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Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2016/02/15 11:48:07

Post by: boundless08

Greetings all. I want to start by saying that the amount of talent here is unbelievable. I wasn't going to start this blog as I was a bit intimidated by all the amazing work already here but I shall continue through the sniggers and giggles with blinding dedication... probably.

So, I'm just getting back into the hobby but I've been thinking of what I wanted to do for a while. Painting always bored me, I was just never good at it but I'm gonna try work on that by going to the local GW on some nights during the week, and playing was fun but it was never really as fun as making the models and doing some crazy kitbashing. I don't have any of my old models but my favourite project before was a squad of possessed marines and a chaos spawn made from left over bits and a soldering iron(I hadn't heard of green stuff at this stage mind you!). I'm making this blog to document my building and converting, I'm also hoping that making this public will light a little fire under my ass and actually get me to stick with this on a regular basis!

So I've no plan for a long term army. I bought some Tau, crisis and stealth suits that I wanted to spice up but to be honest my skills aren't good enough. Too many clean lines and straight armour. My skills are no where near that so... Orks!!! I can go mad with converting these gits and I don't know why I never tried them before. The reason which made me settle on this idea was when going through my granddads attic I found my Dad's and his brother's old airfix models, about 30+ give or take. No one wants them so I plan to break them down into bitz, gubbinz and wotzits for the WWAAAGGGHHHH! I still haven't taken down all the models because there's loads and I'm terribly allergic to dust but here's the first batch:

Some of them are quite big so my mind is going crazy with possibilities! I also found an unmade airfix helicopter belvedere 72(which ebay tells me is from the 60s and can sell up for up to 40 squids..... but the WAAAGGGHHH needs whirlys!) which has enough propellers for two Deffkoptas. I was thinking of cutting off the "head" of the biggest one on the far right and using that as a body/face for a Deff Dread or Killa Khan, or the fuselage from the long silver plane could be cut up into Killa Khan bodies also. And obviously a Dakkajet, the first of which shall be such:

Gretchin for scale. On the fluff side of things, I was thinking something like an old old trash pile that humans ejected from earth tens of thousands of years ago has been floating through the endless black ever since and recently crash landed on a planet close to Tribe NAME-NOT-DECIDED-YET! Said trash pile was the remains of old ancient war machines(and other myriad bitz yet to be uncovered) which the orks took as a blessing from Mork to begin some good fights.

I have my green stuff and glue, I need to get a little hacksaw for cutting up the planes but firstly I need plasticard, and was hoping the brilliant community here could direct me on which one to get I will be ordering online so don't know which sizes would be suitable, also pipes and other bits like that, any advice is welcome! Also, ork stuff! Any suggestions on good ork bodies, heads and guns that work well with conversions would be a great help

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2016/02/15 20:12:09

Post by: General_K

Welcome aboard!

heh - this will be fun to watch develop... I'm working on a dakkajet and bomma conversion myself right now, so I'm interested to see your progress

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2016/02/15 22:46:49

Post by: boundless08

Thanks! I'm more excited in seeing your finished work. I was just looking at your Deadly Love Spud in the conversion thread the other day.

I'm ordering plasticard tomorrow and buying some second hand Ork stuff on Wednesday(bits, unused sprues, body parts etc.) so plan to get started this weekend.

Was also working from home today so was able to clear out more from the attic. Found a gak load more planes, lots of bits including some needed wheels so definitely be doing a trukk(maybe a battlewagon?) and a pretty nifty looking APC toy:

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2016/02/19 23:58:29

Post by: boundless08

So I have not fully started yet as tomorrow I'm heading into town to get plasticard and green stuff tools but I couldn't help(after some liquid encouragement) to get started on ideas. Firstly, this week was about tool and parts procurement. I picked myself up 3 x-acto knives, a 6" hacksaw(mainly for cutting up the airfix models) and a thin nose pliers. I also managed to grab a second hand Battle of Black Reach box set for 30 yoyos(euros) which has all the bits and about 80% of it is still on sprues! Bargain, I know! I'm pretty much ready to start this mother!

So, my quandary. The plane I'm using as a DakkaJet has these foldable wings. I shall be adding adding jets to these wings but should they be extended or folded up? Mind you, if folded up I plan on adding girders or some such, maybe with a grot hanging out of them for flavour. No matter what the case I'd like some input on pretty much the main cosmetic part of this first project! Thanks in advance.

Folded up(ork body underneath to stop it falling over)

And folded flat

Also, the steering apparatus at the front will be covered properly once I get my supplies tomorrow!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/01/16 08:50:35

Post by: boundless08

Welly welly well! Looks that that nearly ended before it began.

So just after starting again I kind've fell straight off the wagon. I've been doing a lot behind the scenes, but haven't made any progress on the Ork/airfix stuff. I think it's a mixture of life getting in the way(was a very busy year) and it just being too much for my unartistic and rusty mind to conquer straight off. I've been biding my time and collecting pretty much everything I need to start getting seriously back into the hobby. I've bought Space Marines, Tau, Orks, Eldar and Imperial Guard, as well as myriad different tools to help. So after an extended hiatus and making some simple minis to get started, I'm jumping back in!

So pretty much all the models I've bought have been second hand, either off local second hand trade websites or ebay. I got a great deal on 3 Crisis suits but they are in godawful condition. Mostly broken, glue all over then, every slot filled up, and some missing bits but feth it I love crisis suits. I also forgot how static the old suits are. I've been looking at the new ones and they are real nice compared to the chicken-like ones of old. So I looked up some posts and images online and tried to make mine a bit more dynamic. The first attempt I completely botched an arm but covered it up with a shield generator. Only other bits moved were the head and arms. The base came with feet glued on to it and it was hard to tell which model owned them(are these my feet? +1 internet for whoever gets the reference), all in all he looks a bit messy but presentable, and I think a lot more dynamic. Another thing I wanted to try my hand at was something that looks like the cyclic ion blaster from the new sprues, or at least one that would count as it. I don't plan on playing anytime soon so this is really just a test of what I can do. I think it worked out okay, I only noticed how wonky it looks on the inside after taking the pictures when it dried but screw it.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/01/17 09:09:47

Post by: boundless08

I actually got a good bit done yesterday(well by my standards anyway) since I was "working from home" First thing I started on my AoBR warboss. He's quite standard and static, and tbh my skills aren't good enough to really jazz him up but I did my best! Even a simple switch of heads makes him stand out much more I think. Besides that I also tried my hand at some green stuff for the first time in about 8 years so go easy! I used an imperial guard flamer to make a kombi-scorcha with some greenstuff as rope/straps to keep them together and then mixed to much so decided to give him a fur trim on the top. My warboss is very fashion forward. I botched the straps on one side but covered it with a plasticard skull. The connecting pipe is pretty bad and I intend to redo it once the green stuff dries properly but there he is! Added some skulls and an eldar head on top to add a bit more to him, might build up more later before I paint him, not decided yet:

The next model I was working on was another crisis suit I got off ebay. This was a separate pack from the others and I'm quite annoyed at this one had 3 right legs and one left leg. So I decided to pose him in the below stance to try and hide the fact, you can't really tell unless you look close, and it gives him the look of firing while jumping backwards which I quite like

And the last thing I started yesterday was what I'm planning will be my first Killa Kan. It's one of the larger airfix planes I found and when I seen it first I always knew I was going to use it. The way the windscreen is shaped its pretty cool. All I'm going to do is cut off the nose to cut down on size then just throw gubbins all over it. It's pretty much the right size as well. This is one I'm looking forward to

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/01/17 10:15:19

Post by: Camkierhi

Interesting and enthusiastic work, Good work on the Warboss, enough of a change to make him different. The Tau suits are looking good. You seem to have the right idea, buying second hand and messing about will get you some great results. Interested to see where the airfix conversions go.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/01/18 23:03:30

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Camkierhi! Yeah I've found second hand is the way to go, I've got loads of stuff for half the normal price. One thing I only noticed recently was it's now much better for me to order things off the .co.uk ebay than the .ie with the pound being so weak to euro so next payday I'll be all over it.

Tonight I started to orkify the Killa Kan base I'm using. Removed the rest of the part I didn't need and the just started slapping on plasticard. It was actually harder than I thought with the curved frame of the plane but I went full ork on it, stopped thinking about it and started gluing like horses were going extinct. Threw in some guitar strings and quite liking them so going to do a lot more. I'm going to finish covering the windshield to get a feel for it then start on where the arms and legs will go. I've an AoBR dread I can use if I'm feeling lazy or uninspired but I'll try something else out first

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/01/24 19:10:23

Post by: boundless08

Didn't get much done since it was my birthday over the weekend but I did get even more models Picked myself up a second hand Tau Battleforce very shoddily made, some second hand lootas on sprues and a brand new Tau Commander! I've already resigned myself to not converting much on Tau as the clean lines are too much for my skills at the moment. Bar the odd battlesuit reposition that is. I've also base coated some models for painting to see if I'm still as bad as I remember(1 crisis suit, stealth suit team, 2 termies, some cadian guardsmen and dire avengers) so that should be a barrel of... not laughs the opposite of that.

I did put more bits on the Killa Kan body and it looks nice and orky now. Need to do a bit more on the nose area but not getting any inspiration... so I felt bored and started on a Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun! This has been pretty fun. I had no clue what I was going to do with it but started breaking up the old airfix models and found some good bits. The metal parts are actually special screw things for bikes and the goldy wire out the back is the wire for brakes, it's a lot easier to manipulate than guitar string at short lengths. I'll keep switching between these two whilst building my Tau in between. I've promised myself no more models until I finish these but *shrug*

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/01/24 19:19:40

Post by: PossumCraft

Not really seeing the need to cut the front off a model plane for the killa can. A pringle tube would have done the same job, for much less. (plus, pringles!)

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/01/24 19:39:06

Post by: boundless08

I just didn't like the nose

I thought it was too round for my orks and just wanted to cut it off. Still not 100% happy with it as it's very flat, was thinking of remove the plasticard at back and putting the ranged weapon there? Also the fluff behind this ork army is they came across the wreckage of all these old planes drifting in space or whatever and the mek got to thinking they'd be good for stompin' wif sum ickle alterations!

But tomorrow I will be buying pringles for research purposes. All the flavours... just in case...

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/02/02 17:17:11

Post by: boundless08

What's poppin my homies? So been mostly just making my tau. Have one more battlesuit to make, then the commander and then I'm going to start painting them. Need to drop into GW to get some help with that as I shudder to think how bad I must be now.

