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Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/04/23 18:50:44

Post by: Llamahead

A couple of year's back inmygravenimage ran a competition The Great Repurposing. I came 2nd with this guy.

6mm Gryphon Rider.

To enter this I sort of had to buy a 6mm army as the character pack wasn't available seperately in the shop and after a while it ended up like this

It was chronicled here http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/356363.page on my Hijinks and Shenanigans blog.

I rather liked this scheme and when I started painting up models for Frostgrave I tried it on a few of my 28mm Brettonians. This is the result.

I rather liked it and have decided to paint up my Brets in this scheme as my original attempt to paint a white scheme never worked well. My attempts to paint freehand heraldry was also disastrous.

I have rather a lot of the Perry metals to use and far preferred this generation of Brettonians to the recently defunct plastics. I currently have no need to buy more models for this army and if I do it'll be Fireforge Games and Perry plastics rather than GW. The current aim is to use this army in Kings of War & Dragons Rampant. The background material will also be associated with my homebrew setting of Mundi rather than any official setting.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/04/24 20:44:17

Post by: Llamahead

Painted up a Grail Damsel as much for Frostgrave as for this army.

Actually very happy with her.

I've also been reading the army lists for Kings of War. Currently I'm planning to go with the Kingdom of Men. This offers a basic list with a wide variety of units. Brotherhood is the more natural choice if all I'm looking for is a straight Brettonian port but in the fullness of time I want the variety of infantry and artillery I've got in my 6mm force. i'll probably retain the option to use it as Brotherhood however.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/05/04 20:24:34

Post by: Llamahead

I picked up these Black Tree design historicals ages ago to use with my army in skirmishes and sieges. They fit nicely within the Brotherhood and Kingdom of Men lists and give both of those armies an actual option for siege games.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/06/18 05:49:46

Post by: Azazelx

Some very nice models here!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/06/18 08:46:58

Post by: evildrcheese

Cool. I really like tha Grail Damsel model.


Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/06/22 19:52:05

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Everybody.
Here's the first troop.

There painted up but still require a banner and maybe shield decals. I'm planning to use printed banners and maybe transfer paper for the shields. However if anybody knows of a good source of sunrise transfers or banners I'm interested.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/06/25 07:55:47

Post by: Llamahead

I've got transfer paper on order now.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/07/10 08:49:50

Post by: Llamahead

Got the transfer paper I will create my own transfer sheet when I get a round to it. Fortunately I've got a unit which doesn't require them for this month's pledge but it'd be nice to beat the challenge. Bearing in mind a troop counts for the pledge, although a regiment counts better and a horde counts bestest.

I've also completed two Zombicide heroes both of which will probably end up being involved in this force somehow.



I'm not even going to pretend I've not earmarked all the Monty Python models for this army.......

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/07/27 20:59:15

Post by: Llamahead

Grail Knight entering the fray

Just finishing of the final archer for the troop.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/07/31 09:59:32

Post by: Llamahead

Archer Troop scrapes in to complete the pledge.

Next months is transfer sheet and Knight and Pole-Arm Troops.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/08/14 16:08:30

Post by: Llamahead

Got the transfer sheet printed out. Simply used clipart as I don't want anything too ornate.

This guy will also join the army Falstaff from Zombicide.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/08/15 19:49:35

Post by: Llamahead

After all the faff with the transfer sheet it didn't work at all so freehand it is. Oops.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/08/20 09:02:41

Post by: Llamahead

Got my pledge finished for this month

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/08/27 22:38:38

Post by: Llamahead

You know I said I didn't need new models. Well I splurged out on a big Waylands games order. I've been semi-promoted at work and doing a fair amount of overtime and in the next 5 weeks I'm finishing my thesis and completing my MA so I've brought new toys. Lots of them, coming soon!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/08/29 17:36:43

Post by: Llamahead

Lady Faye a nice Zombicide Female paladin to join the force

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/08/29 17:41:52

Post by: evildrcheese

Congrats on all the real life stuff, looking forward to seeing your new toys.

Paladin is looking sharp too.


Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/09/04 17:13:14

Post by: Llamahead

Been to the Hereward Wargames Show at Perterborough picked up a few bits and bobs. Open Combat or Blood Bowl the wargame. Some Arabs, Gates of Antares bugs and a pile of Bones for Frostgrave but best of all a complete 2nd hand but new on sprue Pike & Shotte starter Battalia for £40. This'll give me 2 of these excellent boxes for the force. Uh thats a lot of Plastic! I also played two games and lost with Vikings twice. Open Combat which gives me a detailed skirmish and a third level of fantasy rules to use my collection with and I played Herewards Attack on Peterborough against a little girl. Naturally she won with a double six allowing the Norman Abbot to smash the skull of the upstart Saxon rebel. Leaving my Danes to try and explain it was just a coincidence and they'd just been trying to return these poor lost cows to their rightful owners.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/09/05 20:31:05

Post by: Llamahead

Here's a photo

Good result there.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/09/19 16:21:51

Post by: Llamahead

Sir Montalban Zombicide Survivor

Spearman Troop

Still want to get the light cavalry done. I'm also considering whether I have a troop of Foot Guard done might sneak them in as next months pledge if nobody notices!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/09/22 14:11:03

Post by: Llamahead

Here you go evildrcheese

Once Wayland Games got everything in delivery was next day courier and just to prove I am assembling as well.

These are the first models from the other Battalia I acquired currently humming and hahing about how to paint them. Midnight Blue sash is definite but another spot colour to make them look like a mercenary contingent probably from a Swiss/Scandanavian inspired Dwarven influenced state makes sense.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/09/24 15:06:58

Post by: Llamahead

Pledge for the month completed. Battling with the Sprue Mountain currently it's still high but it's ending up into a dozen ice cream tubs and two bitz boxs gradually. The Perry miniatures are gorgeous. So many nice useful parts excellent poses and brilliantly researched options. When I'm in the mood I'll get some sprue shots done.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/09/25 13:03:40

Post by: Llamahead

Heres a set of sprue photographs. We'll start with the ECW stuff.





and now on to the meat and drink the Perrys stuff.

The French Infantry box give 1 of these Foot Knight Sprues

and 3 of these sprues

The War of the Roses Foot box provides
2 Command Sprues

and 3 core sprues

While the mercenaries provide 2 of these command sprues

and 3 Core Sprues

The bodies and heads on the core sprues of these sets are identical.

The Foot Knights box provide 1 character sprue

and 6 core sprues

Both Cavalry boxes come with 4 of these horse sprues

While the Mounted Men-at-Arms comes with 3 of these

and the Light Cavaly comes with 3 of these.

All are utterly awesome and utterly recommended and now to continue the assault on sprue mountain

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/09/27 16:05:41

Post by: Llamahead

Began getting the Perry stuff assembled.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/10/01 21:32:19

Post by: Llamahead

Been slightly rash on my pledges this month finishing of my Foot Guard, Knights of the Realm and Grail Knight troops and turning the troop of knights into a regiment. Equally that's only 8 models but don't tell anyone!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/10/07 13:09:17

Post by: Llamahead

Chauncey from Zombicide is done

He finishes of the first troop of Foot Guard

Really liking the Zombicide knights. Nice and realistic style which fits my preference for grim and gritty fantasy.

I've also got a classic Bretonnian hero done.

This guy is the test model for my ECW

Tan and a midnight blue sash giving them a more formal look than the earlier elements.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/10/28 19:42:51

Post by: Llamahead

Kept the Tan look for the first of my ECW foote as well.

Works nicely. It'll be distinct but fit the force fine.

I've also got the Grail Knights finished. Working away from home might mean I'll fail this month's pledge harrummppphhh.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/11/05 16:24:13

Post by: Llamahead

Finished the knight regiment. Two standards and no musician due to available models. The banners are awaiting inspiration.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/11/21 17:58:37

Post by: Llamahead

First batch of the Perry Miniatures painted up. Currently I'm fighting with Baron Odo to get the Knights of the Realm done.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/11/27 16:05:41

Post by: Llamahead

Finally got the Knights done.

I've also got the Pole-Arms up to a regiment.

The armies growing nicely now.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/12/13 18:28:26

Post by: Llamahead

First part of the pledge and a random hero


Bones model hmm details nowhere near as sharp as Board Games plastic or HIPS

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2016/12/29 19:18:27

Post by: Llamahead

I've finished the Arquebusier Troop.

