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category:Warhammer Fantasy Army Profile
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Featured Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army Profiles

Chaoslord's Horde

The beginning of my chaos army dates back to the final days of the ah-so-silly whfb 5th edition. I was looking to start a melee oriented army and chaos fit the bill pretty good with it's impressive characters and elite troops.


Chaoslord's Warriors

As a long time Hordes of Chaos-player, I both feared and anticipated what the "new" 7th edition WoC armybook would bring about. I was dismayed (altough not really surprised) to see the old Hordes of Chaos concept scrapped and replaced with non-integrated armybooks in the case of WoC,DoC and presumably upcoming BoC. Alas, it was not the end of the world (even with Archaon around) and I set out to tweak some lists for my old chaos mortal armycore and left my old trusty daemons and beasts for future army projects.


The Highborn in Question

The Highborn in Question is an army I put together for the 2008 Core Competency at the (not quite in) Chicago Battle Bunker on September 20, 2008. I didn't build anything specifically for the list, as it's just an assembly of my current painted models, but participants were also required to submit both a painted Slayer Pirate model and two paragraphs of background material.


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