Working from home again today so just made a blast at my Ork Big Mek in between bouts work things and nearly done with him! He's not the best but I'm very proud of what I was able to do with my first complete conversion. Still a bit to clean up but the was getting unstable so I'm going to let what's on him dry and set, then come back to him another day. So the model is a Nob from the AoBR set and everything else is non-GW stuff, except part of his backpack. What's left to do is; run wire from his handheld wind turbine to the intakes on the backpack(I noticed after taking the pic that the middle one is not straight so that's fixed now), jazz up his left arm a bit as it's still quite bare and jazz up his torso as well, definitely lacking gubbins there.


Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/04/30 23:44:26

Post by: boundless08

Been a while since I messed with my orks but I got a spurt of inspiration after looking through Kraut Scientist's eternal hunt blog, got the conversion goolies itching again. So haven't touched my Killa Kan in a while, mostly for fear of ruining what I thought was going well, but I dove into it today and here's what we have! He's nearly complete; the hardest part was the legs which I really thought I was going to feth up but I'm not too ashamed of them in the end. His rokkit "arm" is good to go and so is his buzzsaw. I'm waiting for everything to dry tonight and I'll put him together tomorrow, after that it'sd throw more spikey bits at him until he hurts to pick up.


I'm quite happy with the legs

all the limbs ready to go

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/01 04:09:02

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice. Are the feet Tau plasma weapons?


Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/01 10:34:20

Post by: boundless08

Thanks EDC, and they're tau fusion blasters. I'll throw some spikes or tusks on them later to make em more orky

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/12 23:23:48

Post by: boundless08

Been a busy few weeks in the hobby realm! Tomorrow I've actually got my first game in about 12 years so looking forward to it. A work colleague is over from Atlanta and brought 1000pts of marines so I've got my Tau ready to go! I also picked up a copy of the new Shadow Wars rules as we're starting a campaign in work(so I also had to buy more Chaos Space Marines! Couldn't use the old ones could I?) and as part of that we're all making some terrain to get it up and running. Hopefully will get some pics soon of games and such, and for my chaos squad who I plan to convert based on an awesome alpha legion squad I seen that uses the fantasy dark elf corsair cloaks.

But I also finished my Killa Kan! Well 95%. I've to fill some gaps with green stuff and add a bit of zazz to the buzz saw arm but it's pretty much done!

And I finally got around to building my commander for the game tomorrow. I have to say I love this model.

So with terrain, and games, and making promises to my SO that I will not buy any more models until I finish painting the ones I have, I'll be pretty busy on the hobby front! I also have to finish off that damn plane I started first, it's around here somewhere...

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/16 14:21:59

Post by: Novelist47

I love how orky your conversion are, keep up the good work.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/20 15:34:44

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Novelist, I've got to get around to more orky conversions. I'm thinking a trukk next? Or I should probably finish the dakka jet.

Also, crazy bit of happenstance(your profile pic) I finally got my chaos marines to start my Alpha Legion squad for Shadow Wars. Have to say these tactical marine boxes are the business, last time I got a chaos squad was third edition and there's just so much extra on these sprues now. I've also got my termie lord but am thinking of holding back on making him until 8th hits. I know there's been updates to terminators to make them more useful but the updates on close combat weapons means I might rethink what I'm going to put on him. Or maybe I'll just put him together how I want and buy another when 8th hits? God I hate this hobby sometimes!

Been up to quite a bit the last few weeks. I played my first game in 12 years last week and I won(suck it Eric)! It took so much longer than we were expecting(I think it was 6-7 hours) with a lot of back and forth from different rule books, making guesses on what we remember certain rules being and we also had an impartial "adviser" there to make decisions for us and make sure we were plied with alcohol aplenty. Was great fun though! I managed to steal the initiative, and on my first turn wiped out Eric's 5 man bike squad with my team of 3 crisis suits and 6 missile drones, that was a very good feeling! It did get turned around when his drop pod plopped right behind them with his librarian and veteran squad but thank the greater good Eric had some of the worst rolls I've ever seen in my life suffering perils of the warp and being half dead by the time he got to charge me. I never expected the suits to win but through sheer luck they took down 3 marines, one was brought down by a drone in close combat, something that will never be lived down. He had another bike squad on the other flank which I managed to tie down with my kroot. The kroot actually performed so well I think I may include them more often in future, this time I was just filling points and it's all I had.

Also been making terrain for both the shadow wars campaign we're starting soon and the Lord of Extraordinary Riveters competition that's here on dakka.

Finally I started painting! I've been using my space marines I've collected by accident to test my skills and am quite happy with how they came out. I didn't trim these properly or clean mold lines as they are literally only being used to practice painting. I based them with army painter greenskin colour and then it's pretty much basic salamander colours and washed within an inch of their lives. I did go a bit heavy on the wash so will remember that but I've gotta say it makes them look so good with minimal effort, I love washes! The model with the bolter has been layered with warpstone green and the flamer is just the army painter base coat. It's not terribly noticeable but I prefer the warpstone green cover so will be doing that from now on. Then I'm not very good at edge highlighting but practice makes perfect I suppose?

The troubles of trying to take pictures with a cat

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/23 17:35:07

Post by: boundless08

The majority of my weekend was spent either drunk or hungover so I didn't get much done but during bouts of the latter I managed to assemble my Shadow Wars Alpha Legion CSM warband! I've always liked the AL and after seeing this it was a no brainer. I already had 20 corsair cloaks I was going to use for my salamanders so away I went! There's a few other serpentine symbols and that in the corsairs box that fit nicely for the AL as well. The extra bits I got on ebay and were already primed black

All the lads

and again

And my terminator lord. He needs cleaning up and that but I like how he turned out. I went for a spear as a weapon since that seemed the alpha-est thing to do

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/23 20:02:49

Post by: Camkierhi

They are looking really good, especially considering the fragile state you where in.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/24 21:21:08

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Camkierhi! It was touch and go and I'm honestly surprised I didn't lose a finger using the x-acto knife. A night of Guinness on an empty stomach is not advised to anyone, the up stairs bathroom experienced it's own eye of terror that Saturday!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/05/24 21:40:33

Post by: Big H

Haha fair one mate !

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/01 23:33:41

Post by: boundless08

You know it Big H!

Didn't get much done last weekend other than buying stuff due to family birthdays and band practice. So first new thing is I splurged and bought some terrain from http://www.wargamestournaments.com/ for my groups shadow wars tournament and also just because it's badass for the price. I went for the 32 piece terrain and jesus is that a lot! Second I've held off pre-ordering 8th, since I don't need more models(as the terrain pic below of the copious amount of unpainted plastic will tell) but got the box of Gorechosen since it was finally back in stock in my FLGS and thought I needed some board games anyway. Have to say, I really wanted to convert those models too 40k style but they're just too nice to mess with... guess I'll have to buy another box...

And last but not least I decided to buy a lord of plagues model to start something. I've always liked the thought that each of the original legions had something specific about them and something that represented them as a legion or faction. I'm planning to make one model that represents each original loyalist and traitor legion, well at some stage... I've had notions about this ever since seeing KrautScientists Ruinous Powers thingy and also ChaosDad's legion bikers. Then thing though, that set me upon this path, was the extra sprue in the chaos space marine tactical squad set that had separate heads and shoulder pads for each of the different chaos gods. I was like "Ahh bejaysus, be the hokey! Sure couldn't I just be usin' the heads diddle dee dee!", or whatever we Irish people say when we're exited, the details are lost to time. So I decided to start with the lord of plagues conversion because of two reasons, 1) someone else who runs a blog here(also a fellow Irish man) by the name of nurgle5 inspired me to do this and I promised him I'd rob it and 2) you can be pretty messy with nurgle conversions and it will be okay, that suits my skills. So I started hacking and glueing and green stuffing and... I'm fairly happy with what's come out. The backpack was happenstance, I always mix too much greenstuff and I just decided to whack the stuff on instead of waste it. I tried to make some boils, pustules, and dropping, sagging welts, and I'm fairly happy with how terrible it looks.

Criticism welcome! In the right hand I'm obviously thinking a scythe and the backpack needs some exhausts, but if I've missed anything, holla at yo boy!

Terrain and gorechosen lads:

Base Lord of Plagues:

After a bit of greenstuff and bits:

And backpack:

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/02 01:14:10

Post by: Novelist47

Orks and chaos? All with conversions? AND THEY'RE ALL GOOD? Bless you.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/04 20:37:20

Post by: boundless08

Thanks Novelist, I try my best! Good is a stretch, I'd say "presentable" myself.

I'm thinking his chest is too bare but I'd be afraid I'd ruin him by trying to add more? Maybe the three nurgle circles or some such to break up the bareness

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/08 13:29:31

Post by: boundless08

Howiya lads, how's she cuttin'? Been pretty busy lately with real life, seems like every day of the week I've got something to do, but got a little burst of hobbying in over the long weekend and today. I'm off work from today until the 19th but flat out lads. Got gigs to go tonight and tomorrow, Saturday will be recovering from a hangover(I do find I have some great ideas while hungover though, well mostly still drunk) and shopping to get ready for heading to Hamburg on Sunday. 5 day holiday there, me and the warden are heading over to see System of a Down(can't wait!) then back Thursday, going to see Clutch in Dublin that night then curl up and go through alcohol/fun withdrawals for 3 days before I'm due back in work. So hobbywise I've been doing thus like:

For the LoER #22 competition I've been dragging behind a good bit and have to get this fether done within the next few days. I started base coating it today but it literally stopped raining for about 5 minutes(gotta love these Irish summers) here so I didn't get to finish it. It's pretty much done though, few bits I have to go over with a brush but it'll do. I finished making the platform for the inside but didn't take a picture of that because it's gone hiding somewhere. Its not very good but I'm damn proud of this. First piece of terrain I've ever scratch built and I've definitely caught the bug. I'll fill the inside with a bit of rubble and such and then start painting. If anyone reading has any tips for painting this let me know. Was just going to give a heavy dry brush of grey then some highlight, could probably do with vines but it's too late for that so maybe some flock for moss etc.


Sat down to do some more painting on the weekend too and got 4 more Salamanders done. They're not as good as the other ones as I was testing my batch painting method. I can tell after taking the pic there's a few places I've missed and need to touch up but again just a test so I'm happy with how they turned out. I also started on some Chaos models from the DV boxset but jesus they're too detailed for my failing eyes. A friend and I have invested in magnifying headsets w/ LEDs, was only 18 meow meows, so we'll see if that helps in future.