This finishes the final pledge and here is the final force

I'm going to keep adding models to this army at a steady pace the aim is to get a decent force finished for Kings of War and Dragons Rampant in the near future. No new purchases are planned for this army any time soon as I'm still assembling that massive order. Equally you'll get to see new stuff here fairly regularly for the next few months as I haven't shown off the Artillery or any completed Perry Cavalry yet. This army is going to be my primary project for a long while to come!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/03/31 18:41:29

Post by: Llamahead

Long time no update but it's a Compleat Llamahead as well with posts on my Forces of Nurgle https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/360/231101.page#9247091 and Rawl Plug Shenanigans https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/750/356363.page#9283330 as well.
First set of painted Perry Foot Knights

Expectmorecompleted units soon honest.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/04/05 20:10:11

Post by: Llamahead

Here's the first completed unit of the year.......

Ummm better late than never!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/04/17 08:19:53

Post by: Llamahead

Another painted unit. while it may not seem I'm getting much done I'm continuing my habit of batch panting four models but with different equipment and therefore from different regiments this keeps me interested and provides models for Skirmish regiments. Incidentally I've shown these as a troop rather than a regiment for KoW as i think they look better that way and will probably be more effective.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/04/26 08:33:23

Post by: Llamahead

First Perry Mounted Man-at-Arms enters fray. The Perry kits are leaps and bounds ahead of most in terms of layout and options.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/04/26 09:25:19

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice job on the mounted knight.


Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/04/26 16:31:04

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Looking good, interesting minis as well. How do they relate to GW figs?

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/04/27 09:33:20

Post by: Llamahead

Hadn't realised I hadn't done a scale shot. More Gracile is how I would describe it. "True" as opposed to "Heroic" but work fine together.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/04/27 09:42:54

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Interesting. Information stored away for future use . Thanks for the scale shot!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/04/27 19:56:34

Post by: Llamahead

No trouble already done it it was just on my Rawl Plug Shenanigan blog as the three unpainted models were new stuff for Frostgrave

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/05/29 18:40:02

Post by: Llamahead

Finally finished my regiment of Foot Guard today huge variety of miniatures in there can anyone name all the makers?

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/06/12 17:38:53

Post by: Llamahead

Red Box Games Katherine of Chalton. Excellent no fuss female model.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/07/15 18:33:51

Post by: Llamahead

Perry Knight with a Fireforge Games Russian shield due to historical accuracy the Perry miniatures don't have shields my Knights aren't so worried about reality and therefore have them.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/08/06 14:58:58

Post by: Llamahead

A Troop of Musketeers enters the fray.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/09/25 20:21:35

Post by: Llamahead

Got my first regiment of Pike finished

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/10/12 21:01:42

Post by: Llamahead

Just pledged for Joan of Arc on Kickstarter because the Dragon is awesome. This'll start the Army of New Haven in a whole new scale.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/10/21 10:26:13

Post by: Llamahead

Spearmen Troop
All Perry models the Spears being longer and thinner plastic versions just don't scale well with the Brettonian Spearmen. These are minly made with parts from the French Hundred Years War box.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/10/21 11:04:11

Post by: Azazelx

Nice work mate. Those Perry models are great!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/11/04 17:19:41

Post by: Llamahead

Not the best models to demonstrate it because of their pavises but I'm most impressed with the Crossbows most would just research one type but the Perrys did half a dozen with distinct loading mechanisms. Excellent stuff.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/11/05 04:47:18

Post by: Azazelx

They look great - especially with their pavises. Which Perry models are these?

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/11/05 17:43:49

Post by: Llamahead

They're mixed and matched from both the European Mercenaries and the Agincourt French Infantry. The Pavises definitely look great but you can't really see all the intricately detailed crossbow mechanisms. The Hand Guns also have an excellent style to them.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/11/12 17:56:29

Post by: Llamahead

Sir Gilbert from Zombicide

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/11/13 01:02:04

Post by: kestral

Nice stuff. Maybe someday I'll finish my Brettonian Defenders of Vaurendale with some of the Perry figures. Always wanted them to be a bit later period than the usual brets.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/11/13 18:00:06

Post by: Llamahead

Excellent call that. Lovely kits to work with as well.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2017/12/29 18:30:06

Post by: Llamahead

So it's time for my review of the year. Well for this plog the main aim is to get games in there is apparently a nearby tournament venue for KoW so next year I'll head to there at some point I'm also aiming to play some Dragons Rampant and Open Combat. Modelling wise I'd like to carry on finishing models I'm beginning to get there with the assembly although a lot of Cavalry need to be done and he painting is also going well. I'd like to add some of the Warlord Games plastic Landsknechts but can't really imagine adding much more historical stuff to this force. The main aim is to add a few more explicitly fantasy components to the force mainly from Reaper but crewing my Green Horde Warmachines is also a plan for this army.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/03/04 17:51:54

Post by: Llamahead

So wait ages for one unit to be finished and heres two at once.

