalyst power. When used, a single Tyranid unit gains FNP untill the Tyranid's next turn. Hard to say much bad about it. Your opponent won't be wasting Lascannon's on Meltaguns on Gribblies, so giving Termagant's on a objective this can mean you hold out another turn. This is a good choice.

For anohter 15pts, you can get Onslaught. This allows a single unit within 12" to run and shoot in the same phase, and aslo assault if it has fleet. Great if you want them newly spawned Termagabnts to get in range. Best used on Trygons, because they can shoot their Str 5, AP 5, 6 shot Bio Charge ( or 12 shot if Primes), and then assault with 7, str 6, MC attacks. However, the price and usefulness is lacking compared to Catalyst. Moderate.


Warp Blast

This is the same as the 4th edversion. It is a Str 5, AP 3 blast shot. This is good for taking down Marines and MCs, but is often overlooked for Warp Lance. moderate.

Warp Lance

This is the 5th ed upgrade to the 4th ed Focuseed Warp Blast. It has the Same Str, 10. However, it now has AP 1, instead of 2, and is Lance. this means you penetarte all non-monolith vehicles on a 3+, and add 1 to damge. While shorter ranged than Warp Blast, this is the most powerful shooting attackm outside of D Weapons. Great Choice

A note on the side...

The reputaion of Warp Lance, and the fact that Zoanies are Synapse Creatures means that they are high up on ther Traget priority chart. Don't get too comfortable with that 3++, because you will eventually lose them.


This is the Doom of Malan'tai's only power. It is an AP 1 large blast that has Str=to the wounds Doom has when used. After usage, the Doom loses D3 wounds with no saves. Don't ever use this when you have 3 or less wounds. It starts off rather weak, but with the Doom's rules, can quickly rise. This is a good choice.

Broolord Powers

Aura of Despair

When used at the beginningm of the assault phase, all enemies take -1 to Ld. It is cumulative with other Broodlords. It is a moderate choice.

Hypnotic gaze. Pick a model in base contact with your Broodlord, roll a dice and add your Ld. The model chosen does the same. If you get high than the model chosen it can't fight this trun in CC. Perfect for taking out IC or hidden power fists for a round.

A note on Broodlords...

Broodlords cost 46pts, which on top iof the 14pts for the stealer, adds up to 60pts. This is the same pirce as a Zoanthrope, which is argueably much better. The Genestealers are hard enough, they don't really need him. The Broodlord makes the Squad vulnerable to Grey Knights. Think carefully about taking him.

So that's it for me! Hope this was useful.


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