And lastly I worked a bit more on my Death Guard Aspiring Champion. Made the scythe and attached his other arm. It's a bit of a mess at the moment but it needs more greenstuffing and bile and puss and stuff. I was trying to do a leather wrap thing but it wouldn't work out so I just said "feth it" and left it like that. I'll come back to it as some boils and oozing in it and clean up the right hand. Also added a little exhaust on the backpack as that seemed very death guardy. Will add another one where the backpack vent was cut off or maybe a tube coming out and through some flesh, not sure yet

Arm w/ scythe


Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/08 17:42:10

Post by: Big H

Nice start on the green stuff mate ! but if you want to get smothness on the surface, looking at it I reckon you could improve your stuff with some tools.

I use a large needle held in an xacto knife handlet to make little holes, vents and "gills" ( great for nurgle stuff) a really small, ball ended dental tool which I use nearly all the time to push and smooth the putty and a couple of rubber clay smoothing tools for big areas like cloaks etc.
This would let you get the finger prints out etc.

Your tools need lubing up ( stop snickering ) I only ever use spit ( stop it) but on you tube etc, lots use vase line or oil ( for fecks sake ) i've never used it.

You can get these from eBay, art supply houses, or I blagged a load from a mate who was a dentist !

Looks a good start tho !

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/08 19:22:12

Post by: Camkierhi

Excellent work bud, great work on the Sallies, Nurgle is looking brilliant. Word on GS work in a mo.

LoER entry is looking brilliant, nice bit of character to the surface, interesting little bits like the hole. As to painting, sponge. Sponge a grey, a cream and a brown, randomly. for vines try running hot glue up through like the trunks then flock and put some clumpy stuff now and then.

And for GS work, BigH has hit it on the head, lubricate, (I use Vaseline), and dental tools are good. I started out with a set of 99p icing shapers from the supermarket, and made some shaped ones out of old paintbrush handles whittled down. Also if you heat up the GS in some warm water before mixing it helps mix it, and also makes it more pliable.

I am no expert or even very good with any of this, but these are the tips that have helped me the most, hope it helps.

Looking forward to more.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/09 02:02:06

Post by: boundless08

@BigH cheers, I'll make sure to lube up more before trying to insert my tools... In seriousness though thanks! I've been using water at the moment and it's not been great. Greenstuff for me at the moment is more of a chore than a fun extra thing to do so I will try to use some Vaseline and see how it goes. I'm very impatient so when gak gets stuck to my tools(Really?) I get bothered and annoyed so kind've give up and move on to something else. Hence the rough edges on literally everything you'll ever see from me

@Camkierhi thanks for the comps! I've no hot glue gun to try and make vines but I'll make sure to remember it does vines in future! Thanks for the sponging idea though, might give that a try. Also, I don't know if you can say "I am no expert", I'm half way through both your blogs and your work is amazing!

As for tools, a few years back I bought the citadel tools so have had their three thingy-bobs as GS tools. X-acto wise I have as such: https://www.amazon.com/Xacto-X5282-Basic-Knife-Set/dp/B00004Z2UB its good for cutting, as well as I know, and has done me well(which for wellness sake, is not in the least bit well). Other stuff, I have a nice tweezers I got from a little screwdriver set, and that's pretty much it! I know there's so many things I "should" have but if there's any absolutely, positively, extraordinary, items I should acquire... let them be hence!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/11 11:48:46

Post by: Cleatus

Checking in to say hello and see what you're working on. I like your Killa Kan, but I really intrigued by all of the airplanes. Subscribed to watch progress.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/24 21:41:49

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Cleatus. Your comment has got me thinking I do need to root through the box I have them all stored in and see what to make next. I've ordered the new codex(index thingy?) so should be arriving this Wednesday, I'll give it as goo, see what makes sense and go from there.

As to hobby related things last weekend was spent finishing up the League of Extraordinary Riveters competition. The public vote can be found as such: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/729874.page Really enjoyed taking part. As I've said before, my favourite part of of this hobby is building and creating things rather than painting and playing, the latter coming a close second, but I've never dabbled in terrain, mainly because I haven't played many games so didn't see the point. BUUUUT! This has been eye opening, really enjoyed it and can't wait to make more. I've actually bought a few things to start making more terrain.

Let's see, other than that haven't done much during the week, Had that lethargic melancholic feeling one gets after being on holidays for two weeks then coming back to work. I'm on call this weekend so am house bound in the evenings but did get to go into GW Dublin to pick up some more paints I needed. Also popped in to Gamers World on Jervis Street and picked up some uniform grey primer spray from army painter to try something a bit lighter than chaos black and see how it works. I also finally has my first Shadow War game this week in work and my CSM squad got absolutely diddled by Peter's Skitarii squad. The team I'm running is here if anyone wants to add anything: https://shadow-war.zone/view-killteam/648/iron-fangs . From reading around you should do the whole "boys over toys" mantra but I've heard the toughness 5 of nurgle marines can make such a difference it's worth it... but not when your opponent has 3 models with sustained fire plasma it seems! It was a bad setup as well. It was an ambush game, I rolled and chose to be attacker, and the way terrain was set up the centre was just a massive high building so it was a snipers dream me trying to run up and thump them. Lesson learned!

I'll try paint some stuff tomorrow. Tonight is about finally finishing the Witcher 3(but I never want it to end!). But for now I'll leave a picture of the planks I painted for the LoER competition which I am really proud of. Peace.


Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/28 20:00:02

Post by: boundless08

So The Witcher 3 and general steam sales are taking up most of my time but I have been doing bits and bobs. Yesterday had another Shadow Wars game against some orcs and fared a bit better than the Ad Mech, but lost due to a failed bottle check. I keep forgetting to take pictures of the board but it's looking pretty good now, just needs to be painted properly.

Other than that I've primed a lot of different types of models so as to not get bored and keep the painting interesting while I ease into it properly. This weekend will be a relaxing one at home gaming and painting!

Space Marines and Skaven(I know I know, drill the gun barrels)

And some Tau and Chaos, Shadow Wars squad I primed grey to see how it works, I'm going alpha legion!

And even though I wasn't supposed to buy any more models(don't tell the warden) I couldn't help but pick these guys up second hand, perfect and still on sprue!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/29 04:06:34

Post by: Camkierhi

Nice collection for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

BTW excellent job on the terrain, really hope you do well, and hope you are around for the next time, if you don't win that is, in which case you could be running it. Always pushes me on to see people trying new things and working outside their comfort zone. Keep it coming.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/06/29 07:58:02

Post by: boundless08

Thanks Cam! I doubt I'll be winning this one but will of course be taking part. I really hope next competitions topic is either "hands" or "eggs", I have my reasons...

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Post by: boundless08

Hello good people! Still haven't started painting any of the models but I've kept busy otherwise. Pic heavy this one

So this week we started in earnest our Shadow Wars campaign in work, after the previous test matches, and I don't know what happened but I finally won a match, and when it counted too! My CSM were playing against my friend Eliott's Tau and with my amazing strategical mind and intense luck, I managed to kill three of his squishy Tau which made him bottle out. It was an ambush game with myself on attack, I messed up the terrain setup last time when doing this so was sure to put something other than a massive tall building in the middle of the table. He was also playing very very defensively which didn't help too much. He was really worried about my CC guys storming up so kept pointing overwatch at the alley they had to come down, while my plasma specialist just blasted him away. Now for pics:

Eliott and myself:

They're a bit bare as this is the first time all 4 of us had a chance to be together so we do need more terrain. Looks great on just one board though!

Steve(Orks) + Peter(Skitarii):

Nextly I have thoroughly caught the terrain bug! I've been jonesing for the next LoER to start but until then I've turned to making some Shadow Wars Terrain. I've started making walkways for between buildings based on the ones Peter made, visible in the images above. I'm pretty happy with them so far. Just have to finish one more wall section then start painting. The plastic canvas I'm using as the grid arrived today but I think I'll paint first before gluing together. What do people think about the excessive battle damage? I like it myself but could be talked around. I'm not going for(skillful enough to achieve) the clean look, and was even thinking of adding spikes and gak like that to mark it as some territory my chaos gang has taken. CC welcome


Mid way:

Blown open:

Other than that I've acquired even more things. I got 11 marines for a tenner off ebay(bargain!) and while adding up my power levels for 8th edition realised I only needed one more sergeant to have 3 tac squads and 1 more heavy weapon to complete a devastator squad. I picked two willing volunteers and went at them with a knife:

And after! I've to fill up the sergeants hand with green stuff and also run some wires from the devastators handheld thingy to the backpack, then seal it with greenstuff also:

The last thing is I've managed to trade the High Elves I got in the Spire of Dawn starter set for some fantasy chaos models. There's some hefty old school dudes in this lot. Old Chaos Warriors and Knights. I wouldn't know the year but the ones with the hunched over shoulders like orcs. I can tell from looking at them the molds must be from the 90s, cool little things to have for kitbashing or whatever. The main thing I wanted from this trade was the new Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath-Hammer, to be used in Gorechosen and because he's bad ass, and it also included the Gorebeast out of the chaos chariot set(far right in picture). I'll have to check sizes because I think he might be a bit small for a Maulerfiend but I'm sure I can turn him into a counts-as hell brute or something similar. Maybe even a juggernaut for a new lord? Any ideas please throw them at me

Phew! Donezo!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/07/07 06:48:41

Post by: Camkierhi

Looks like a fun games day, and the boards are looking good.

Your terrain is looking great bud. looking forward to progress.

And the Chaos bits are always handy, nice little haul there.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/07/07 07:18:03

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Cam! On closer inspection the Gorebeast is much smaller than I thought so defo not a forgefiend or even a hellbrute, I'll have to sit on it.

I did finish the bridge late last night so that's something! I'm away most of the weekend so won't get to hobby again until Sunday night at least

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Post by: boundless08

One of these days I'll get around to painting, but it is not this day! I've seriously been bitten with the terrain bug lately, literally can't look at things without wanting to turn them into a piece of terrain.

So Sunday went to Aldi to do the shopping and picked up the steamer pots they had on offer. They had this weird cardboard holder(image below) and when I took it off and dropped it on the floor I had a "...huh" moment.