More Warlord Games shot with a couple of Firelocks in. The Firelock as a set has only one pose so for actual ECW skirmishers I'd recommend using somebody else.

Warlord Games Horse
and finally a Perry Twins Light Cav so I've finally got something from each box painted up.

Excellent kit actually.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/04/15 08:10:18

Post by: Llamahead

So last week my Landsknecht arrived.
1 Command Sprue per box

5 of these sprues

90 of these fellows from the third off sale. Then at Salute I saw the new Missile Troops and Doppelsoldners. I've held off for now as the sprue mountain was already large but I'll be hmming and hahhing about an order of them sometime soon, although frakly I still think I'll start the Greeks sooner.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/04/18 20:20:25

Post by: Llamahead

Had an excellent game of Kings of War at the club last night. I provided both armies and the Army of New Haven pulled of a win against my Chaos. Kings of War is a fast brutal game the highspot for me was probably the flank charge by the Knight Regiment on the Bloodsworn resulting in the being driven off. Then the Warband managing to drive the Knight Regiment of as my opponent rolled a double 6 for nerve. The Warband was a ajor thorn in my side counting for almost half my losses as they also saw of the Pole-Arms the Foot Guard also did excellently flank charging both the Trolls and the Chaos Knights to win me the battle.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/05/20 10:53:24

Post by: Llamahead

I actually paint a lot more models for this force than I show so I've decided to change how I present them. This is what I've done since I last got the camera out.

A batch of Foot Knights an ECW cavalryman and a batch of infantry. Foot Knights have a different painting mix so they get painted as seperate batches as do my ECW stuff. Hmming and Hahhing about whether to do that with Landsknechts as well......

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/05/20 12:09:36

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Nice bunch, should look good on the tabletop

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/05/23 18:46:48

Post by: Skalk Bloodaxe

Another thread I didn't know about. You always amaze me with the sheer volume you produce.

Landsknechts? Yes. Do that. Every army needs massive polearms and enormous swords.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/07/14 13:29:10

Post by: Llamahead

Thanks guys. Cheers Skalk. Another batch of roughly the same size this time.

Batch painting infantry keeps it tolerable and mixes the colours nicely.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/08/11 19:42:01

Post by: Llamahead

More Soldiers enter the fray.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/09/08 16:52:04

Post by: Llamahead

Changed the blog title as I've began the painting of a new army which I'd rather bung with this lot than set up seperately. It's Undead mainly Mantic and Zombicide models as well as the host of Undead I've got from other Board Games and picked up for Frostgrave at some point I'll work out what I've got and tally it. But heres the first troopers simple Mantic Skeletons

Don't worry the Army of New Haven will continue to expand as shown here.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/09/29 20:05:46

Post by: Llamahead

More soldiers for the force.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/10/06 17:50:09

Post by: Llamahead

Mantic Undeads today Dwarf King Holds Dwarf King oddly enough and some Loka Skellies. Picked out the jewellry as loot and to give an idea that the ghost is powered by them.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/10/06 19:01:19

Post by: Commander Cain

Those are some good looking skellies! Are you planning on tidying up the bases a little? If you scraped the scraps of grass of the sides and painted them a nice solid black or brown it would help the models pop a lot more.

Keep up the good work!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/10/21 12:39:09

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Commander Cain probably will at some point.

Pike & Shotte troopers and a Perry Light Cavalryman.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/10/28 16:06:10

Post by: Llamahead

All Undead today
CP models Wraith. Big imposing heavy metal.

Zombicide Necromancer

and Conan Mummies

as you can see my Undead model will comprise mostly of random board games elements with a backbone of the 100 skeleton deal I picked up last Black Friday from Mantic games.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/10/28 16:46:42

Post by: amazingturtles

Those mummies are fun, nice and creepy looking.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/11/10 16:25:14

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Amazingturtles.
Skellies for you

and Troopers to face them

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/11/10 17:08:03

Post by: Theophony

Undead army out of boardgame miniatures should be easy with zombicide and massive darkness in your fold. I hope a second massive darkness comes along with more of the current species fleshed out and maybe some PC of those species to use as characters .

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/11/10 20:11:37

Post by: Llamahead

Sounds good I'd like a version of Zombicide with more gothic Undead, Vampires, Skeletons, Wights and Banshees as well as Zombies myself.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/12/08 13:23:17

Post by: Llamahead

Two more elite models for my Undead this time
Heresy Ghoul Child

Mantic Wight

My humans received a few more Cavalry and some basic troopers.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/12/09 19:15:37

Post by: Llamahead

First of all thats a Wraith not a Wight.
Secondly I picked up some new toys lately a couple of boxes of Landsknecht with Zweihander and Landsknecht Missile Troops. Nice models work fine with my Perry stuff and the ECW range.

Heres the Zweihander Sprue

This box comes with 12 Zweihander wielders and 12 Halberdiers for £16. GW equivalent is £41. Yeah. Equally there are three major caveats to this box no head or body variety from the Pikeman sprue and only en garde or advancing poses. The final one is the Halberdiers are reliant on a metal upgrade sprue and are hybrid models. Equally excellent for the price. I hope eventually this box is phased out for a full Zweihander and Halberdier box myself. No Command Sprue as well.

Now the Missile Troops

This box comes with 30 missile troops for £18. GW equivalent is £46.50. Excellent box variant bodies and some variant heads sadly some are repeats from the Pike sprue but not too many. The main qualm with this box is that their is one common arm between both the Handgun and the Crossbow. This means using the rest of the weapons on spare bodies are not encouraged. Also the poses and equipment is far less varied than the Perry WOTR models who have several intricate mechanisms for the Crossbow rather than the standard one used here and a greater variety of poses.

Still neither of these are stinkers to avoid and both are good fun kits. Also with Warlord teasing Warlords of Erewhon I have a feeling I'll be scratching my fantasy gaming itch with smething other than board games soon.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/12/10 00:07:38

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Sorry if it's been mentioned but who makes those?

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2018/12/28 12:13:47

Post by: Llamahead

Warlord Games.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/02/03 21:03:08

Post by: Llamahead

Been awhile.

Human reinforcements.

Undead mainly Mantic with a Heresy ghoul.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/02/17 16:50:55

Post by: Llamahead

More Undead for the host

More Skeletons

First of the Green Horde.
I've got a copy of Warlords of Erewhon on order so I'm hoping to get a few games in with these two forces in the near future.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/03/09 09:29:16

Post by: Llamahead

More Zomborcs from the Green Horde

and some elite reinforcements for the host

Not quite sure what to count the Orcs and Rats as in KoW.

Fairly dull more Warlord ECW for my humans.

I've also got a game of Warlords of Erewhon and it's good clean fun attracting interest at the club. Hopefully I'll be ableto use both these forces far more.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/03/30 21:28:02

Post by: Llamahead

Had the last 2 weeks of to use up my leave before April and still had enough leave to take Salute week off.....So I've blown it on painting and modelling. Only got a couple of Undead models done.

I've also got some reinforcements for the Army of New Haven and made up the new light box.

Just a plastic cake box with some cardboard hills flocked.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Also you may remember I received this little lot from Kickstarter a while ago.

Well I've finally picked up the rank and file to go with them all Victrix models so far from my FLGS. I brought 2 boxes of Unarmoured Hoplites, boxes of Athenian and Mercenary Armoured Hoplites, Peltasts, Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry and War Elephants. Heres sprue shots
Athenian Armoured Hoplites

Mercenary Armoured Hoplites

Unarmoured Hoplites




Heavy Cavalry

Light Cavalry


Elephant Crew


Colour scheme and background are a bit up in the air at the moment. They ceratinly won't be Spartans however as two other people at the club have acquired those forces for Hail Caesar/Warlords of Erewhon.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/04/21 12:00:10

Post by: Llamahead

Been working on another Cavalryman

and a fair few more Undead

as well as acquired some more slingers and archers from Salute. The archers are Black Tree Design Metals while the slingers are the nice Victrix Plastics. Irritating thing about these are the fact that the Unarmoured Hoplites don't produce a simple Spear at rest pose as they are the same body as the Peltasts. Got quite a few assembled will get around to a few unpainted shots.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/05/26 11:32:56

Post by: Llamahead

Back to the Army of New Haven with some artillery.