I thought that would be a perfect shadow wars platform! Bit big obviously so I'd trim down the legs. Then I started thinking about cardboard terrain and how to strengthen it etc. I know a lot of people here do it nut I know I'd it up. So it dawned on me, use the thing as a template!

Lo and behold! Took it to some plasticard for a first run and will mess around with it some more. Also cut out a grid shape from the plastic canvas I ordered

I'm thinking this would be a perfect bit of modular terrain. Will build some sort of box for the bottom to give it stability, then just cut more templates and have pillars in the middle of the platform to stack them. The 4 things at the edge can either be used for ladders, or to connect walkways etc. If anyone is looking here and has any good ideas for getting a nice clean seal with the grating I have and the canvas that would be much appreciated! Also, I've to think more on how to magnetize this stuff together. I'm thinking the base will have magnets then just have a bit of metal strip under the platform. but I'll have to think of something to put on top so maybe I'll have to trip down that grating so it doesn't cover anything. I think I need to invest in a compass...

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Hello all!

Have to say the summer is just flying by and the last few weeks have been so busy I've barely had time to pick up any plastic or paint. I'm off for two weeks from today and just bumming about at home with the warden so hopefully I'll get a full day here and there to catch up on some stuff.

So what have I done, well I bought more stuff I have been keeping to my budget off 100 a month(and last month most of that budget was on a set of bluetooth headphones since my headphone jack on the phone broke) but jumped on a great second hand deal once I seen it! Perfect condition chaos Land Raider and Forgefiend for 50 quid, including postage. Should be coming tomorrow and then I'll finally kick those filthy Tau right in the fish lips! Speaking of, played my first game of 8th last weekend and it was savage craic but unfortunately I lost to Eliott's Tau. Few lessons learned: 1) Cultists are literally the worst, 2) don't be stupid and set up your twin lascannon hellbrute in range of a ghostkeel, 3) ghostkeels can really bring the hurt and 4) drones are amazingly good/annoying. Stupid setup made me lose the hellbrute on my opponents first turn before I got to do anything and the rest of the game was spent hiding from it, had nothing else to really take it down. I ran 3 chaos lords which were great, and a squad of chosen with plasma guns really brought the hurt but it wasn't enough.

So anyway, today I was at home and terribly hungover/still drunk so start working on some things. I find most of my inspiration comes from being slightly tipsy So using the gorebeast and my left over bits, I went at making a Chaos Lord on Juggernaut of Khorne. The main parts are finished but he still needs the final touches like filing in gaps and finishing off the base. The spoils:


His lovely axe:

Junk in that trunk:

And a poor Space Wolf for the base:

I also did a tiny bit of painting to test the paint scheme for my alpha legion. Still very much a work in progress but I was testing out the cape colourings, and am thinking I shall go for the green cape with blue wash rather than the other way around. Might even make the cape a brighter green, C&C very welcome on this as I've no idea what I'm up to!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/08/02 13:41:55

Post by: Skinflint Games

Orks AND Airfix? A man after my own heart! Loving the conversions and terrain, nice one :-)

Oh, and having just read through this from the beginning- Father Jack, the holiday episode.. my second favourite after the rabbit plague one.."Rats? Hairy Japanese BASTARDS!" :-D

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/08/04 22:09:35

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Skinflint! I need to get back into the airfix a bit more, just got taken over by other armies and gaming.

And both great episodes! "These are small, those are far away!"

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Post by: boundless08

Hello all. Just a small update today, I finally finished my first Alpha Legion lad with the colours and style I'm set on. I'm open to C&C as always but fairly set on this. So I'm not a good painter by any stretch but I'm happy with this guy. I do hate the fact the zoomed in picture with flash brings out all the imperfections but feth it, she'll do! So first off, I'm pretty proud of how the cape came off and how easy it was to do, it really ties the whole thing together and I'm happy I went for the brighter green. Secondly, I love Biel-Tan Green shade! There is no way a man of my skill could have pulled off the alpha legion blue/green fade with normal paints. I will say it's pretty heavy handed. I might try to do a bit less in future, or maybe two lighter layers but overall I think it works, again the zoom and flash makes it look a bit ugh but in real life it's fine.



Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/08/08 05:52:43

Post by: Camkierhi

Set up a stand for the camera and loose the flash.

Looks pretty good bud, probably better transition in colour in real life. The flash is killing it.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/08/08 05:55:58

Post by: evildrcheese

Alpha Legion Marine looks awesome mate.

The cape is a nice touch.


Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/08/09 13:11:29

Post by: boundless08

@EDC thanks man!

@Cam thanks and I will try work on a proper way to take photos. The warden just bought a new lamp for the living room, unbeknownst to her though it shall be liberated for chaos!

I'm really going to push for finishing the SW squad by the end of the week and try do a proper photoshoot with them too

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/08/19 10:26:24

Post by: boundless08

Pic heavy this one. Soooooooo I didn't finish painting the squad but I got very close! I said I wouldn't do another update but I got some inspiration and made somethings! So here we are...

Didn't get much done during the week, back to work after two weeks of holiday is very draining, and heading back to family this weekend so will be away. Mostly done though so I plan to get this squad finished during the week:
The lads

Right one finished:

Aaaaaand I finished of my three champions of the chaos gods, which I'm fairly happy with. Even had a game with the sorcerer but he's about as useful as a marzipan dildo.
Chaos Lord on Juggernaut of Khorne:

Sorcerer of Tzeentch:

Nurgle Lord of Contagion:

Slaanesh Exhalted Champion - Lord of Blades:

Let me know what you think. I used vaseline for greenstuffing this time and it's definitely different. I used way too much the first time but got it about right in the end. The Khorne lord still needs some more work with filling in the gaps of his saddle and I want to go over the gorget of the exhalted champion as I it looks like a blob and not armor. The strap on the backpack is a bit annoying but I'll live with it

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/08/23 02:04:04

Post by: Camkierhi

Wonderful work on the chaos, all have a look of "meant to be!" which is hard to keep sometimes.

The strap, using a scalpel, trim the edges straight, it will make the world of difference.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/05 19:06:58

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Cam, I'm glad you like the chaos lads, they came together pretty well in the end.

I'll give the strap a trim before I paint him definitely. It is too off at the moment. Have to get back around to painting and starting the LoER comp as well, the last month of summer was a complete write off. Thank god the horrible Irish weather is coming back so I can stay in doors for several months

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/10 12:13:31

Post by: boundless08

Painting is still on hold due to real life time contraints but hobby wise we're still full steam ahead. I'm getting in at least one game a week with the lads from work and looking to head into either GW of our FLGS once a month for some variation in matches and widen the playing group. Good news for our work gaming group though, one of the guys from our Atlanta office is moving over to Dublin permanently and his bringing all his warhammer armies. He's got 3 40k armies(ridiculous old stuff, it's so cool and goofy) so will bring our work gaming group up to 5 and will add some more variety as well.

So during the week I played a game with two of the guys, we were supposed to do 500 points each so two games going on, but one couldn't make it so I threw together 1000pts of Salamanders to try out and so we could all play. I somehow managed to win through severe happenstance. We were playing Maelstrom of war? I think that's the one, with tactical cards and you steal your opponents as well. I lucked out very well, deep struck both terminator squads on either flank tying them up for two turns on one flank and 3 on another, and they happened to land on objectives, which I wasn't even thinking of at the time. Termies are super tough and I'm lucky I managed to accumulate 3 squads through buying second hand AoBR and DV boxsets

So last night I finally started on the latest LoER competition themed "Child's Play". I wasn't able to do my initial plan because I couldn't find a cheap dolls head so I went out to the euro shop, bought this gakky plastic mic and started hacking it up. I'm pretty happy with it, came together pretty well. The only thing I'd like to do is spend more time putting metal sheets all over it and adding a ridiculous amount of rivets but I just don't have the time as the deadline is this week. I think I'll buy more of those mics though, 1 meow meow each and they're the perfect size for a dakkajet, could have a nice Ork air wing detachment for less than a tenner Anyway, here we are:


First cuts:

Wings and bits:

More bits:

Our trusty pilot has figured out why the crash happened:

How I left it before heading to bed:

Aaaaand primed this morning once the terrain basing was dry:

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/10 19:07:04

Post by: Camkierhi

Brilliant work, great idea, and very well executed. Some great shapes on the piece, going to be interesting.

By way of constructive critique, roughen up your edges for ork gear, and add some rivets. Just those extra steps to make a world of difference.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/10 21:09:59

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Cam. I was hoping to do more panels and rivets but just due to time couldn't, same with the roughening up the edges. When I'm working on my Dakkajets I will be sure to go overboard on it. Who knows, maybe the lack of rivets caused the crash?

I need a good way to do rivets, haven't gotten anything down yet. I seen your steps on using an old soldering iron cut down a bit and pressed into the plasticard but don't have one handy.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/11 18:07:32

Post by: Littletower

There are as many ways of doing rivets as there are riveters, or even more!


Aforementioned Cam's hollowed soldering iron, specially if you are keen to melting and burning stuff.
Slicing up a plastic rod (diameter of choice, up to 1mm cuts easily). Requires a steady hand to keep them rivets an even height, and something to catch the offcuts, they tend to fly away otherwise.
Old and trusted punching tool (a revolving hole punch would be ideal, findable in scrapbooking or leather working sections of different, both brick and mortar and Internet, sellers), and thin plasticard or even cardboard.
Nail art and scrapbooking half-sphere beads (look great, tougher to place than "flat" rivets). Same sources as above.

Nice projects!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/17 11:23:27

Post by: boundless08

Thanks Littletower! I do like melting and burning stuff, but alas the warden doesn't let me play with things like that anymore.

Tried cutting the plastic rods but found it too annoying but I think I just need better ways to do it. I've been looking around and people seem to use liquid polycement when using it which would cut out a lot of the mess.It's next on the list of the never ending things to buy :(

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/17 23:16:25

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Haha nice work! The grot detective cracked me up perfect posing

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/18 18:37:49

Post by: boundless08

Cheers man! That was all actually a mistake, or as Bob Ross calls them, happy accidents. Was having a few drinks while making it and I actually double checked to make sure the made in china stamp WASN'T visible, and somehow completely got it wrong. It worked out better in the end with the pointing grot.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/09/22 23:08:00

Post by: boundless08

Okay, so last weekend I was on call in work and this week has just been a complete shitfest! I got a good bit of modelling done when drunk/hungover on Sunday morning but nay, not a drop of paint was put on anything. The week previous I finished by LoER entry which I'm fairly happy with under time constraints and made some things. Completed two of the chaos objective markers I had in my mind-box and will have to double down on the last 5 to get them done. Finally, I kitbashed and converted 3 different models for the 3 lads in my work gaming group(this was most of my drunk and hungover modelling). The lads were all happy with them and I'll try to get pics of them once they've been painted and based.