Warlord Games Cannon model I've also got a bunch of Zombicide artillery I plan to complete various crews for.

Undead mainly from the Conan Boardgame with a Mantic Revenant and a Fireforge/Frostgrave cross for some variety

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/07/28 20:24:36

Post by: Llamahead


and Undead

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/08/25 10:47:14

Post by: Llamahead

Reinforcements for the Army of New Haven classic GW foot knight and a Loka wizard as well as the usual suspects. Incidentally Wave 2 of Joan of Arc has same in so I'll be doing a load of work in 15mm as well...

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/09/04 15:20:44

Post by: Captain Brown


Love your 16th century army figures.



Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/09/29 09:30:40

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers Captan Brown. There'll be more on the way but first Undead.
First some Plague Ratz from Black Plague

Some Elites all Mantic. Wraith and Revenant are self explanatory horsey thing is from Loka.

Some more rank & file. Mantic Skeletons, Black Plague Zombie Orcs and Conan mummies

Some Liches and a familar Warlock from the Conan Game, Skeleton from Loka and familiar from Guilds of Cadwallon

Lastly some monsters a Skeletal Owlbear from Reaper and The Black Shadow from Conan which I'll use as a massive Ghoul thing.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/12/27 16:57:21

Post by: Llamahead

Just bunging a bunch of finished stuff for the Army of New Haven

Really happy about how the disparate elements combine into a single force with the paint. As it's the year end I'd thought I'd review where I am with the projects. This is one with which I'm happy with where I'm at unlike the Ancient Greeks where I haven't even started painting I'm making steady progress with this force. I've also added the first 15mm elements to the collection with the models from Joan of Arc.

Lovely models fun to paint and I'll definitely consider expanding my 15mm forces sometime next year.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/12/29 15:47:40

Post by: amazingturtles

It's neat to see all the progress you have made! The undead are excellently creepy, as usual

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2019/12/30 15:39:42

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers its less impressive when you realise it's more posting backlog than pace however.
Got a bunch more Undead for you. This project has now reached the stage where I just need to crank out models. I have however added a regiment of Undead dinosaurs over the holidays, Expect to see stable expansion throughout the year I'm highly tempted by some of the GW start collecting sets for them and the Nighthaunt issues of Conquest are appealing to say the least. The Ossiarch Bone Reapers are also intriguing but I'll finish up what I've got first. Heres the models to join the fray.
A Ghoul

Some Spirits

Some Knights

A Golem

and a host of Skellingtons

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Post by: Llamahead

Some nice simple ECW Troopers

More Joan of Arc Troopers I'm enjoying painting 15mm it's more stylistic and less detailed than the 28mm while being more detailed and less stylistic than the 6mm. I've also worked out what I'm going to do with the Greeks. I'm going to paint them in the same colours as the Army of New Haven. I'll just blaim global warming. Actually the British styles I've used for the lat medieaeveal period were based on continental styles and the general period I'm aiming for roughly corresponds with the Italian Wars which were ancient greek successor states. My project will naturally involve more Wizards, Dragons, Gods and Monsters than most historical armies.

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Post by: Llamahead

I'm aiming to complete Conan and Massive Darkness this year so I've been painting some pieces from the Conan game.

The unuusual mummy is Cun-Ha from Massive Darkness who I'll use as a hero. Theres been a bit of a hissy fit in the recent attempts to kickstarter a Conan expansion about repeat sculpts but frankly I could use a few more of these and don't quite understand the fuss. If Monolith games wants to chuck a few dozen more of these at me with some new models who am I to argue? Admittedly I use these models for Regiments and Wargame with them so I'm less worried about duplicate sculpts than most customers.

I've also been picking up Mortal Realms for the Night Haunt models so I really can't say I worry much about duplicate sculpts.....

Mantic Wraith


Ghoul objective markers from Heresy games.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/02/12 19:38:31

Post by: Bschwi1

Very creepy undead Llamahead! (Some very nice 16th century models too) I would love to see an army shot if there's one going!

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/03/22 12:39:36

Post by: Llamahead

More Undead for now.
Wraiths I've decided I'll go with the greener variant without the brown ink for my Night Haunt.

Zomborcs Nothing much to say here.

Skellies The tiny ones are 15mm models from Joan of Arc.