So first off the least work but hardest to complete, the Cadre Fireblade! Pretty much just firewarrior bits but I didn't know how I was going to make him stand out. The GW mini has that flowing cape and extended arms to give him a bigger looking presence, but he's still only the same size as a normal firewarrior. The high gun and scanner thingy makes him stand out, and I decided to place him on a cork to give a bit more height. Throw in some bits from the commander sprue to help bulk out the silhouette and I think it's passable:

Next up, Ork Weirdboy. He's based off a nob from the AOBR kit. Clipped the axe and glued on the runtherd thingy bits on either end. The totem thingy in his left hand is just cut from plasticard and then he's got some of those bits of meat from the kroot carnivore kit to give him a more feral feel. There's a green stuff cape as well that I tried to make look tattered and I cured it at an angle so it looks like it's gusting back as he's running or generating weird powers:

And last but maybe least is the Ad Mech Tech Priest Enginseer. This was the most work and probably the most shoddily made as there was just a lot to do and unfortunately my skills are not quite there yet. So, the legs are from the wracks kit with the bogy and backpack being IG, so far, so easy. They didn't mesh well together so I needed to green stuff something to seal it and also cover the more wracky bits on the skirt. Now, I think I did alright with the front but the back is a bit of a mess. As I was told before, "lube up", that Vaseline really helps sculpt the green stuff. Okay so on from that lots of bits I got from a bits lot order on ebay. Right hand is a space wolf power maul with a rhino gun sponson(I think), and with both a mechanicus skull symbol and dark angels symbol cut in half for each side of the axe. The left hand is meh but it does the job. IG shoulder, guitar string, crappy greenstuff job and another rhino bit for a claw thing. More rhino bits(again from the lot) for the backpack and servo arm:

On to the objective markers, Khorne one done but might add some extra gribbly bits to the nurlge one, who knows!


And finally I leave it with some pics of my LoER entry. I need to get a close up of that damn goblin because he's definitely my best painted model yet. Love the little bastard!

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Post by: boundless08

Wow nearly a month since an update. Time really does fly by! I haven't even done that much, especially not painting anyway. I've done a bit more modelling, made some wait high pieces of terrain for our new Shadow Wars campaign starting soon(while we very impatiently wait for necromunda!) and also started on more Ork stuff after getting some inspiration from the latest LoER competition. I've got the main body of the next Killa Kan done but he's not quite ready for pictures. I picked up some crappy old Airfix Robogear stuff, anyone ever heard of it? It looks fairly naff but was perfect for orky conversions. What I am showing you today is the start of my first Mek Gun! Just throwing bits together at the moment. The base is the backdoor of a devil fish that came in a ebay bits box order. The wheels are Orc drums I think? The rest is pretty obvious


Side(before armour):

Zzap Gun:

Side armours(some of the rivets are a bit big, will need to trim them down when the glue drys):

Lemme know what you think! Maybe this week I'll start painting LoLZeRS!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/11/19 13:01:10

Post by: Syro_

Enjoyable blog, I'm looking forward to more. I liked your crashed plane in the last terrain comp, thought it was very funny. That Chaos lord of the Juggernaut is full of character. I also really like the shokk attack gun you made.
What did you make the buzz saw arm on your killa kan out of?

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/11/19 20:27:10

Post by: boundless08

 Syro_ wrote:
Enjoyable blog, I'm looking forward to more. I liked your crashed plane in the last terrain comp, thought it was very funny. That Chaos lord of the Juggernaut is full of character. I also really like the shokk attack gun you made.
What did you make the buzz saw arm on your killa kan out of?

Cheers man! The saw is actually out of a wind up toy truck(should be a picture on the first page with the airplanes), it's a big enough one that I was planning to use for a future trukk/battlewagon conversion so I just ripped out the mechanism that made it move.

So another while since my last update but I've been hella busy, and probably will be up until the new year at this stage. I did start slapping some paint down on some cultists but they're not even near pic ready yet. Other than that I've bought a good few more things even though I promised myself multiple times I wouldn't one thing I love about this site is that I know I'm not an anomaly in this regard! So I bought a box of raptors, a box of terminators and was over in Manchester for work so picked up a Chaos Space Marine start collecting box, which here is 65 yoyos but I got for around 50 euros over there. I've also bought loads of magnets and just received a new hand drill to get going on the terminators and Helbrute. Alongside that I've been picking up ebay bits lotz for converting and just because it's fun to buy bits!

So on to some pics, gonna be a lot here so be warned! First up, my favourite I've done so far and it's only two pieces. This is continuing on my Chaos Legion series and is the start of my Black Legion Terminator Captain. Just chaos terminator lord body with the top frame trimmed off and a spare helbrute head. It needs more filling and filing to smooth it out but I love it so far.

So from some of the bits boxes I ordered I bashed together a Havoc with Reaper Autocannon. He looks pretty cool imo, again needs more g'stuffing to fill up gaps

From the start collecting troop lads I finished off my Chosen plasma squad

Another thing I started was what I'm calling "bAd Mech" I was out doing hungover shopping so I went into the euro shop to actually get more microphones that I made the last LoER entry from. I seen this hot wheels tank for 2 quid and next thing I had this:

and now

That's the guts of everything. I did get around to playing my first big game in sooooo long! It was 120PL which ended up being nearly exactly 2500 points on either side, my Chaos against Eliotts Tau. Some pics below to show off what our setup is like, was very fun but seeing Eliott's army pretty much fully painted makes me feel bad mine isn't!

The board:

Otherside of the board:

Eliott's crisis suits(he also made the sweet ass objective markers):

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2017/12/04 22:19:26

Post by: boundless08

Alrighty then! These are becoming more sporadic as the slow endless crawl to the holidays continues. Haven't had much modelling time as of late but my time has been invested else where. Shameless plug warning!!! My band got into the new years battle of the bands here in Ireland and we're fething amped! Now, it's been 6 years since I've played live so have been putting a lot more time into practicing rather than just aimless noodling about the guitar as of late. It's a big one as the winner of the competition gets to play Bloodstock in the UK! For any of you there of the metal persuasion we self recorded a two song EP last year: https://greystag.bandcamp.com/releases

Now, on to the nerding! I've pictures from a game last week that I'll upload at a later date(to keep the teasing going ) where Peter and myself had 750 points each to make some beautiful imperial soup to slam down against Eliott's filthy Tau fish-goats.

As for modelling, I ordered some very specific bits. Some weapons for my black legion terminator lord and also some leggy wegs for my Night Lords Aspiring Champion, which I then started to put together. My gamer buddy Eric lent me an assault marines jump pack as all the bits sites were out of raptors jump packs. The pack is just blu-tacked on at the moment as I've to add some chaos gubbins to it and I'm also thinking of green stuffing a skin cloak as well just like Sevatar or Mr Curze himself. I also went for the warp talon weapon option with the two claws just like the night lords primarch as well. On the base I plan on having him descending from a little wall or piece of debris like he's flinging himself towards someone. Anyway, let me know what you think!

And at the moment I'm magnetizing terminator arms. Gotta be done! First time magnetizing but it's not so bad, at least I'm not dealing with the really fiddley tiny ones

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Post by: boundless08

Howiya lads! Hope everyone had a great holiday. Mine was bloody hectic with this weekend being the first time in a while I'm literally just sitting down and doing nothing. I did get a good bit of modelling done as I was "working" from home on the 27th, 28th, 30th, 31st and 1st(the joys of being on call!) and tomorrow is supposed to be alright here weather wise so I want to get priming as I'm getting fed up of staring at all this grey plastic. As for hobby haul over the break The Warden treated me to the new Necromunda boxset and I can't wait to get started on it, hopefully will start tonight. I made the mistake of cleaning up my bits box after getting some bead boxes for better sorting but ended up starting several projects when I found bits I wanted to use so my desk is a mess at the moment. Lots of pics below!

First off I want to share a model that my friend in work made for me. It's damn amazing, I fething love this thing! Only problem is primaris caps can't use a TH/SS loadout but the guys won't mind for our games, I'll just pay the points for it or use him as a termie captain.


Since we're on Salamanders I'll share the next project I'm working on at the moment. I picked up two ETB Reivers boxes and also some spellcrow bits to salamanderify them. I wanted them to be really feral looking and different from the standard ones. I got the tabbards, cloaks and terminator shoulder pads for them to jazz them up. I got the headcrests that spellcrow do as freebies but they don't fit very well on the reivers so I left them off. Let me know what you think


And some more spellcrow bits to change the dark vengeance librarian to a better chapter

Alright, alright lets move on to some chaos. I ended up going halfsies on another Dark Vengeance boxset(oopsies!) to get me some more cultists and now I'm up to 3 Helbrutes. My friend Eric took the dark angels and it made me think "huh, I still have those stupid bikes at home". I know some people wouldn't mind but I just could not use those ravenwing bikes as Salamanders the way they were(they're obviously ravenwing!) and I was thinking I needed some more fast attack for my chaos lads anyway. So when tidying up my bits box, I saved some bits and went at these guys! I'm pretty happy with them. They fit my alpha legion aesthetic quite well by not being overly demonic or "chaosy" and for me they're done other than a little green stuffing needed to close up the gaps between the heads and torso where changed.



I also had some games where my I've taken a heavy bolter in my chosen squad to help mow down some extra dudes but my OCD was niggling all the way through the match as my havoc models don't have capes like my chosen SO HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO BE IN A CHOSEN SQUAD!!! Unfortunately I got started making him to realise I'm all out of black ark corsair capes :( one of the lads has a spare one I think so he's checking at home or else it's off to ebay for me! Will be putting a chain around the seams on the bolter to hide them

I also finished my Black Legion Terminator Lord. I really like him. Looks really menacing and bitter. I've just noticed I have to put shoulder pads on him though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay you still with me? That's pretty much it. I've to keep working on my LoER entry as I haven't touched that and the deadline is looming. Looming I say! The last thing I did, which again arose from cleaning my bits box, was start a weird little dude which will be the beginning of an Iron Sleet style warband. I know I missed the invitational but I've always wanted to do something like this. A big inspiration for this is Ynneadwraith's Blog especially his Crows which is his entry for the Iron Sleet Inv. It's amazing go check it out.

The story behind my warband is they were all mutants cast out from civilization living underground and in rural isolation within tribes. They started their own villages but always living in fear of being found and executed, as such they were always on the move so they would not be found. This practice went on for centuries until one day someone noticed it had been years since they came across any new cast outs like themselves. Some went to investigate the towns of the imperium that cast them out only to find everyone had disappeared. There was no trace of a war, or famine or struggle. Humanity just no longer existed on this planet. My tribe came across a small military outpost consisting of a manufactorum and chapel dedicated to the machine god. From scouring over the images, texts and documents they became obsessed with not only the omnissiah but overcoming their imperfect mutations and ascending to a non-organic state. The tribal leaders underwent the most extreme cybernetic augmentations, with the lower ranking classes not being entitled to robotic augments. The lower classes, were however, subjected to surgical procedures to remove their mutations and to graft their limbs, and bodies into more pleasing human like forms. That's the jist of it, needs to be fleshed out more but here's the first model, some type of warrior class dude who has earned his first mechanical augmentation:

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Post by: Syro_

Keep up the good work boundless! I'm starting to worry about the LoER comp too.... still so much to do.
I really like the tabbards on your salamanders. The dragon head on the librarian's breastplate looks great, really changes the feel of the character effectively. That last guy of yours with the robo-arm is creepy (in a good way), I'd probably make him a cultist aspiring champion, leading the others.

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Cheers Syro! You've got much more than me done on the LoER comp so don't worry, pray for me though

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Post by: Syro_

Heh heh, Will do
This is only the second comp I've been a part of, and I'm starting to see why so many people didn't manage to finish in past ones. Best of luck with yours

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Well something there's nothing you can do to stop yourself collecting another army. I somehow got convinced(wasn't very hard) to start a Death Guard army. I already had enough plague marines and somehow had converted a Lord of Contagion before I knew they existed so the only logical thing to do was finally get around to getting Dark Imperium. I went halfsies with Eric from work, who is taking the loyalist scum, so expect to get that next week. Since deciding on the DG I started converting the second batch of Dark Vengeance chosen into Plague Marines and the likes. They still need some green stuffing so pics will come later. I also recently played a game with 750 points of Death Guard(Who knew you could collect that many points of an army by accident(says the man who has over 1500 points of Salamanders by accident!)) and I really really like how they play on the board. Friends are always giving out how horribly lucky I am in life and that translates directly to making ridiculous amounts of disgustingly resilient saves. Plague Marines are tough!

Anyway! Before the rest of the army comes I decided to use my old super thicc plague marines as tests for my paint scheme. They've got that nice open pose and not too much detail so I can really see what it will look like. I'm pretty happy with it but I need to grab another few paints on the weekend. Straken Green being the main one for highlighting the Castellan Green. I had planned on doing 3 tests for agrax, nuln oil and antonian camoshade but I like how the agrax one came out so much I'm not sure now! Anyway, here's what I have, CC very appreciated:

Other than that I finished off all the bulk heads from Necromunda. I'm quite impressed with how they came out but I just followed Saint Duncan's video on youtube and the rest is all in the wrist!

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Post by: Syro_

I'm looking forward to seeing your conversion work on the dark vengeance chosen. I'm not great at CC, but my one thought is that I wonder if the gold trim should be so shiny? I like the looks of what you did with that old school plague marine.

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It's not as shiny in real life but I think you're right that it could be dirtier. Maybe I'll add some rust of it to see what its like? In any case these 5 old school plague marines will be my tests so I'll definitely do one with a heavily rusted gold and if there's anything else just fire it this way.

I picked up the extra paints I needed to finish this lad off so will crack on with that today once my hangover subsides a bit

Automatically Appended Next Post:
And test model is done! I didn't fully edge highlight him, just the chest and feet to get a feel for it but I like it! Aiming to get at least two more marines done, one washed with anthonian camoshade and another with nuln oil, to see which I like best before my new Death Guard comes this week!

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Heeellllloooooo everyone! It's been a while since I posted but real life is hectic and priorities have shifted to other things. For those that care my band won the first round of the battle of the bands so at least the time invested is working out On to the semi finals! I haven't been completely devoid of hobby time, just haven't had time to do any conversions as of late and also have to shelve the painting just while I was getting into it. I have, on the other hand, bought copious amounts of new plastic men. I've also been playing games with the guys in work nigh on every week. For some reason I cannot win against Tyranids, hence the buying of more plastic men The latest I have done is cleared and sorted out all my armies so I thought I'd post my shame piles here. It's a lot of unpainted plastic but slowly but surely I plan to get through this

First up my Tau army. It's funny because this was the army I started collecting when getting back into the hobby and it's just fallen by the wayside. Someday fish-goats, some day...

Next up my accidentally collected space marine army, which is also the most painted, which generally annoys me I started to get them in second hand bundles as they always came with something, pretty much all of them bar the reivers are from some form of starter set, and started painting these to practice and not ruin my "actual" armies with band paint jobs. Funny how things work out

Next up is my Alpha Legion army which started as a 7 man Shadow Wars squad. Their ranks have swollen to quite the formidable size. It's actually missing another Helbrute as well and the line of dudes at the front is my lords project where I want a HQ from each traitor legion. I only have the Iron Warriors one left to do, just need more bits. The death guard lord has found a new home

And the newest army is my Death Guard, or as I like to call them, my Durth Gerd!!!! I've always liked nurgle and the death guard since getting into the hobby so it was only a matter of time with those amazing new models out before I happened upon them. I've got quite a bit already but not enough choice at the moment. I have the DG DI part twice and Know No Fear, and last week I picked up some Blightlord Terminators and a Blight Hauler. The bottom pic is mostly in progress stuff and some old school models. I plan on converting the Dark Vengeance chosen and helbrute to be more nurgley as they're pretty gribbly already, just need some pus and sores. There's some stuff not built from the second DI half as well, I plan on converting some of the elite choices and some CC focused plague marines as well messing about with one of the lords of contagion

Thanks for stopping by!

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Congratulations on the battle of the bands! Also that's a nice collection of guys you got there, painting them is going to keep you busy for a long time. (I have so much to paint too ) Have you planned out which you want to start with?

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Cheers Syro! Yeah when they're all out in front like that it really is a lot! I'm gonna keep cracking on with the death guard. I've based the poxwalkers in white to try the wash only technique I've seen around on them so might crack on with them and assembly line them

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Cool, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your Death Guard

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Lets hope I do them justice! Work space is a mess at the moment, bits everywhere. I collected the order of bases from GW today(and maybe bought something I shouldn't have) so I'm going to hopefully finish the conversions and building this week, followed by a lot of greenstuff tentacles next weekend

Also, the start of my LoER entry, which I actually aim to finish this time!

I sprayed one egg as I didn't believe the internet when they said spray paints melt styrofoam but alas I was wrong. Although I did find out it's only the solvent from the nozzle that actually causes the melting so with the correct technique you can create "controlled melting", the closer the nozzle when you spray the more the foam will melt. With a distance of around 30cm there's no real noticeable melting at all. The slightly puckered and rough look is actually what I'm going for so hopefully I can keep the rest intact and get something good out of this. I had these eggs for ages with an idea of what to do but today in the art shop I seen the big cardboard egg which overwhelmed me with pure inspiration. Lets hope it turns out as well as it looks in my head


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Post by: Syro_

What's Mr. Poopybutthole doing in your egg?
I'm glad to hear you're joining the terrain comp. Should I put you on the list of participants?

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Post by: Camkierhi

Interesting start. One slapdash coat of brushed on paint will protect the foam enough to spray to your hearts content. Though as you say the texture you get and the hardening of the surface from spraying can be useful.

Looking forward to progress.

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Post by: boundless08

cheers guys, and thanks for the tip Cam. Ran out of time last night so I'll try get them based this week. Started building other things, I've the attention span of a gold fish

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Okay I've been held up loads with weather and real life but I've been cracking ahead this week. Finally got back to doing some greenstuffing again and I think its definitely better. Been going slower with it and remembering to lube up(heh heh), it makes such a difference!

First off LoER entry is taking shape. Tomorrow when everything is dry I've to make the base, get all the eggs down then base it and paint on the weekend. Simples, what could go wrong?
Filled with milliput, super glued some sprue in the back for a scaffold it could stick to(extra points for sprue right?):

And covered tonight with greenstuff to make it smoother(I've smoothed it out a bit since the pic as well):

And on to the Durth Gerd!!! I only did these because I made way too much greenstuff for the egg so waste not, want not!
Standard bolter dude from DV converted to have a flail of corruption:

Belly might be a bit big looking at it now but screw it, they're bloated! Plague champion with power fist and plasma gun:

Converted power claw guy turned into icon of despair bearer. Needs some more gribbles on him, not done yet:

Aaaaaand the lord with a big belly, intestines hanging out, a tentacle around the top of the sword and you can just make out a rotting nurgle sign on the cape:

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Post by: Syro_

I love your nid busting out of the egg, it looks great. No actual extra points for sprue this time around, sorry. But it should still impress everyone. The plague marine conversions are looking good too, I really need to get around to making some. I'm digging the flail of corruption dude as well.

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Post by: Camkierhi

Excellent sculpting bud, that bug is awesome.

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Post by: schank23

I have to agree the bug coming out of the egg is superb. Nice job.

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Thanks gents! I'll be keeping on top of it tonight as well.

As for paintjobs, I was thinking this might be a good project to base white and just use the GW washes to get the colour. What do people think?

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So I've been extremely busy lately so not much done on the painting or converting front but managed to squeeze in a bit of buying stuff We got our yearly bonus in work so the warden allowed me to make some purchases as I've relatively good as of late:

Literally the instant after I ordered the above presents I perused the local buy and sell site and found the mother of all tau job lots! For a measly 60 blips I got all the below, some will need quite a bit of stripping but that's fine as I plan to convert most of the crisis suits anyway so they'll be getting the chop.

Bits bag contents

Weird way of sticking it together, I think it's the yellow part from greenstuff? Was very annoying to remove

So that's 1 riptide, 6 stealth suits, 6 crisis suits, 15 firewarriors, 1 devil fish, 3 sniper drones and a cadre fireblade. The last two not even being listed in the ad, they were just loose in the bits bag. I've also got my first match in nearly a month tomorrow so I'll be hamming it up again for the foreseeable future

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Post by: Syro_

Wow, that's quite a haul!