Hoggar Mantic Undead Troll Shaman

Still got plenty to update soon.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/03/22 15:34:27

Post by: monkeytroll

Yep, the green variant is a good choice. I like both, but the green is more spectral.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/03/23 14:57:50

Post by: Theophony

I like the green ghosts more as well, really off set from the rest of the zombies.

Little baby army skeletons.....aaaaaaawwwwwwww how cute.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/04/04 12:16:46

Post by: Llamahead

Green it shall be then.
I've been painting but not posting and I've got a load of men done for the Army of New Haven. Bear in mind though this is what has been completed since mid-january so it's not that impressive.
War of the Roses models


English Civil War Troopers

and some Artillery

as well as two heroes a Heresy Paladin and a Loka wizard.

Along with that I've got a bunch more 15mm done.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/04/05 00:47:53

Post by: monkeytroll

I mean, it's still impressive - it's finished figures

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/04/05 12:29:17

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I was going to say something about the eyes, then I saw it was 15mm!!

Great job.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/04/05 13:46:07

Post by: amazingturtles

I think it's plenty impressive! I really like that wizard and his bird.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/05/30 13:22:49

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers only the final photograph is 15mm Kid Kyoto and yep I don't bother with eyes on 28mm. Bad eyes are one of the easiest ways to spoil a paint job and I just never produced them right consistently. More Undead this time.
A bunch of basic Skellies both Conan and Mantic

Two reaper ghouls,a zombicide rat swarm and an undead construct made from a Loka model.

Some ghosts both Zombicide and Mantic I over did the green washes on the Zombicide models.

Finally a Celtos Standard Bearer I've finally painted up to use as a Battle Standar in Kings of War.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/06/07 13:38:07

Post by: Llamahead

Large batch of Joan of Arc figures.

Really enjoying painting this scale hmming and hahhing about adding more figures from some of the metal manufacturers for variety but I've got plenty on the go at the minute. I'd also quite like to add the Landsknecht and ECW elements as well.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/07/04 16:16:38

Post by: Llamahead

Reaper Bones Hero Landsknecht style meant painting her for this force was a no brainer with sme Perry Men-at-Arms and Warlord ECW Cavalryman

Massed Landsknecht been varying my colour choice a little more not too much as I want a fairly uniform feel but a bit more than the other elements. Realised the best way to do this going forward involves not painting the dark blue elements first. They also show why I've stayed square massed dense formations look good and are more "realistic" than skirmish blocks for a mass army game.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/07/07 17:37:24

Post by: Llamahead

Got the first of my Victrix Greeks painted up. I'm also actally running low on Perry medieaevel's to assemble......

I've also seen something new on the web called Turnip28 it's basically a blanchitsu take on fantasy napoleonics. Now I first saw it on Gardens of Hecate and looked about for it. Oddly enough thought provokingly for me I didn't really get that impressed with it and I've thought about why. Blanchitsu for a start it's hyper surreal and heavily grim dark. I actually find grim dark a bit of a put off really if everythings dark and wangsty why care? I want to root for and emphasise with characters in fiction. Blanchitsu as a style impresses me less than "Eavy Metal or realism. I do like oldhammer but I've always been drawn to the real roots which make it plausible. I don't paint that way and to be honest while I create gribbly mutants and mucky nurgle I do like clean simple colours to contrast it with.

The other thing it's made me consider are the elements of these 3 projects. My Army of New Haven are currently barely fantasy and could do with some none human and fantasy elements to jazz it up. At the moment I only have Wizards and some Brettonian Pegasus Knights adding saddles to a few of my Reaper models and knight riders will also help. I've got a hankering to add some of Wargames Atlantics Halfling Militia and possibly Dwarven allies of some kind eventually. A steam tank is a definite possibility at some point. My Undead as yet have no real elements of Mundi within them nothing truly original to me. Well some toy dinosaurs will sort that out when I get around to it. My Greeks will have plenty of mythic elements from Mythic Battles Pantheon but I'll probably add faun and centaur auxillaries as well.