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Post by: Camkierhi

Fantastic haul, nice new shinys and the Tau job lot are a brilliant find. How do you strip models may I ask? I use Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing Alcohol) or Methylated Spirits , both work really fast, but require you scrub the models rather than just soak and rinse.

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Post by: boundless08

I've just used dettol before but haven't liked it that much, I find it too messy. I'm going to try the methylated spirits way see how that goes

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Post by: Big H

I find brake fluid strips paint really well, and àt least for me it is fairly easy to get hold of and dispose of in a waste oil recycling place, however I've been using the same jar of oil for years !

Cool Tau haul, look forward to seeing your conversion ideas as my son has just start with Tau !

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Post by: Camkierhi

I use a toothbrush and elbow grease with the Meth and works fast.

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Post by: boundless08

I've went for the meth in the end as from looking around brake fluid looks a bit messier, and don't think the warden would allow a pot of brake fluid hanging around the apartment We'll see how the meth goes

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Sooooo after purchasing the methylathed spirits it jogged my brain on something I've left stewing for quite some time!

Thats a big nasty box of bits soaking in dettol for a good 2 months good thing it was dettol, plastic seemed fine and the paint came right off most of the dudes. Bloody stinks though! This was from a big ebay job lot containing loads and loads of stuff

Which contained these choice pieces! Looks like the guy tried to make Gor Half-Horn, which I think looks great, so I'm looking forward to finishing him. I'm slapping that metal sword on a lieutenant at the moment, and those look like some very old terminator arms!

I also had my first game in a long time(life eh?). Decided to bring the Salamanders out and try the aggressors I just purchased. Aggressors are amazing! Stealth suits in cover are extremely annoying, be annoyed no more! They move very quickly, since they'll be advancing all the time, and using the salamanders strat Flamecraft they do some serious wounds. Plus, those fists! I won 10ish VC to the Tau's 3. Need to play some more but also fighting my friend Eliotts fully painted army fills me with envy for my lazy not-painting :(

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Post by: Syro_

I'm glad you finally got a game in. It looks like fun, I enjoy seeing a set up table like that with armies fighting over it

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Post by: kestral

Love that guy with the Kroot arm and chaos warrior head. Just the right amount of wrong in the proportions!

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Post by: boundless08

I mean to put up pics of the things I've been bashing away at over the last few weeks but been so busy with my band it's completely lipped my mind. I finished building the plague burst crawler and have a game with it this week. I also started making some more space marines with all the bits that I cleaned up since last time, so without further ado!

My lieutenant with power sword and master crafted boltgun! It's very funny if you know what kit that gun comes from:

Captain w/ jump pack and thunder hammer storm shield. Two of the guys in my work gaming group gave me the jump pack as well as the hammer and vanguard legs:

And my version of Gor Half-Horn. I've very happy I had that particular raptor sword left over as it matches exactly where his head was pointing and I didn't need to remove it. Don't you love serendipity?

Now on to something a bit more... eggy

I'm stuck on call this weekend so house bound for most of it, the warden is down the country visiting family so it's the best time to try and finish my LoER entry. I made up my mind before that I wil be doing the majority of this using only washes to see what can be done, and the alien nature of it meant I could experiment with colours. So here's what I've been at! I'm currently waiting for the first layer to dry:

Important tools and resources:

And after the first layer:

Garish and gaudy enough?

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Post by: Flinty

The egg is definitely gribbley. Also the God is looking good too.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/04/21 19:35:58

Post by: boundless08

@Flinty Cheers! Hopefully after lots of washes it will look even more gribbly. The most gribbly even!

@Syro it is great to finally play some games again! I've aways been a collector/converter but when you have a massive army of dudes its always great to bring them along and just throw down with a friend

@kestral thanks very much, I thought so myself. I was thinking the cyber arm was a bit much but the out stretched hand does make it look very grim dark and scary even. I had other ideas for that warband but I've consolidated that to the back of the pile of shame. I feel the need to massively prioritize things since real life comes so hard and heavy

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Post by: boundless08

Hey guys, just a quick check in. I got the urge to go at my death guard conversions again. Finished off the Foul Blightspawn tonight and starting on my own version of Typhus, but that's for later. Some pics of the blightspawn, as always let me know what you think.

I had to copy the nurgling holding the grenade from the original model, just found a different way to fit him in:

Isn't he just menacing looking?

Packing a lot in the back

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Post by: boundless08

I also made a Typhus! I've to fill up the spaces around the arms with greenstuff and sculpt his destroyer hive but other than that he's donezo and I'm hella happy with him. I currently have my Daemon Prince and Helbrute on my cutting board but might just go ahead and make something else! Who knows!!?!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/05/04 02:11:45

Post by: Syro_

Looking good! The helbrute you'll be making, is it a Dark Vengeance one, or from a regular kit?

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/05/04 16:55:31

Post by: boundless08

It's the Dark Vengeance one. I love that kit! It's so hard to not buy any I see on eBay I'll be making him in to a twin las and missile launcher one with a few nurgley bits to tie him into the death guard. I also finished rebasing and converting the chosen squad, just need some green stuff work and they're done.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the painting of my LoER entry! That will be done over this long weekend

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/05/04 22:13:38

Post by: Syro_

No worries about the LoER entry, with the extention you have plenty of time with how far you already are.

I have to agree with you on the Dark Vengeance Helbrute You know me, how I like making most of my stuff and not buying too much, well I've bought a total of 3 Dark Vengeance Helbrutes. I've sawed one into many pieces to try and do some heavy conversion on it, and the project kinda stalled out. I'm looking forward to seeing yours, maybe it will inspire me to get back to mine.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/05/13 09:07:20

Post by: Camkierhi

Great stuff here, looking forward to the brute though, always looking at it and thinking myself....

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/05/13 15:12:19

Post by: monkeytroll

Some nice conversions you got here. Liking the mutie on the previous page, and the gor in particular.

Look forward to seeing what you do with the hellbrute

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Post by: boundless08

Thanks guys. Haven't gone near the converting/creating corner in the last week. My band got through to the finals of the Mammothfest competition so been practicing for that like a loon(and doing important things like seeing the Rolling Stones last night) for that. I've taken an hour from here and there to paint my LoER entry. Need to pick up some more colours for highlights on the weekend but I'm happy to share the nearly completed entry for some feedback. I know I've mentioned it before but I purposely did everything except the Tyranid with washes to see the effect. I think it gives it a cool comic book type feel. Anyway, here she is:

Aaaaand I may have bought a new thing! An unopened box of sternguard came up on a local buy and sell site for cheap so I snatched it up. The amount of options is just too much for me though... so I sorted that issue out with a quick trip to spellcrow! I've enough now to make 11 Sternguard! I plan to make 5 with the special issue boltgun, make a few with flamers and meltaguns as that's fluffy for the Salamanders and I'm not sure on the rest. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

And here's the freebies they threw in! Lots of great stuff, all slightly mis-cast but nothing a little cleaning can't fix

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Post by: boundless08

I'm still here! And actually started doing that thing I always said I would do. Painting! I've a few boys lined up for this weekend while the warden is away to blast out. Same excuse as always for the delay, life!

So this lad is base paints and wash. I went for a darker green, castellan green, for the armour as that's how I always remembered the Death Guard. Thinking of doing the smoke bright yellow, still only primer.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/06/23 03:48:10

Post by: Syro_

Very nice boundless, that a a beautiful crisp paint job. Good to see you back, and no worries about life keeping you busy.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/06/23 18:42:49

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Syro. I'm really liking these plague marines. A lot of detail but really nice to paint. They've definitely got my motivation up. I powered ahead and finished this guy off today, have 5 of his buddies lined up for finishing next

But here's the end result. I'm really happy with it. Any CC would be great. I only edge highlighted a bit of the armour and will probably keep it at that level for the rest of the guys

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Post by: boundless08

`Nearly did it guys, nearly finished a squad! Just waiting for the sitrland mud to dry so I can finish of the bases(and the highlights on the corked ones) so leaving it for tonight and will go at them tomorrow. I also need seraphim sepia for the pustules, or if anyone else has a better way to do them let me know.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/06/24 23:09:39

Post by: Syro_

Wow, you're really moving on those guys, looking good! I wonder if it would help to use a dark wash on the mouth grill of that first marine?

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/06/26 16:39:02

Post by: boundless08

@Syro you mean the little guy? I think he does need a bit of revisiting after learning a bit painting the others

So I cracked on ahead and got these guys finished last night(stirland mud takes ages to dry)! Really happy with them but after taking the photos I can already see loads of places to touch up, close ups man In any case, they look great from a tabletop view so I'm happy to leave them like they are for now, plus I've primed another 7 and they're sitting in front of me ready for a base coat once I finish this post.

CC is very welcome. I'm happy with the results but I could get much better and more efficient painting these. Things that need to be done 1) highlight more, I only did the armour, 2) more agrax/definition on the weapons, they're a bit meh atm 3) large spikes are a big bland, need some texture or colour gradient to them and 4) paint those lovely pustules! I created another thread asking the good people here at dakka how they do them. I need to get more paint for final highlights on the plasma guns and also for the aforementioned pustules.

Here's the squad:

My favourite guy so far. I loved this model since I first seen DI announced, so much character. I'm particularly happy with the helmet lens and the small ripple I got at his foot. Gun is too bland atm though:

Second guy, pretty normal. Gun needs work and the spikes as well:

Now this guy I'm not happy with his flesh tube(ick). I'm thinking of picking up some carroburg crimson to make it a bit darker? It's just washed with reikland atm which I don't think is enough:

Sergeant next, I like this guy. I was worried about this one with the open face but I like how it came out:

Another normal dude, the red tubes need highlighting because they're so prominent on this guy:

And the small boi! Need to get an orange to do extreme highlights. Tried to do a plasma glow, which kind of works?

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/06/26 17:14:34

Post by: monkeytroll

Looking good.

For the first-time guy maybe try spot washing the crimson, rather than washing the whole tube. So but it up around the years and spots.

Been awhile since I painted any boils, but I often went the other way to many - all white, then yellow ibk, then thin washes of darker yellow, red and finally purple as you work out from centre.


Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/06/27 13:54:50

Post by: boundless08

Ugh, I think I actually gagged a bit when expanding the spoiler they're brilliant, very pustuley. That's exactly what I want on a smaller scale, need to grab some yellow wash this weekend and try it out. Thanks monkeytroll

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/07/08 06:52:30

Post by: Camkierhi

Lots of great work there. Good luck with the boils.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/07/08 09:35:18

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Cam! First go at the boils and I'm fairly happy with them. Casandora yellow wash over rakarth, then blood for the blood god, some yriel yellow in the middle then another yellow wash

I've got an assembly line of 9 guys lined up that I'm cracking through every other day. Got my base colours down but I keep getting distracted by battletech, just love that game! Decided to go back to another project yesterday though, old Mr. Daemon Prince

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/07/08 16:17:46

Post by: Syro_

I love the boils, but probably not for the reason you are hoping. To me, the effect looks really good for the guy being full of hot magma like some heldrakes are painted. So to me the boils look more like intense heat and light leaking out of the body. The nurgle-ification of the daemon prince is looking very nice too.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/07/14 11:44:32

Post by: boundless08

Thanks Syro, yeah they're not really sickly. Probably need a purple wash or something but I'm happy with how they look and time to move on. Plan to get a lot of hobbying done this weekend as I'm on call for work so house bound

In other news I'm very immature friend lent me his green stuff world tube roller and I decided to make my Daemon Prince's plague spewer extra nasty

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/07/14 16:39:16

Post by: Syro_

That is hilarious!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/07/24 00:48:29

Post by: Camkierhi

Perfect. Subtle enough that it is not in your face, but once seen never forgotten.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/11/17 17:12:55

Post by: boundless08

Omg where does the time go!? It's been an extremely hectic few months since the end of the summer and only starting to get back to normal. Turns out recording, promoting and releasing an EP is much more work than I thought. Then the usual work, family issues, cat needing surgery blah blah but I'm back for now! Until the next road block life throws at me

I had my first game in months last week which got my warhammer juices flowing again! I grabbed my white primed poxwalkers and washed them into shape. Really happy how they came out and will assembly line them in groups of 10 next time I'd say. Everything except the metals, some leather pouches and the main lads coat is pure washes

Another thing that kicked this off is our work clubs Kill Team order finally arrived. It was out of stock for ages and took about 2 months since we ordered it to arrive.The great thing is we got 200 budget from our sports and clubs team so we have a nice kill team collection in the office now. We got the main box, sector mechanicus killzone, the deathwatch killteam set, the imperial tempestus kill team set and 3 boxes of ETB cadian guardsmen to fill up the remaining points in the genestealer cults and guard killteams. We're planning an open night next week inviting people to help us build and play some games, maybe get some new members.

So I needed to finish my deathguard kill team! Primed and ready for painting!

Plague Champion - plaguesword and plasma gun

Plague Marine Fighter - bubotic axe and plague knife

Plague Marine Fighter - Flail of corruption

Plague Marine Gunner - blight launcher

Plague Marine - icon of despair

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/11/17 20:25:15

Post by: Syro_

It's nice to see you back boundless. I like the conversion for the plague champion

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/11/19 07:19:34

Post by: Camkierhi

Welcome home, nice work on the kill team.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/11/22 13:55:35

Post by: boundless08

Cheers guys! Started painting the kill team but boy these chosen models have a lot of detail! Finishing off the poxwalkers as well atm. Will try to keep the painting train rolling for a while

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/12/04 16:17:18

Post by: boundless08

So I've been sick the last week, off work with a nasty sinus infection given by grandfather nurgle himself! Wasn't able to do anything at the start but have recovered enough to start painting again and off work till tomorrow so great time to try out some experimenting with poxwalkers. I've been really enjoying the basing white then washing and I wanted to understand how each wash worked on it's own, so started experimenting.

Drakenhof Nightshade, Nuln Oil, and Coelia Greenshade

Biel Tan Green, Athonian Camoshadeand Agrax Earthshade

Reikland Fleshshade, Cassandora Yellow and Druchii Violet

Carroburg Crimson, Seraphim Sepia and Fuegan Orange

I've been messing around to see what colours go over what shades for boils and such so some look meh but others I'm really happy with. Going to block in the rags and metals today, finish the bases and hopefully be done by tomorrow night with another 14 poxwalkers!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/12/05 12:36:27

Post by: inmygravenimage

Had a good rummage through. Some cracking GS work and like the wash approach to the poxies, very similar to how I did mine. I'm a fan of grubbier metal on my nurgle, personally, but your stuff is looking snazzy nonetheless.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/12/05 15:09:06

Post by: kestral

Nice work! I wouldn't call it sub par, unless you have a much better thread some where - absolutely on par for most of us!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2018/12/22 16:08:02

Post by: boundless08

Thanks very much guys! Appreciate the feedback. Important thing is I'm having fun.

Been a bit longer than I wanted between updates, and actually working on stuff, but I've been to two funerals over the last 2 weeks and I just cannot wait for 2018 to be behind me!!!

I finished the washes on the poxies so hoping to get the metals and other bits done before xmas:

Happy holidays to everyone if I'm not online!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/01/02 11:04:51

Post by: boundless08

So back in work today after a long enough break. Got a good bit done but unfortunately bought some more stuff, whoops! Kill Team boxset came back into stock at goblin gaming, and I got paid out my work expenses just before christmas sooooooo yeah great set!

But! 2019 is the year I paint!

Test model so taking it slow with this one. Got to say the quality is already much better than my marine painted a few pages back(which is over a year at this stage anyway!). Base is messy because I removed the sand on all of my based ones, the texture paint is just way easier. I really like how the green came out. Was primed using army painter green, then heavy nuln oil wash, once dried a heavy drybrush of warpstone green and then moot green highlight. Need to get some more paints for the salamanders skin. C&C welcome and happy new year everyone!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/01/02 12:39:41

Post by: Danny76

Just noting down that method for Salamanders armour. Very nice so far!

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/02/03 19:24:50

Post by: boundless08

How time slips away. Haven't had much hobby time all through January. A lot of traveling, lots of events on and I fully overhauled by hobby space as well. I'll take some pictures during the week as some bits still need to be cleaned up but I was waiting for my new desk organisers to come as it was becoming unusable. For someone who doesn't paint that much I have way too many paints and there was bits everywhere.

Once that was all done I finished my salamander sergeant and I'm very happy with him. I think it's an acceptable level and I plan to get the entire army up to this at least, and spend a bit more time on detailing characters. I have two final test scheme models on the go, one terminator and one intercessor with some spellcrow conversions. Just want to test out their schemes then I can start batch jobbing these lads. You probably want to see the goods, so wait no more:

I purposely chose an open skin face to properly test the salamanders skin tone painting. Always been scared to paint skin but less so now, just following saint duncans steps on the warhammer tv youtube channel. It stands out a lot more off the black IRL

Next thing to do will be to build a proper lightbox to take better pictures in future, and I have the space to store one now too with my new layout

I also tested my hand a painting a picture of my cat for The Warden and it was quite enjoyable. It's obviously quite simple but myself and the missus are quite happy with it. Only thing I'm annoyed about is the whiskers, ceramite white is the bane of my life and it's a clumpy horrible mess of a paint

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/02/04 17:32:25

Post by: boundless08

WFH today so picked up my latest conquest bundle from the post depot. Decided to take a picture as I always like seeing how these things come together. This is issues 19-22. Only two small conversions done to the Riever Sergeant, whose head was replaced with a spellcrow one, and the Blightlord Terminator with the plague spewer was given a spare axe so he's a legal normal Blightlord now

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/03/13 23:11:50

Post by: boundless08

Ahhh, what happened to the time! Been going through an awful time in work, pure nasty bollocks like so found myself a new job. Handed in my notice and finished up the end of the month! That on top of normal life stuff have slowed down the painting work but I've a week off in April I'm hoping to catch up.

Anyway, latest conquest stuff(with shameless display of my bands freshly pressed CD):

And I made two abberants for my GSC kill team to round up the starter set to around 100 points. I like how they came out. Obviously the chubbier castaways from what they usually make:

I also had my first game of kill team and it's very fun. My Death Guard against my friend's(who is also called Steve) Deathwatch. It was a really close game, like stupid close! It was so close we actually don't know who won, but we had fun and the game was short enough that The Warden wasn't annoyed at the time I came home after work. In sadder news with the changing of jobs I'll be leaving my work warhammer group behind. Hopefully will find like minded people in the new place but that's to be seen

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/03/14 01:32:58

Post by: Syro_

It's good to see you back boundless. Sorry to hear work has been such a pain, glad that you're free now. Cool haul of stuff, and congrats on your band's release. The abberants are looking cool, I'll have to take a peek in the Gene Stealer Cult codex one of these days.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/03/16 17:23:05

Post by: Camkierhi

Welcome home. Looks good.

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/03/26 11:14:06

Post by: boundless08

Cheers Cam and Syro. Slowly getting back into things after a hectic few months.

I did some "painting" over the last 3 days. Friends were sharing big things they're working on in our whatsapp chat which got me wanting to do something big.

I'm not 100% happy with it but it will do. The recipe I have for the marines(which is spray green, wassh all over and heavy dry brush green) doesn't work quite as well on big flat armour pieces. Container doesn't matter but I would have liked the dread better. He's a bit blotchy up close. I won't be changing him though, No matter how bad my old work is I always like to keep it as a reminder of how to do things right in future and an example of how far I've come.

Anyway, once the shade dried went ahead with the container, one down and 2 more to go:

I also finally finished painting the 16 poxwalkers that have been staring at me the last few months. I started on the bases last night and will hopefully finish them this week:

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/03/26 12:27:14

Post by: inmygravenimage

I like the colour variation in your poxies, really gives the monoposes some variety. With the containers, would you consider running some oil streaks down from the vents maybe?

Boundless's sub-par conversion projects - Currently Painting Durth Gerd @ 2019/03/26 23:32:29

Post by: boundless08

@inmygravenimage I was actually thinking of that and remember warhammer tv showing how to do it with their necromunda terrain using really watered down brown. Might do some tests first try it

I blasted ahead tonight and finished off the 16 poxwalkers. Now just 40ish more to go :/

I am having fun with them though. So much fun that I started on 9 more with the nuln oil skin as that was my favourite. Will definitely mix them more up in future but will keep some consistency for the sake of being able to tell what squad they are in