Fantasy Napoleonics are something I would love to do. I enjoy taking fantasy out of Medieaevel stasis and also out of Western Europe. My greek project is a start at this. I have a madcap dream of presenting Mundi some day as a series of settings for different periods and Napoleonics would be one. However Turnip 28 doesn't quite hit the spot for me and I think it's as it ignores what fascinates me about the periods. Massive set piece battles and the formations and tactics used are the key to me for the Napoleonic period and it doesn't include them. The lack of cavalry also doesn't sit right with me as one of the grim darkiest images of the period for me is a lot of young men being led to their doom by an idiotic toff of a cavalry officer who's generally outwitted by his horse. The pageantry and spectacle of a formal Napoleonic battle also horribly contrasts with the hideous aftermath.

Equally as an art project it's caught my attention intrigued me and made me consider having a go even if Ido end up producing something totally different and that is a success right?

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/07/08 01:03:50

Post by: Vermis

That's an impressive array of minis! Although the ECW examples at the top of the page give me flashbacks to a lot of snapped polystyrene pikes...

 Llamahead wrote:
I do like oldhammer but I've always been drawn to the real roots which make it plausible.

I know what you mean, and I like how you're drawing into your own worldbuilding.

Wasn't there a range of fantasy Napoleonics floating about somewhere? Looking a bit more Kev Adams than John Blanche, IIRC.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/09/11 13:24:56

Post by: Llamahead

Yep Alternative Armies they are rather "Old School" miniatures and it's a project for the future if ever

These'll provide a fantasy element interestingly enough they seem rather period agnostic so should work with the Greeks as well as the Army of New Haven.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/09/26 12:58:14

Post by: Llamahead

After all that talk of new concepts more rank and file

Other combat infantry

Missile Troops


Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/09/26 14:08:39

Post by: Flapjack

Rank and file looking good. I like the pikemen and musketmen, great job.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/09/26 15:08:16

Post by: amazingturtles

Pike are still fun! I especially like redbeard there.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/11/14 15:57:34

Post by: Llamahead

Cheers been a while. Fortunately I've still been painting so heres a bunch of Undead.

Revenants Mantics take on Elite skeletons

Characters and Bonepiles.

Zombies and Ghouls mainly from Zombicide.

Skelebobs from Mantic and Conan

Been looking at the Oathmark and Wargames Atlantic skeletons with interest but I have loads of Mantic Skellies to do still. I'll definitely be buying the book however. Next purchase I have my eye on is some Fauns and Centaurs to go with the Greeks I reckon.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2020/11/28 14:21:14

Post by: Llamahead

Speaking of Greeks.


and the Shield Maiden Cyclops from Massive Darkness giving them some monstrous muscle.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2021/01/05 16:26:41

Post by: Llamahead

Some Undead I got finished at the end of last year. New Year means it's time to reflect and plan so as I update projects I'm going to be adding a rough plan. For Undead I'm going to continue adding models through Mortal Realms as and when. I've also got the hankering to add some centrepieces to the army. This will probably involve picking up several GW start collecting sets and possibly a Reaper order. My coy of Bloodborne has also just arrived and believe me there are some excellent gribbly Undead monsters in there. It's an excellent set of Lovecraftian abominations. I will admit it also makes my decision not to back Darkest Dungeon easier. As they aren't Chibi and follow similar themes. So there'll be coming along. There'll probably be my main collecting army this year.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2021/01/10 18:36:21

Post by: Llamahead

More men for the army of New Haven. I'n not planning on adding any new models to this army for a while. I've still got plenty of troopers of various kinds to paint up. I've also treated myself to a bunch of RGD Fauns and Centaurs as well as the Halflings. Now as my Greeks and this army share a similar scheme I can attach the none human auxillaries to both armies to amuse myself as I wish.....

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2021/02/27 13:01:08

Post by: Llamahead

Just a quick update on the Undead. First of my GW Ghosties

I've realised I want to do the various kinds of ghostie differently some like these and the Chainrasps will benefit from a darker grittier colours with bright ghosty bitz to stand out while the Harridans will benefit from a more ghostly brighter scheme. With Mortal Realms I have a lot of these. Including 120 Chainrasps 3 proper hordes or 2 legions for Kings of War. Mweeheehee.

More Mantic Skeletons and Revenants. I've also picked up a bunch of Runewars stuff on clearance in particular 10 of the Carrion lancers so exect more giant gribblies soon.

Llamahead's Forces of Mundi; Present Pike @ 2021/02/27 13:25:02

Post by: The Riddle of Steel

Wow, so many interesting miniatures on here that I’ve never seen before! It’s a nice break from seeing all the space marines. Great stuff here. Keep it up.